Thursday, 25 June 2015

eyes, view, and satiated

1 New glasses for our Isabelle! Pink of course, her favourite colour!
2 Lucky me! I get to sit on a bench in the shade and enjoy this view on my coffee break!
3 This is definitely a summer favourite this year! Tomato, soft mozzarella, pesto leaves and asparagus drizzled with oil and balsamic vinegar! 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

3, gangbusters, ouch

1 I've been hired to work for 3 weeks at the finance office at our city hall. It's tax time y'all and in a word it's CRAZY!
2 Mr P is again going like gangbusters on the backyard and deck project. So far he's brought in 64 loads of fill with his dump trailer. That's equivalent to 32 dump truck loads!!
3 Mr P was just stung by a bee, possibly a hornet. He came running inside with a stinger still in his ear!! Benadryl cream to the rescue.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

ah ha

1 Time to get caught up!!! What's with that anyways? Well, too much work and not enough time to get much of anything else done?  Still, it feels good to be busy.
2 Mr P is working like crazy on our landfill adventure. Lots of soil and rocks brought in and tons more to go. We just finish one section and then make changes to the plans and we need more!! 
3 The back part of our yard is still steep so we decide to utilize every inch and see if we can make steps to the lower road. 
4 Family stop by for a night and a morning. We eat, drink and dance up a storm!! I thought we might move a bit more slowly the next day but we surprised ourselves and had a great breakfast and more visiting.
5 It's been fun getting into the routine of alternating workouts. I love walking and blitzing and am really enjoying the kettle bells as well.
6 Question to self: How much is too much?