Thursday, 31 July 2014

thursday's thoughts

1. I'm grateful for a good nights sleep. Every now and then sleep is either elusive or broken up with waking up but when I get those deep restful sleeps my world just seems to run smoother. 
2 I am grateful that our family is close by and that we are blessed to spend time with each other often and that we can share life with all its ups and downs.
3 I am grateful that I could come home after work, to watered plants, a clean kitchen and someone waiting to see me.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

cooler, wait a bit longer, and fed and done

1 It was smokin' hot out (36C) but the a/c was on full blast and we didn't overheat. It feels great getting into bed with just a sheet and the fan circulating the cool air.
2 The hummingbirds are gone for now. We're waiting a bit until we're sure that the honey bees have left and it's safe to put out the sugar water feeders. Patience birdies, patience.
3 I finally remembered to give the plants some Miracle Grow and now they're bursting out in buds. I've put a reminder on the garage door whiteboard which will keep us on track now! (hopefully)
4 I did it. First long shift alone, done!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

faves, grumpiness, and make a plan

1 it's always a good day when I spend time with some of my favourite people. Today we talk, laugh, feel a few sadder emotions and end with loving words and lots of hugs.
2 And then we have grumpy people. Shopping today it seemed that all the cashiers were either having a bad day or were just not happy. I tried a few times to make one or two of them smile but having no luck I decided to just say, "Thanks and bless you."
3 We are making a plan to have the kidlets for another sleepover this weekend again! So exciting to have them here, to snuggle with them and read stories before bed. Reminds me of doing the same with their Daddy and my heart swells. Mr P says this post sounds like the story of the Grinch! bah!

Monday, 28 July 2014

I liked it, working man, and getting my fair share

1 I like my day,the company I've been in, and the work I've accomplished. My brain is happy.
2 He's taken a job and that means he's away again for the next few months. I'm grateful he's been able to take the past 8 months off.
3 We share our dinner at the restaurant. I really like eating off of the same plate. Don't you think food just tastes that much better when you're trying to get more than the other person!?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

double dipper, sisters,and something's fishy

1 We wake up early, all of us. Breakfast is eggs with bacon and strawberry jam on toast. Everyone gets to taste the jam but Kesler thinks that the jam is a dipping pot and repeatedly tries to dip in his toast.
2 We have lots of fun at the farmers market and playground. Izzy meets a few girls her own age and tells them, "We're sisters because we're all the same age!" They suddenly are jumping up and down and hugging each other!
3 Dinner with the parents of the grandkidlets is outside and relaxing. Mr P bbqd salmon on a cedar board. Very tasty.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

all done, yes I did, and home

1 It's my first shift working alone. I'm pleased to say that it went just fine!
2 She said I could do it and I did. Now that is a great feeling.
3 I come right home from work knowing that there are three people waiting for me at home. Grampa, Izzy and Kes are all sharing a lawn chair in the front yard.

Friday, 25 July 2014

swarms, my hero, and the end

1 We had a swarm of honey bees arrive at our place and they took over the hummingbird feeders. We thought it was a few hundred at least on each feeder! I am allergic so it felt rather overwhelming and tears came. He soothes me and says to say inside and he'll take care of it. (note: epi pen had expired! I'll get that fixed on Saturday)
2 Mr P puts on his hard hat, covers it with mosquito netting, puts on a heavy coat, gloves and boots and heads outside to take down the feeders. He sprays them with water first and they get heavy and fly away which gives him time to get them down. He has three to do and is done very quickly. The hive moves on quickly but the scouts stick around. There are lots still here but in a few days we're told they will have moved on. Let's hope so. I miss the hummingbirds!
3 We spend the later evening watching the final show of the crime series that we've been watching. I'm not sure it was the ending I would have chosen but everyone's a critic right? The Wire 2002-2008

Thursday, 24 July 2014

running hot and cold, chocolate fix, and who needs a gym?

1 The day brings cooler weather, rain, winds and now that it's evening blue skies with just a few clouds. In the morning we joked about turning the heat on, then I had a hot flash and we solved that problem.
2 It's time to get cookin'. Today I made raw nut treats for Mr P made from a base of almonds (but I used hazelnuts.) He's partial to chocolate and the filling is a mixture of cocoa, maple syrup and coconut oil. They're hardening in the freezer now. I'll let you know the verdict tomorrow. Oh wait, they'll be delicious!  Raw Almond Butter Cups
3 While I'm making these treats Mr P heads out to the driveway to level it in a few spots. Apparently we don't need that bobcat yet, he's doing it himself and saving money because he won't have to go to the gym! We will get that bobcat once the fill is delivered.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

hiking, eat your fruits and vegetables, and let's make a run for it

1 Crawford Falls was the hike we chose today. It was hot and dry with little sprinkles of rain. As the raindrops hit the dusty path they made little footprints and evaporated almost instantly. We never went down to the falls, it was too steep and slippery (you had to use a rope railing!), so we went to the creek instead. I wondered if the little creek had many fish in it. There was no sign of wildlife except for a few birds and one deer.
2 The market we find has great local produce and good pricing. We pick up beets, carrots, green bean, corn on the cob, cherries, nectarines, olive bread and kamut bread and as a treat some samosas. It's not near our home but we will definitely go back to this market when we're in that area.
3 I love the smell of rain when it's been so hot and dry. It's different from the island where it's muggy and humid; this is crisp and fresh. When we went into the store it was blue skies; when we were ready to come it was like a hurricane with rain and strong winds. What to do? Make a run for it, of course! We made a run for it, and were soaked to the bone within the first five steps. It's funny how when you're laughing you can't run fast, the key fob's don't work, the door gets stuck and the cart wants to roll away!  Now, that was fun.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

grrr with a smile, you light up my life, and kitchen help

1 I am grumpy! Why, you ask? Well, sometimes I just wake up that way but today it's the combo pack. Mr P will be going to camp soon and my clothes are still tight and I'm grumpy, but a happy grumpy now that I've had some chocolate covered acai berries.
2 Mr P's putting in a new LED light in the laundry room area. It's so bright that we only need the one light and it's light daylight not warm tones at all. Great for that spot!
3 I finally got the kitchen sink tap I've been waiting for. It's brushed nickel and has a spot resistance built in to the material. Oh, won't that be easy to keep clean!  Moen Kitchen Faucet

Monday, 21 July 2014

nutty, pump it up, and my sister

1. New starts. This year has been a time of new beginnings, changes and growth. It’s been an exciting journey so far and I’m looking forward to more adventures. We headed to a Nut Farm today and had a lovely walk about in among the trees and thoroughly appreciated the shade these big trees provided.
2 I am back to working out. In this heat it’s been the treadmill or the yoga mat in our cool basement area with a view of the lake and mountainside. My body, mind and spirit are thankful.
3 I am grateful for my sister. She’s a part of me. We might not be in the same town, or have the same hobbies, likes or dislikes but we’re always together in spirit…always

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mr P, mindfulness, and hug for me

1. I'm grateful for my husband, Mr P, who is my best friend. He’s here for me, to listen, support, to push me when I need that extra bit of oomph, to give me space when I need that too and to love me through it all. Best love~ 
2. I am grateful that I am able to be more mindful. Mindfulness is good for bodies and minds, helps change the mind, encourages focus and compassion, and is grounding. 
3. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help shape the lives of our grandchildren. They’re two very individual people who are learning about life, who are willing to sharing their ideas and feelings and they both give great hugs.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

smoke free, breezy, and play it again sam

1 A day without smoke from fires means the fires nearby are not raging as they have for the past few days. The closest one is a few kilometers away and threatens many homes. 2500 people are evacuated and many  more are on alert. Let's hope the winds we are experiencing tonight don't make things worse. Here's hoping for rain without the lightning.
2 Ah, I love the feel of the cool breeze skimming over my head and down to my feet. Finally, it's cool enough that we can open doors and windows and let the a/c rest for a while.
3 I love wind chimes. Ours is softly serenading us.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

three beautiful things

1 I'm grateful for the opportunity to live in the sunny and hot Okanagan close to our family and friends. We came from an island to the desert in the span of three months and we aren't looking back. 
2. I am grateful for the fire fighters, emergency responders and everyone involved in helping to keep us safe when it’s fire season. Their dedication and willingness to put their lives on the line are greatly appreciated.
3 I'm grateful to have two sons, Christopher 
and Nick, who without a doubt, have become amazing men who are considerate, loving, and who always take time to be there for me, for each other and for their families. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

true or false, skies, and dip

1 She tells me to write, "You can do this." Tomorrow we will decide if this is true.
2 The skies are filled with smoke and the heat is scorching. We have air conditioning in our home and it's keeping things cool. I'm grateful.
3 Despite the high temperatures the hummingbirds still feed and take time to dip their little beaks in the cool water that we have placed on the deck and in the small water fountain. I'm trying to imagine what it must feel like to be in this heat, moving non stop.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

i can, fire, planes,, and watch this

1 This weekend I do my first shift alone and I'm a wee bit nervous. I'm certain I'll have the knowledge to know what to do and where to find information. I know I can do this!
2 Coming out of the store we see smoke on the backside of the mountain near the kids place. It spread so fast and soon we have firefighters, planes dropping retardants and helicopters dropping water. The fire is now contained but not controlled. The smoke is thick and hazy and we can't even see to the city up the lake. The wind is light so far, let's hope it stays that way.
2a The planes dropping the fire retardants have a bird dog that flies through first then they swoop in and drop. They must have nerves of steel.
3 Mr P spends time today working on our reverse osmosis water filtration system. He's taken it apart, cleaned it, gotten new parts and now as he installs it he watches YouTube instructions. Hooray for the inter web!

Monday, 14 July 2014

catching up on things and now it's monday again

1 My sister and her partner stop by for a short visit on their way home. It's been since Christmas that we've seen each other so this is exactly what we needed. They'd made a trip to Calgary and then Vancouver so they were doing a lot of driving and were ready to get home to their own beds.
2 I started a new switchboard operator job this past week and basically had time to eat,sleep and work. Here are a few highlights.
3 Day one and two of work were kind of what I expected. Sitting back and watching, jumping in here and there, getting bailed out a bit and coming home feeling overwhelmed.
4 Day three was a totally different story. My trainer pushed me, let me sink but never let me drown. I suppose it was a hazing of sorts. Weed out the weak.
5 Although I came home in tears the day before I used some good distress tolerance and self soothing skills, when morning came I reassessed and decided that yes, I could do this job. So I showed up, spoke up and was pleasantly surprised when the girls came to my aid and said that the shifts I had been given were not appropriate just yet. Need more training.
5a We find our way to good friends who are visiting with their granddaughters in the Okanagan and enjoy a glass of wine, bbq burgers and a bit of a sit on the beach. It's just what the doctor ordered.
6 More training but this time with a trainer who had the time to help me put notes together, and who I could laugh with.
7 Last day of training and mid morning I have to call three code blues back to back. My heart was racing but I knew what to do. My trainer put her hand gently on my back and I was instantly reassured. I think more codes, stressful as they are would be helpful in the big scheme of things.
8 We took the grandkidlets to our Iranian friend Zora's farm to play with the sheep and goats and pick cherries. With a little help from Grampa they ended up in the trees.
8aThe moon is full, orange so it's time to play with the camera and tripod. Not bad for a first attempt at a moon in the clouds

Sunday, 6 July 2014

see you soon, brother, take the long way home, and rock slide

1 We say our goodbyes and I have to leave quickly before she sees the tears in my eyes. It's been great but too short. Thankfully we'll see them again in a few days when they come out our way to spend time with their granddaughters.
2 My brother is doing well. I'm always happy when I can say those words. He's challenged with mental illness and it's difficult for him in many ways, but he's managing himself well, cooking and looking after things around his home and we have a great visit.
3 Home, the long way round. We drove home  past the ski hill to the main highway then when we come to the fork in the road we go the long way through wine country and past fruit stands. The sun is setting and the clouds are in the strangest patterns with shades of gray mixed with bright pink.
3a When we're almost home the four lane highway is reduced to a single lane and we see the result of a rock slide. Hopefully the highways department will make sure it's all stable before it's reopened again. I used to drive that road to work and now I'm grateful that I go in the other direction!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

everything goes with bacon, in our hearts, tea time, and Sage

1 After a good night's sleep our hosts treat us to a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs! Love crispy bacon...mmmm
2 We take a drive around town and reminisce about how lucky we were to have time living there. Our old house is missing siding and seems so unloved and our rental too is the same state but we loved seeing it anyways. Lots of changes to the town but it still has a feeling of sameness and we both realize it will always be another 'home' for us.
3 Gaile and I wander downtown and enjoy a lovely lunch and chat at Sanderella's Tea House. Just like old times, we share a salad, then we wander to a couple of shops looking for dresses and L brackets! Not in the same store!
4 It's always good to break bread with friends. We enjoy delicious tapas and wine at a local eatery called Sage. The deck is lovely and we enjoy toasts, food, and just being together.

Friday, 4 July 2014

3, road trip, and super hosts!

1 Our class has new intake today; three new people with new ideas, styles and interests. I like that.
2 It's time for a road trip to the Kootenays! It's the first time we've had a getaway overnight in ages and we are slow to pack and get going. But we make our way slowly, enjoy our conversation together and soon enough we're in their driveway and I see two bright and shining smiley faces!
3 Hooray for good friends! Gaile and Frank as always are the most amazing hosts. We quickly sit down for a glass of wine and a yummy dinner of spaghetti and corn on the cob. Dessert is cake with fresh raspberries and ice cream.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

negative, reference, and opportunity knocks

1 The doctor walked in with a smile on his face and said, "Good morning, I've got good news for you!" I think my breath came out in a big whoosh and my smile matched his.
2 I'd had to walk away from the hospital job because night shifts just wouldn't work for me. So it came as a surprise when the phone rang and it was the hospital supervisor. A job has come up at another hospital doing just switchboard and no nights. She asks if I'd like a reference for the position and I do. I'm grateful that she wasn't so angry anymore and was generous in her assistance to me.
3 My new boss calls and offers me the casual position over the phone. When I ask her if she'd like to interview me she says no because all that work piece for HR has already been done and then she says, " When would you be able to start?" It's another great opportunity!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

hot as hades, book club, and food club

1 Baby it's hot out there. Wowsers! 34C in the shade and overcast. The clouds have rolled in and the heat is trapped underneath.
2 Book club read " 100 foot journey" by Steven Knight. I wasn't impressed with the book although it has possibilities to be much more interesting. The characters were flat and each vignette in the story line was lacking in detail and I quickly lost interest. From another perspective, others like it based on the fact that it wasn't really about people but about food and the drive to create and sustain a restaurant.
3 Vegetable pakoras, fish stew, cold avocado soup, olive tampenade and crackers, creme brule and lemon cake were on the menu for the evening. Oh, and wine, there's always a few bottles of wine to enhance our discussions.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Canada Day Weekend

1 Sunday we head to our friends place for a few days of camping out. They live on 1600 acres that is a Nature Trust so it's teaming with birds, fish, wildlife.
2 Canada Day Fireworks, a little bit early but hey, why not?! One goes sideways and I ended up off of Mr P's lap and on the ground!!
3 Time to spend with friends and new friends. We enjoy a pot luck and exchange stories and information. My friend Jan's brother and dad are there as well and we do a lot of catching up! We haven't seen each other since we all graduated from high school!

4 Our time at the beach is supposed to be dedicated to relaxing and reading but we end up visiting instead.
5 Mr P manages to get out three times to the trails for motorbike rides. Each time he comes back he's grinning from ear to ear and has incredibly detailed maps of where he's been. It's perfect riding country.
6 An evening boat ride in a small boat with only a battery operated rudder. It's practically silent and we get to see herons, osprey, eagles and turtles.
7 I have a chance in the morning to be at the lake on my own. If you don't already know, I'm in love with dragonflies so today I'm treated to their presence. They are along the edge of the lake and flutter about eating bugs and chasing each other.
8 We somehow managed to eat an entire watermelon in two days!
9 Baby's it's hot out there and hot in here! 31C and 34C predicted for tomorrow. We have already agreed we'll turn on the a/c tomorrow! yay!