Wednesday, 30 April 2014

forecast, sun, cat antics, and fy

1 The weather has changed. at least for the next few days. It's been warm, hot really and sunny and the deck chairs call to us. We repair our patio umbrella and find some respite in the shade.
2 When I'm getting ready for bed I notice that my arms and neck are pink!
3 Yuki, the kids cat is a wee bit lonely with the family away for a few days. When I go over to feed him, the fish and water the plants he's friskier than usual. He runs into my legs and feet, he swats at my loose hair when i reach down to pet him and then zips all over the place trying to get my attention. Later he settles down and we have a good pet.
4 Male hummingbirds are doing aerial acrobatics.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

get ready, flower power, and space to move

1 The trailer is picked up early this morning. I was in the shower and Mr P comes running in and says rather excitedly, "They're here. I need your help with the paperwork, so please hurry!" Thankfully I was finishing up so it didn't take long to get 'presentable'. Well, if you call wet hair tied in a bun, no makeup okay. Truth be told, I did take time to brush my teeth!
2 Spring is doing it's thing.
3 Mr P and I are both thrilled at how much space we feel we have now that the cargo trailer is outta here. We clean off the driveway and Install the large house number post, Mr P weed eats the yard, I plant two hanging baskets and clean up some others and we move the big jasmine to the front where it's shadier and put a huge honeysuckle (in a pot) on the back deck.
3a I'm too tired to take pictures so those will come tomorrow.

Monday, 28 April 2014

feed the donor, sold pending pick up, and my friend

1 Mr P takes time to donate blood today. Afterwards he tells me he is a bit hungry so we head to Costco and indulge in taste testers. One worker hears that he's given blood and gives him an extra large helping of tortellini and before we know it he's been fed what one worker called, the Costco Buffet!
2 On our way home we get two calls about our 28 foot cargo trailer that's now for sale. By the time we are home and have unloaded the truck there's a couple in our driveway. They are excited about the trailer and within 10 minutes it's sold! Pick up tomorrow.
3 Gaile and I catch up! I miss her so much so these times are extra special.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

changing, wheelbarrowing, and room for us all

1 I love how the weather patterns are constantly changing around our home. From the upper side there's blue sky, to the front are gray clouds and to the right there is a combination of both. Ten minutes later and it's mostly blue skies but over one mountain top there's a rain storm.
2 She is handy and innovative and is able to quickly fix the siding problem with a ladder and a hammer. After that's done Izzy says she wants a wheelbarrow ride. I tell her if she can turn it over right side up we'll do it. Well talk about determination. It took three or four tries but eventually she gets it up and we're off. I take her on quite a few tours of the front yard and manage to get lots bumps and holes for her to squeal about. She screams for me to go faster but that's what Grampa does so there's no competing there! We do manage to go fairly fast and when it's time to go in she wants me to dump her out! What fun!
3 The new dining room table and chairs are perfect for the our family. There are six chairs too and what's best is the wee ones can climb up on their own. Mr P says he likes that the chairs have little jackets (covers)! Please excuse the lack of baseboards, we're still renovating and this room will get new baseboards, paint (same colour) and new flooring. Whew!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

visitors, toys and goodnight

1 Michie and the kidlets came for a visit today. She pruned a few lilacs for me while the kids played out on their table, Grampa fixed the kite and I made chocolate cupcakes.
2 I found a box of hot wheels, army  men, wrestling guys, Batman and Spiderman toys that our boys played with years ago and gave them to the kidlets to play with. Watching them play with these toys takes me back in time and I notice a half smile on my lips.
3 A quiet night with soft music and a book.

Friday, 25 April 2014

deal hunters, pleased, and healing hands

1 Friday and we're once again on the hunt for deals. He's looking for speakers and I'm checking out new but second hand dining tables and chairs. We are both lucky today and we find our items are both to our liking and both we get bartering! He's kinda a freak when it comes to this stuff but I like it!
2 Michie and I chat while Grampa and Izzy head out for a walk together and Kes sleeps. Grampa lays out the rules and he talks to our wee one about compromise. They agree to go on a short walk but once they're back she tells me it was a long walk. She seems very pleased that it turned out that way.
3 My massage was kinda painful when I was getting it but it worked and I'm moving much better. I think I'll just have to be careful for a while so it can heal.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

50%, we three, and somewhere over the rainbow

1 The stump is finally cut in half. They manage to get one half into the trailer using leverage and a car jack. Half of the stump is in the utility trailer and the other is right behind it on the ground in the driveway, but it's out of the way and will wait to be disposed of until they are back from their trip.
 2 While they are working away at the stump I put the kidlets to sleep and think I will relax but Kes wakes up and with a little bit of cuddling he's back asleep. So I sit with him, doze and soon Izzy, Kes and I are waking and everyone is in a good mood.

3 Rain storms have come and gone all day. This greeted us when we arrived home. A thunderstorm has come up the lake and scared the crows into hiding but the hummingbirds still come and feed. They really prefer the feeder under the eaves. And now another storm is passing by... here's the second rainbow.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

destiny, let's have coffee, and next!

1 We spend the afternoon trimming shrubs that have never been pruned. The consensus is that there is three trailer loads destined for the dump.
2 Gaile and I catch up on what's new. It almost feels like we're having coffee/tea together. Perhaps we should do that on Skype and make it real!
3 He's been busy setting up the doors, sanding and wiping so the least I could do is get my butt out there and paint them. It was rather like a assembly line. One coat on, one more to go. I really like the light coloured doors in the master. Kinda spa like.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I'll always come back, home, and toss it!

1 A busy morning with appointments followed by a quick visit with the grandchildren. When the door opens they both run to me to get picked up. Isabelle says her usual comment. "Grama you came back!" I hug her tightly and let her know I'll always come back.
2 I am flooded with a feeling of gratefulness for the relatively simple and quiet life we live here in Canada.
3 The closets are finished and I spent the afternoon hanging clothes, packing away winter clothes in bins and filling a box full of used clothing to donate. My thoughts about clothing is simple; if I haven't worn it in a year, it's gone.

Monday, 21 April 2014

two cup weather report, jasmine and who knew?

1 Monday brings us blustery winds and rain. Everything was rattling and shaking for the first cup of coffee but by the second cup, it's calm and the sun has dried everything.
2 The hummingbirds are sitting in our little jasmine plant. They take turns hiding in the leaves. I think it's because it's so close to the feeder and they want any and every advantage they can get!
3 Wow, was it possible to be that tired? It was warm, cozy and extremely comfortable. No surprise then that I fell asleep for two hours in my big lazy boy rocking chair when we came home from shopping.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

worker bees, cherry tree, and best

1 They worked long and hard on the stump today. It's now just the base, and they think if they can get rid of more soil and roots it can be cut in half and disposed of. Michie works on the flower bed planting and watering and plants a new hybrid cherry tree in a new spot.
2 Izzy says, "I can't see if the tree is growing. Why isn't it growing?" I explain to her that growing trees is a slow process and that good things take time. She stomps her foot and says, "Oh Grama! I need cherries now!"
3 We do a tour around the lake on the other side and realize with no surprise that we are in the spot that's perfect for us. A little bit city and a lot of country. Our spot is just right~

Friday, 18 April 2014

one completed, stump, Big Daddy

1 Projects! Ta da! Today I finished the kitchen island! Last coats of paint on the window and stain on an outside deck table. Photos and hooks still needed for the window but it's almost there! Closet doors got their first coat of paint and Mr P and I managed to get the closets primed and a first coat of paint on too!
2 Tomorrow we are stump workers so today we make hay.
3 We lower the hummingbird feeder to get closer looks at the hummingbirds that are feeding and staking their territory. There have been mostly little birds, tiny really, but today there's a new bird; Big Daddy! And he's got a kingdom!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

roots and blues, don't make me wait, and throwback thursday

1 They spend time out in the rain working on "the stump" and it's paying off. They're very close to chainsaw time and getting that mess outta there! When I leave Kes is sleeping, Izzy and her mommy are playing in mud puddles and daddy is chopping away at the roots.
2 I'm not waiting for summer now that watermelon is here! The one I bring home is crisp, cold and perfect for dessert tonight. I slide up two big slabs and yes, I shared.
3 Throwback Thursday. Here's a photo of my grandparents. Gone but not forgotten xo
This is what love looks like~

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

new do, compliment, and dirty rotten stump!

1 My new hairdresser, Choi, is from South Korea. He is extremely polite and professional and is meticulous in his work. The appointment for foils and cut takes three hours and after he's done he presents me with gifts of shampoo and conditioner.

2 He says, "I feel great when you are around me."
3 The kids have been putting a lot of time and effort into getting the dirt and mud out of the stump in preparation for Mr P to chainsaw it for hauling away. It's good to see how much they're doing and how much they're enjoying working together. Today we just look at it and admire while the babies are sleeping. That works for today.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

confusion, don't inhale, and my carpenter

1 Mother Nature is a bit confused today. Every time I look out the window it's telling me something different, rain, wind, sun, rain, wind, sun.
2 Mr P never turns down a pot of soup and today is no different. It's Thai and hot and full of ginger,garlic and rice wine vinegar. We take turns testing and discover it's better not to inhale when taking a spoonful of this soup otherwise it slips up your nose and makes you cough!
3 The closets are coming together nicely. Each one specifically designed for the role it will need. Two of the closets have hanging spots and side cubbies and the third closet has double shelving on top. He's getting really really good at this!

Monday, 14 April 2014

let it go, progress on projects, and Gaile

1 It's a challenge to let go of things when we have a story in our heads about what should or shouldn't happen. But when we distract and self soothe we can create a place that's kinder and gentler in ourselves.
2 Our projects are coming together. My kitchen island needed to be re-sanded after staining but that's okay, it'll be much better now that it's smoother; another coat of paint went on the window frame coat rack, an outside table is prepped for staining and the jasmine gets rewound into the deck railing leaving a better view for us to see the hummingbirds feed. His project is to make new closet organizers. So far the basement office is completed and next is the walk in master followed by the guest room upstairs.Lots of planning and wood being cut here. It smells like fresh pine, well, at least until we paint.
3 We have a chance to catch up on our goings on now that she's home from her holiday to the island. We share a few laughs and talk about all the things that only we can share with each other. It's special and rare to have someone in your life like that.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

oh dear, planting, and strachi

1 We wash his cell phone! Oh lord, it's a day of panic! But his choice is a new Sony and the fees are relatively low so we spend the bulk of the day getting a phone and setting it up.
2 The bedding plants are in the garden centers now and it's just too tempting not to go look. I only get six nice ones that will be perfect for the hanging baskets on the upper deck. It's fun to think about choosing plants that will attract the hummingbirds and bees.
3 The kids enjoy the dinner we bring with us for Sunday dinner. Usually it's at our house but because we're working on the stump we decide this is much easier. I've made Strachi. My Italian friend gave me the recipe but I'm  not sure that's what it's really called. It's home made crepes filled with either thick spaghetti sauce or a cheese filling (ricotta, parmesan, egg and spinach), this is all smothered in a thinner sauce and then parmesan, romano cheese. Baked to cook through and eat. It's light and delicious. I think I'll make this more often as the reviews were very good!

Friday, 11 April 2014

muddy mommy, boats, and reading material

The Facebook Caption read:
"How should we get the dirt off the tree?
Oh, never mind she's got it covered!"
1 Lots of fun today as our tree removal saga continues. Michie was up today and her job was to use the power washer to get the dirt out of the tree roots so it can be chainsawed into pieces. Needless to say there's a bit more work to be done to get to the cutting up phase but she certainly worked at getting the bulk off the stump.
2 The kidlets play in the mud too and we spend a big of time digging out roots and throwing dirt and rocks. But the best part was showing them how to take little sticks or leaves and make boats and float them down the river of water and mud along the edge of the street.
3 Books are on shelves! My book club is reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I've already read it so it's time to pick a new one. I am thinking of The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window. Has anyone read this book, and if you have would you recommend it?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

office moles, grandson, and eat up

1 He puts our office together and it's a great space for working. Two desks, horizontal and vertical and a lovely little window for gazing out of, on the basement floor.. Photos and books need to find homes but it's coming together. It's a work space not a hanging out space so hopefully we don't become moles again!.
2 Kes and I spend some time together this afternoon. After he wakes up from his nap, he lounges about and takes my hand and runs it over his face. All of a sudden he sits up and says, 'wow' and we're off and running.
3 It's been a while since we've had Parmesan chicken so I make some extra for other meals. It's only when it's in the oven that I realize I've forgotten the Parmesan! I sprinkle a hefty dose on top and let it cook to a chewy state. Ooooh, this is good.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

out, help, and two of them

1 Wednesday we actually get the tree pulled out and what a job it was. Lots of root chopping and pulling the stump with the big truck and a huge cable wire.

2 Izzy just wants to be a 'good helper.'                               3 Two of my favourite guys.

Monday, 7 April 2014

tree troubles, captured, and the kids

1 Tree falling and root pulling....hmmm Well here's the story. The root system on this maple is HUGE! We did a bit more tree trimming and got to the place where we just had a very tall stump and he tried to pull it out. First the rope snapped and then when we used a thick cable wire it just sawed it so we had to stop. So root digging and axes were used and we just barely made a dent. So needless to say it was time to stop. Chris needs to find out what's underneath all those roots so we don't break septic or gas lines. We are on pause.
2 It's time to get back to photography. The camera is calling me and I have a few ideas for what I'd like to get 'captured'.
3 Isabelle loves playing and drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and Kesler has fun with the tiny dribble of water from the hose. They manage to amuse themselves while we work at our tasks. I cook dinner, Michie does a bit of plant pruning, the guys move furniture and setup the rooms and Izzy and Kes decorate the front driveway with their toys!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

maple tree, kisses, sleepy girl, once upon a time

1 The kids have a very large maple in their front yard that has huge roots and makes a mess and well, although it's healthy it's bound to be even more trouble later on. So now is the time to get it out. It's round two on the tree falling project, and we have taken two truckloads of branches to the dump already. Tomorrow it's round three, tree falling and root pulling.
2 Grampa lies down on the couch for a rest. Isabelle kisses him gently on his forehead and says good night Grampa, then giggles.
2a Izzy is tired but doesn't want to sleep even though we are snuggling. Eventually she says, "Can I be your baby? Hold your arms like this Grama." I say of course and snuggle her into my arms, smooth her hair, give her a kiss. I love how her eyelids flutter as she struggles to stay awake, sees me, is reassured and sleeps. She wakes once and says she wants Grampa and he is right there to hold her hand and once again all is well.
3 Okay folks, we are sleeping in our own room tonight! So excited. All we have in there is the bed because well we need a new chest and night tables so it's sparse. Pictures, drapes and rugs will go in soon enough. For now we're just happy to be up off of the floor. Before and after pictures to follow soon.

Friday, 4 April 2014

homeward bound, hot dogs and coffee, and ETA

1 Our friend is discharged! Such great news after such a horrific few days. He was sent home hospital via ambulance and once checked over was outta there. He's enjoying his first moments at home with his kitty, making a fire probably and settling in. Lots of things to attend to but he's on his way to wellness.
2 I spend the late morning with the grandkidlets. They wolf down the chips and hot dogs that I bring and before long Kes is asleep and Izzy and I get to play with her books and dolls. Later her mommy and I spend a few hours talking over cups of coffee and rays of sunshine.
3 Our ETA for sleeping in our own bedroom is TOMORROW! And we are thrilled. Tonight he puts the final caulking on the baseboards and tomorrow a bit of touch up paint. I'll wash the floors and then in goes the bed and dresser! Yay!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

hoping, great introduction, and why we love

1 The morning is busy with  my class and then a quick trip to the union office to perhaps see my potential boss. I've worked for the union before and I am hoping to continue a temp position here. She's not in but I leave her a note and will send her an email to follow up. Fingers crossed they need someone on their on call list.
2 I meet the two women who work at this office and we get along famously. The one woman tells me she's heard of me and it's all good. We smile at each other and I'm pleased how this first meeting has turned out.
3 When I walk in the door, Izzy runs to me and hugs my legs; Kes comes over too and puts his arms up for me to pick him up. He snuggles in right away. Later when I'm leaving the grocery shop I hear this familiar sweet voice say, "Grama, what are you doing here? Where's Grampa?" It's the first time we've bumped into each other while shopping and I eagerly get my hug and we blow kisses to each other when we part.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

blenz, ktown, and book club

1 A morning spent reading the rest of the book for book club tonight. Blenz is great coffee and the shop is locally owned and operated. I indulge in a large latte and bran muffin. Oh yes, it had raisins but I pushed through that...butter helped!
2 The local radio station is similar to one at the coast. It's classic rock and they play a lot of the songs we regularly listen to. We laugh to ourselves when they call the city KTown. Sounds so country and we definitely rock and roll people!
3 Jan and I go to her book club tonight. The book we read was, A Visit from the Goon Squad. The consensus was unanimous that no one liked this book. It was too incoherent and not easy to follow. I liked certain parts of it and was drawn in by certain characters but nothing ever built to a full conclusion. On a different note, the group is wonderful. I really enjoyed the women, laughter, food and look forward to next months' get together. We are reading Fifty Shades of Grey! I suspect the focus will be on food and laughter not the literary accolades that this book will never receive.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

bridging, grow up, and having fun with grampa

1 Doing work on my class I am stumped by a series of questions and am frustrated by my inability to 'get it'. I take a break, then realize it's okay to ask for help, google or do other things to build the bridge of knowledge to my brain!
2 It's been a sunny few days and the plants we brought from the island are happy and growing like mad. The peonies never liked having wet feet and now they're reaching wildly for the sun. I'm so looking forward to seeing if theses lovelies will bloom in pots this year. Their homes are still to be determined.
3 We help some new friends move then go to the kids place to help with the cutting down of a large maple tree in their front yard. Mr P does the trimming of the lower branches and we get that cleaned up and they haul a truckload to the dump. Saturday we'll be back to do the rest of it. The maple will be replaced by a cherry tree, yum!