Friday, 16 May 2014

in their garden, performing, and light showers

1 Our daughter in laws parents, Yosh and Cres, have been visiting them for the past week. Not only have they spent time with the grandkidlets but they have worked with them to get a lot of the backyard cleaned up. The big trees that we pruned with chains saws have been cleaned up even more and it's looking great, the weeds are out, seeded soil down, trenches dug around trees and two rather large cedars are waiting to be planted where a couple are missing. The raspberry patch is growing and the rhubarb is almost ready for eating. Oh there's a strawberry patch too!
2 While Kes is sleeping Isabelle wants to play. So it's Circus Circus time in the back  yard. I announce her, "And now Circus Circus presents the amazing Isabelle!" She beams from ear to ear and proceeds to go down her slide jump over a few big poles and do circles around the yard. Mr P looks at me and says, "Wow, you sure know how to get her to burn off energy!"
3 The forecast was for rain and thunderstorms but we only get the wind and rain. The plants are happy enough to have their petals and leaves sprinkled.

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