Saturday, 31 May 2014

words to live by, bite me, eggs

1 In class Friday the topic is anger management and how to handle anger in different situations. The book says, if you cannot avoid a situation, "Be Decent, Be Kind."
2 We did some exploring of the area the other day and headed away from the lake and to the mountains. The area is much greener and more lush than near our home which isn't in a valley, near a creek and is much more exposed. Once the sun goes down it's much cooler than we expected and the mosquitoes are waiting for a chance to grab a quick bite!
3 The sign said that he sold eggs and he did not misrepresent. The farm fresh eggs are lovely shades of browns and soft white and are so large the lid barely fits on the egg carton. We will sample these lovelies tomorrow.
3a The egg man was a talker! Whoowhee!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Kes, Isabelle, and share please!

1 A mellow Friday is just what I needed. I do a class in the morning and then a visit with a friend followed by a visit at the kids place. Kes runs to the door for his hug but then is happier with mommy. I guess he's a bit more tired than he thought.
2 Isabelle snuggles in with me and before long she's asleep. I love how her lips still purse themselves and move like she's nursing while she's sleeping.
3 Mr P and I have fun watching our ever entertaining hummingbirds feed before dark. They're in fast and furious but eventually they all are able to eat and sometimes even are kind enough to each other to share the feeder.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

it'll be okay, zen time, and the ensuite

1 A day off but I'm up early and gone to a pre surgical screening appointment. The ladies working in the office are lovely and kind and the appointment is much shorter than expected. I'm in good shape and they don't expect any complications. (it's a woman thing!)
2 I sit in the car by the beach sipping my coffee and nibbling on a apple. I people watch for a while then it's time to get on with the day.
3 We putter around the house doing bits of this and that. Mr P has spent days working on the ensuite just for me. It's very spa like and feels  much bigger having been painted a lighter colour. He puts up towels bars, doors, a new shower head and makes it just perfect for me. (I think he realllly wants the other bathroom to himself!)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

secondly, scanned, and dry

1 A second afternoon shift and things are definitely quieter at work. I get the chance to read procedure manuals, take notes and breathe! I think I can do this job after all.
2 A letter arrives from the Department of Justice that tells me I have to get fingerprinted to complete my criminal record check for work. I work with the 'Vulnerable Sector' so it's important to get it done. It's unnerving but needs doing. Cell Block C is scary and suffocating and a real jail. Ugh, it was awful. I'm glad it's done and the results will be on file so I don't have to repeat it.
3 The drive home tonight is in the rain. Big sheets of rain that almost look like snow or hail. The closer to home I get the drier it gets and by the time I'm about 10  minutes from home the roads are dry, the moon is high and the clouds are gone.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

work, driving mrs p, and a little damp

1 Work took the forefront this week. Tuesday was the first afternoon shift and it was not exactly what I was expecting. The entire shift with a lull of five minutes or so here and there was registering emergency patients and dealing with admissions, transfers and discharges. My trainer had an usual way of training and while it works for her, I think I'll stick to doing one task at a time and staying mindful in the chaos.
2 The drive home was long but quiet. The moon shone brightly on the road making it a much easier drive. That being said, getting home at midnight means it was a long day/night.
3 I was so thirsty that I rushed the cup to my lips and so tired that I missed. I had to laugh at the sight I must have presented with a wet shirt and face!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Monday monday, make a reservation please, and get your own space please

1 Mondays often have 'that' vibe to them, don't they? It's these comments that make me smile and wonder; it's too much or too little coffee, too early or too late for work, and last but not least;  the where in the heck did the weekend go!
2 The tea and coffee are hot but the air is cool and breezy. Once again spring showers, hail and wind are predicted and appear. After work I'm happy to sit on the deck in the sun even though it's still cool. Rain or shine that deck is reserved for us.
3 Mr P worked hard on the ensuite today. He put on the final coat of paint and just has the ceiling to touch up and baseboards.  I'm happy he's putting it together now. He says it's all for me but I suspect he just wants a bathroom to himself too.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

potted, happy wedding day, busy girl, and in her room

1 A morning of running around getting supplies but an early afternoon putting it all together. I love making hanging and potted baskets with annuals. Every year I say I'm not going to do it because it's too expensive but every year I see their little happy flower heads and give in!
2 Finding out that a lovely friend (who lives on the island) has just married. Wishing them every joy in their new life together!
3 Isabelle and Grampa hang out riding the motorcycle and then rebuilding and painting the free standing birdhouse. She has been wanting to paint with us ever since we have moved here so it's great to see this dream of hers come true. Then it was my turn and we do magic on her hands with soap and water. She liked seeing the paint, "disappear!"
3a After dinner she plays in "her room" and snuggles up with 10 pillows and 3 stuffies!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

two, sing to me, and green

1 Well now, those were two jam packed days filled with work, driving, and adjusting to 5 am wake up times! I have no complaints about any of it but am glad to have a bit of downtime.
2 the seed birds have arrived and arrived in big numbers. They start their symphony pretty early and go til dusk. Sadly the hummingbirds are not around as much and we clean, bleach and refill the feeders but so far just one or two. Perhaps we were just a pit stop for them on their way farther north?
3 Their backyard is looking so green and lush. It's great when progress happens so quickly. Somehow it's just that much more motivating to do more.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Friday

It's been a busy week. Lots of things going on especially the new job. Great stuff! I love it. It's very similar to the work I did at the other hospital. I think I feed off of the drama and excitement that the work brings to it. My brain has been fed and I'm feeling pretty good about it all. More learning to come but I think it's gonna be okay. I'm tired and recalling the week to think up what to post is the last thing I'm wanting to do so I'll share a few photos instead. Ah but there's one last thing to add. The kids came to visit me at work. What an awesome surprise! Izzy and Kes both loved getting lollipops from the Ladies Auxiliary. yay for family xo

Monday, 19 May 2014

in the now, flying high, and time waits for no tomato

1 It's the people we know and love that make life worthwhile. Our dearest friends visit us for a day and we enjoy every bit of it. Appies on the deck followed by a trip across the street to visit the neighbourhood winery, bbq and breakfast! And of course a few days later we meet up again for a walk at a regional park. Best of everything!
2 The hummingbirds perform acrobatics and mating rituals for us while we lounge in the shade.
3 New cherry tomato plants are patiently waiting for new pots.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

tomato plants, helpful or not, and catch me if you can

1 A trip to the Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning nets us some pretty awesome tomato plants. One is a medium sized yellow tomato called 'Lemon Boy' and the other is a cherry tomato called 'Sweet Chelsea'. I thought of you, Leonora when I bought this one!
2 Mr P washed the windows on the high side of the house. He is tired but doing it regardless. I make funny faces to him from the inside. He asked me, 'Are you helping?' But he was smiling when he asked.
3 The hummingbirds had disappeared for a few days and we thought perhaps they'd found a new feeding ground but today they're back in full force and are playing hide and seek in the pots of lilacs we've put on the deck near their feeder.

Friday, 16 May 2014

in their garden, performing, and light showers

1 Our daughter in laws parents, Yosh and Cres, have been visiting them for the past week. Not only have they spent time with the grandkidlets but they have worked with them to get a lot of the backyard cleaned up. The big trees that we pruned with chains saws have been cleaned up even more and it's looking great, the weeds are out, seeded soil down, trenches dug around trees and two rather large cedars are waiting to be planted where a couple are missing. The raspberry patch is growing and the rhubarb is almost ready for eating. Oh there's a strawberry patch too!
2 While Kes is sleeping Isabelle wants to play. So it's Circus Circus time in the back  yard. I announce her, "And now Circus Circus presents the amazing Isabelle!" She beams from ear to ear and proceeds to go down her slide jump over a few big poles and do circles around the yard. Mr P looks at me and says, "Wow, you sure know how to get her to burn off energy!"
3 The forecast was for rain and thunderstorms but we only get the wind and rain. The plants are happy enough to have their petals and leaves sprinkled.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

painters, change it up, and a big pot

1 The paint brush and roller are our companions this afternoon. We finish a few more closet doors, and he paints the entertainment unit add on and I paint the infamous coffee table. It's now a lovely flat black and I think I'll keep it upstairs until I find the one that will work with a new sectional that I see in the future.
2 Mr P has chemical sensitivities so some paints are just plain vile for him. He puts on a respirator to paint the shelving in the furnace/storage room. I tried to help him out but the fumes overpowered me and even with breaks of fresh air I can feel a headache coming on. So he shoos me away to finish on his own and I go outside and plant some petunias for the hummingbirds.
Baba's Borstch  Both of my Baba's and my mom and her sisters, all loved making borstch. I learned why this was true from first hand experience. I fondly remember asking my Baba Androsoff for the recipe and she said she didn't have one written down but if I wanted to come over she'd teach me how to make her special recipe. We cooked, laughed and shared our love of cooking and of each other. This is one of the happiest memories of my childhood with my Baba. 
I am pleased to share it with you and hope you enjoy making and eating it too!
Добре Час

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

a hope is not a plan, i have a plan, and it's a bugs life

1 Reading a friends blog today his words resonated with me. He said, "a hope is not a plan.' I like that. Often it's talk about our hopes and dreams in idealistic ways and not the concrete plans we should be creating. Food for thought. Thanks Dwayne.
2 I really really miss running. It's not that I haven't had the opportunity to go running, it's that I haven't. I hoped to run but I didn't make a plan to run. I've put my plan on the calendar. Let's see if that does the trick.
3 Ants! Ugh, there's something about these bugs that are just plain annoying. They're climbing up the side of the house two floors and are all over the deck, even climbing up on the pole that the hummingbird feeder is on. Now that we know where they're coming from we must decided whether we put slippery stuff where they are climbing or get an ant trap. I'm thinking trap down on the ground. We don't have a cat or let the kidlets there on their own so it should be safe and do the trick.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

assortment, together or not, and cheesy

1 The day consists of a lot of running around doing errands and buying groceries. We have so many testers at Costco that dinner tonight is an assortment of snacks, bits and bites of this and that.
2 The hummingbirds were gone. None were coming and feeding. We changed their food and by dusk they were back at the feeders sometimes feeding together and sharing and at other times they just can't share at all!.
3 Tomorrow is a full moon, but the moon tonight is equally as impressive I'm sure of it. It's bright and big and really does look like it's made out of cheese!

Monday, 12 May 2014

hired, viewed, and sold

1 The job interview went exceptionally well. Within 20 minutes I was hired! It's in a local hospital in registration and switchboard. Two things I've done before and really love. There's something about helping those in need that makes everything come into perspective.
2 Mr P and I go on an adventure up a rail trail and see amazing views of our valley. Where we traveled was through an area where a firestorm had gone through in 2003 so it was desolate in some area but new growth is slowly pushing it's way through.
3 Sold! I have sold my first fine art print on ETSY.  When I first saw the email from PayPal I thought it was a scam so what a funny moment when I realized I had sold the heron flying print. Awesome!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

black is back, birthday box, and different styles

1 It's like this, sometimes a plan works perfectly and sometimes it just doesn't come together at all. Case in point, the coffee table redo. First it didn't take the gel stain, then it needed to be sanded but instead it bit my toe, and then finally today I re-stained it and it came out spotty. It's time for Plan B. Paint it black and put it downstairs in the family room. It should match the entertainment center perfectly!
2 Who doesn't like treats? Well, today was my lucky day to go into the Bulk Barn. I couldn't believe how row after row of bulk candy met me as I walked through the front door. I picked up some special candies for our Nick's birthday package. He'll particularly be happy to get the root beer gummies and the lego candies for his students.
3 We had an impromptu dinner of rice smothered with sauteed zucchini, onions, peppers and turkey sausage. Mr P gobbled his down with a spoon while I delicately ate mine with chopsticks.

Friday, 9 May 2014

more opportunities, look me in the eye, and twirly

1 Three more job postings have come my way. I am really hoping for the hospital job. It's work I am trained for and have done previously. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an interview for that one! Wow, what a lot of choices suddenly.
2 The hummingbirds seem to really like the front feeder. There's a water fountain and lots of bright colourful flowers for them as well. As I was planting my large pots they were feeding, playing, hovering right above me and at one point one was eye to eye with me! Love it!
3 I won! Yesterday I won a photo contest for a flower photo and the prize was a specially made suncatcher. I think it's perfect for the grandkidlets so it'll be a surprise gift for them on Mother's Day!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

getting creative, opportunity knocks, and peony

1 Chris, Isabelle and I spend some time this afternoon making Mother's day and birthday cards for Izzy's mom and Lola (other Grandma). We draw, cut, colour, write letters and put on stickers. What fun! Izzy and Daddy make the cards for Kesler because he's sawing logs (sleeping!)
2 A surprise phone call this afternoon leads to a job interview. It's set for this coming Monday morning. I'm excited that there's suddenly an opening at a local hospital. I'm thinking of a list of questions to ask at the interview. I've worked in healthcare before in a job almost identical so those are coming easily to me.
3 The peonies are so big that they need peony rings to hold them up. This surprises me because I dug them up in February to move them and they're still in pots. Apparently they don't like being moved but these ones are all happy and have blooms on them!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

one is the luckiest number, prescription, and secrets

1 Tonight was supposed to be book club but I'm home with my foot up. Why you ask? Well for those of you that don't know me well, I am accident prone. Today is no exception. Sanding a coffee table in preparation for gel stain, it drops on my toe. Just one toe is hurt, and only three stitches. That's something to be grateful for.
2 There's something that always makes a trip to the clinic for stitches better. Yes, ice cream and I'm pleased to say mine was a big one! Peanut buster parfait for me, little ice cream for him. Did Mr P eat mine? Yes, but not until I had my fair share!
3 We make plans for mother's day and I'm excited to be part of the fun! Lips are sealed until it's revealed.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

down by the bay, snuggle, and stump-b-gone

Izzy's new song, "Down by the Bay":
Down by the bay
Where the watermelons grooooooow
Back to my hooooome
I dare not goooo
For if I do
My mother will say...
"Have you ever see a bear, climbing up a tree?"
Down by the bay!
Good try Izzy xo
2 Kesler is full of energy and isn't ready for a nap but Isabelle grabs blankets and pillows and put them all beside me. She says she's making a nest and wants to snuggle with me. I feel her twitching and know she's fallen asleep.
3 The stump is gone, most of the branches from their backyard are gone too. It was very productive at the kids place. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

chocoholic, activities, headset, and vivid

1 Indulging in homemade rolo bars that our daughter in law made for a treat yesterday. It's the ultimate in sweetness and heaven help me, I'm craving more!
2 Izzy and Kes take turns playing with me in the backyard. First Kesler and I play on the swing. He laughs a belly laugh when I catch his feet each time his swing comes near me, She is enthralled with the worms we find. She likes the feel of them in her hand and we dig little holes in the soil to send them back to nature. Later she wants to dig them up to show Grampa.
3 Izzy has a headset that sends out sounds that create new neuropathways to help with her hyperactivity. It's amazing to see how she responds with concentration and the ability to adjust to situations where normally she'd be bouncing off of the walls!
4 The tulips are vivid colours of pink, yellow, orange and reds.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

she says, play ball, and solar power

1 She says that Grampa is like a soft chair and snuggles on his lap at the dining room table. We're watching the hummingbirds fly around the feeder to feed and chase each other. Izzy calls them 'honeybirds."
2 The big purple ball we have for sitting on is like a gift from heaven for our sweet boy Kesler. His eyes are like saucers and he immediately runs over to pick it up. It's practically as big as him but he gets it.
3 She calls the new solar flower lights, green flashlight flower and white flashlight flower and Kes squeals and shivers with excitement! Simple fun.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

wine, blossoms, wine and taken care of!

1 The winery tour is called Fab Five. It's a group of five wineries that are located in a loop so we start at one end and make our way through the list tasting wines that are paired with restaurants who are also sharing samples of their foods. Talk about deliciousness!
1a The wineries are side by side with the orchards. The smell was heavenly.

2 What did I learn today? Well, I learned that you don't have to drink all the wine at all the wineries and you definitely you don't have to drink your husbands too!
3 I also learned that when I have a hangover, (yes that happened) it's great if your guy makes dinner and tea. Thank you Mr P

Friday, 2 May 2014

she said what?, getting together, and open wide

1  I wear a lot of dark colours, black, brown and lots of white so today I'm a pink plaid tunic. But I must look a little country I guess because the woman siting next to me looks up and says, "You look adorable!" I should wear colour more often!
2 A friend from a few years ago when I worked at the hospital has moved to the area as well. We get together for a coffee and visit and it's great to know she's doing so well now. Very proud of where she's come from.
3 Tulips love to be wide open to the sun in this heat but quickly close up once a cool breeze arrives.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

he says it all, abandoned, and mr fix it

1 A one sided conversation at the local hardware store.The owner says, "Just call me if there is absolutely anything you need to know because I'm the guy to talk to about anything and everything!"
2 The motorcycle calls him and he calls me. We take a tour around the upper areas of our neighbourhood and find some pretty spectacular views. I'm intrigued by a few of the older homes on really large lots that have lost their owners and are boarded up, overgrown and silent.
3 Mr P can fix just about anything. Today it's a pvc pipe that solves the problem of the 'extremely short umbrella pole". How did it get that short you ask? hmmm My lips are sealed!