Friday, 28 February 2014

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

1 We work side by side for most of the day, stopping now and then for a break, a bit of horsing around or a nap.
2 It feels like home already even though it's strewn with boxes,(some empty and some full of stuff), packing paper, empty cups and chaos in general.
3 Two extra large woodpeckers land in the large pine tree in the back yard and proceed to chase each other up to the highest branch possible. First one climbs two or three branches then the other goes and all of a sudden there's no place left to climb. And just as the branch starts bending they take flight, simultaneously!
4 We head back to get the last load so we're up early, enjoy a quick cuppa and we're off.
5 The roads are wet and bare, traffic is light and we have enough time to get lunch at a sister restaurant from Nelson. Their food is just as delicious so we get some to go as well. It made our dinner choices simple, soup or salad.
6 We hit the ground running and before we know it the rest of our things are packed and loaded into the trailer, and the house is cleaned and floors washed.  Soon we're suitability fed and washed and snuggled ready for our last sleep there.
7 Morning comes way too soon but we're up and outta there in short order. There is nothing left to do except for the camper pickup which Mr P will do.
8 Again were blessed with good roads, little traffic and make it home in good time. We're made aware of our good timing when we hear there's been an accident on the very highway we were just driving on. Thankful.
9 After many ear infections this year the doctors have finally decided to give Kes tubes in his ears. Sounds like this procedure will happen soon. We're happy we can help out now that we're living closer.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

tea, snowy plants, let's go, lost wallet, quicker, and another first together

1 A cup of tea every now and then helps us keep pushing forward. At one point I realize I've packed up the tea/coffee cupboard and have to search through the sea of boxes to find our stash. Crisis averted!
2 The snow just doesn't let up and we are surprised to see about 8 inches of accumulation on the roof. The driveway gets shoveled repeatedly and I'm amazed at Mr P and how he forges along packing up. He's packed up the utility trailer with garden items and some rather large potted plants. (I re-potted some favourites to take with me to the new home)
3 We decide to go tomorrow despite the snow because the forecast is for sunny weather. Option one is to take the full cargo trailer, option two is to take a fully loaded truck/canopy and utility trailer. He's done so much driving lately that we opt for option two so he has an easier time of it.
4 I realize as we are leaving the restaurant that I've misplaced/lost my wallet. Not a good feeling at all. We quickly return to our previous stop and there it is sticking up in a pile of slush. Good thing there was snow and few people venturing out or this might not have had such a happy ending.
5 Our trip today is much much faster than before. The skies are blue, not a cloud to be found and the roads for the most part are either wet or dry and bare. Yes!
6 The grand kidlets are pretty excited to see us. We share dinner at their home and will spend our first night together in our new home tonight. I'm blogging and he's enjoying a soak in an extra deep bathtub.(That's as much as should be said!)

Sunday, 23 February 2014

twos, the skies have opened, and zipped

1 Two chairs, one table; two pillows, one bed, two plates, two utensils each and on and on. Just two is all you need really, when there's just the two of you.
2 The snow comes and boy does it come. He's shoveled a few times already and it makes packing the trailer that much more difficult. He says tomorrow we will have to sleep in the camper because the weather forecast is for sunny and that'll be our window to drive the pass.
3 Sometimes the kindest thing we can do is say nothing.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

wondering, isn't it so true?, the packing saga, and the four seasons

1 I wonder sometimes how easy it is for people to know me. I tend to wear my emotions and my feelings on my sleeve for the world to see, so maybe it's not all that hard for people to grasp where I'm at.
1a "You're not moving away from something, you're moving towards something better."
2 As each box is filled, as each room is emptied of belongings and cleaned we edge nearer to our moving out target. We decide not to rush things and just make sure we do things the right way, not forgetting things or taking things just for the sake of taking them. (I have filled another, yes another large box with bits and pieces, half bottles, and junk for the dump)
3 It's a snow day here and large fluffy flakes are falling everywhere and all day long. I'm looking forward to having four seasons again. I have my favourite seasons but I'm not going to tell you what they are right this moment. Perhaps you will figure that out when I'm photographing and sharing my mindful moments with you.

Friday, 21 February 2014

the story, last of it, and done deal

1 The story has a beginning, middle and an end. Our story of life on an island in the Pacific is coming to its conclusion, at least for now. It's time to say our goodbyes and move on. We didn't come to our decision to leave lightly so it's with love in our hearts and a new commitment to each other and our family and close friends that we move forward with love, joy and faith. And so we say goodbye to the old and hello to our new life, new adventure, big love. Our adventures continue.
2 We head back to get our last load of stuff and are so very very pleased to see sunshine and wet but not slippery roads. The pass is easy stuff but he works hard to drive the big truck with trailer. He's very tired and sleep finds him quickly and mercifully puts him into a slumber.
3 It's finally here. We get an email from our lawyers office letting us know that the conditions are removed on the sale of our island home. Monday we sign the last of the paperwork and a week following it should all be completed and closed. What a relief to know it's all done. We have been so blessed with the speed of which this move has taken place. Something to be very very grateful for.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

opening boxes is like opening presents, peso the explorer, bliss, and he's done it again

1 It's another day of unpacking and organizing. How fun it is to get to do this in our new home? The sun streams brightly through all the lake facing windows (just like our first day) and it's warm and inviting. The kitchen setup is quite like the one I have just left and it's relatively easy to find homes for things. We are missing a couple of pantries that we had before so we'll be looking for a match to these cabinets for appliance storage.
2 Peso has decided he's an explorer. Two days in a row he's gone missing. First up the hill, today down to the woods. He must have run into the tall grasses and with his colouring being similar soon he's disappeared. We think he's not far away but he's not coming and he's in big trouble. Eventually he comes up from the woods, slowly with his little teeny tail low and not wagging. His mom says he's going to have to go on a lead next time.
3 Bliss Bakery is our newest find here. It's very trendy and right on the lake. Bet it's busy and very popular in the summer. We indulge in coffees, and sandwiches made with thick home made breads, cheese and meats.
3a Once again our son, C, makes us dinner and we are so thankful. Tonight it's lasagna, salad with garlic toast for the adults but the grandkidlets prefer mac and cheese. Our appetites vary depending on whether or not you've been hit by the flu bug. Apparently my appetite is just fine!

J and Peso, family, and thinking of others, is it time yet?

1 My dear friend J comes to help and brings her little chihuahua, Peso with her. He's rather adorable, well behaved (well he did pee on the fridge and floor) but he's great with the kids, rarely barks and is super cute! Izzy forgets and keeps calling him Tofu and we all think either name will work!
2 The kids and grand kidlets are with us the whole day despite all of them being sick with the flu/cold. It's smiling faces, warm words, hugs and a feeling of belonging again.
3 Consideration personified. Our eldest son heads out to get medicine and toys for the kids. He comes back with that plus snacks, pizza, tea, a kettle, mugs and all sorts of cleaning supplies. Gotta love a guy like that!
3a Later we head back to the kids place and they feed us and give us a warm bed to sleep in. We laugh as we say good night because it's barely 9pm.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Tuesday to Remember

1 Now that was a trip to remember!  We decided that despite the bad roads we'd head out on our way and see how far we could get.  The forecast was just not in our favour so we thought waiting for a break wasn't an option. One pass was closed for an avalanche and the other route was open but iffy. So off we went despite it all. We start over the pass and soon the roads become compact snow, which quickly escalated to white out conditions. I'm following his truck and trailer so I have a bit of an idea of where the road actually is, when all of a sudden he's not there and a snowplow passes me and buries me in snow!  Holy, what a scary feeling. I get on the walkie talkie and reconnect with Mr P. He waits for me as I crawl slowly to where he's stopped. Trucks are stopped part way up hills, one is jack knifed in the middle of the road, some are chaining up and we push on. What other option is there but to keep going?
2 Finally we are through the pass and make our way to the next town. We find a cozy spot for tea and a bite to eat and sit quietly, releasing the stress bit by bit, sip by sip and with each breath are grateful to have made it through.
3 It takes us twelve hours to do a trip that's normally eight. We are greeted with love and hugs and words of support and know instantly we have made the right choice.

Monday, 17 February 2014

bye, hello again, and until we see each other again

1 A wonderful morning with two friends for coffee and treats and a bit of computer work. They're new friends and will be missed. They share their Valentine's dessert with me and it was delicious. An angel food cake lemon roll with homemade custard ice cream.
2 He's more than willing to share his experience at the course. His excitement shows all over his face. There are changes coming.
3 The girls meet me for dinner and we get a chance to catch up on all sorts of things but too soon it's over and time to go. Working with them and knowing them has been a highlight of my time here. I hope we stay in touch. It would be fun to have them come up for a visit and do a spa/winery weekend!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

1 When I got up this morning the sun was up and shining in my window calling me to come play. So what's a gardener to do but get up, get dressed and get outside. Hands that are in dirt on a Sunday morning feel just about perfect.
2 All the outside plants are potted and ready for transport. Roses, peonies, lilacs, hydrangeas, rhodos, bulbs (especially the white daffodils) and quite a few others. I'm a bit surprised at how many there are but with a bit of luck, crossed fingers and a big enough utility trailer it should be okay.
2a The red rhododendron is a bonus. I found a branch that was in the soil that had put out roots. It's small and perfect for transplanting and I can leave the larger plant for the new owners. And I took some cuttings from a camellia bush and from the other rhodo which is my favourite and a camelia. Those are iffy but I hope they'll take.
3 Watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. It's a quiet night, the rain and winds are doing their usual dance outside so why not take a night and just watch some of my favourite episodes.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

good friends and hot soup, covered up, toe tapping, and peace

1 Rainy days are so much better when they're shared with good friends. Today is one of those days. Two of my walking group friends come walking with me at Westwood Lake. After our wet walk we pop into a bakery close by and fill our bellies. Two of us had homemade soup and side salad, and the third had a sweet treat. What a good way to say good bye, see you again soon.
2 The tarps covering the camper have broken free of their thin ropes and in the wind they're waving wildly around. The ladder is big and heavy but I manage to get it out of the workshop and set up so I can tie up the tarp again. It's stormy out and there's a wind warning. My hood repeatedly comes off and the rope is slippery but it's all put back together again. Fingers crossed it stays put.
2a Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain
3 Good news. The bank has finally secured our house and the previous owner is out, well almost out. He's been given yet one more "last" opportunity to come and get his belongings (from the garage only) and hopefully tomorrow the property manager will get the rest of it hauled away. Two extra days of having this mess dragged out. Hopefully it will be clean and ready for us to come live in it when we arrive on Tuesday. I pray the family that lived here before us will find peace and resolution.

Friday, 14 February 2014

voilà, course, tag along, M, on the water, Hugo, and it's just another day

1 Mr P is the kind of guy that makes something out of nothing. He finds online a treadmill and seeks out the owner so he can buy it for us. When he gets there the man says that it isn't working now and he will need to spend $80 just for a service/repair and it's barely worth that much. So ingenious Mr P grabs the opportunity to say, "I'll be happy to take it off of your hands," and the man surprisingly says, "Sure!" He brings it home and fiddles with a few wires and voilà,it works! I really enjoyed my 30 minute walk/run.
2 Mr P is off to the mainland this afternoon for a course called Landmark Forum. Personal development has always been something we both have looked forward to and he gets to go first. (The coaches suggest taking these courses on your own. Besides, I'm doing a course of my own already.) Bonus is he's staying at a B&B that an old school friend of mine owns and runs. How lovely to be able to share friendships.
3 What a surprise! I go Vancouver too! We walk on the ferry and take the bus almost to the front door of our B&B. It's right downtown with lots of traffic but the building is heritage and we easily spot it.
4 Our host is a school friend from many years ago. We have sherry and tea and talk about so many things and it feels like just yesterday that we'd seen each other. Truth be told it's been over 30 years!
5 M takes me out for breakfast at the rowing club in Coal Harbour. It's a simple yet stunning setting and we share our food and our lives in a very special way that only dear friends can. My heart bursts with big emotion because our friendship has been renewed.
5a M's mastiff Hugo is divine!
6 The girl at the coffee shop gives me my only valentine gift; a coffee with a lovely heart on it.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

early birds, arms, silver, and safety first

1 An early Valentine's dinner out at  our favourite Japanese restaurant, Nori. We walk in and are immediately greeted by the chef's and staff with a loud shout out. (They do this to everyone, but we still feel special!) Our meal is the dinner combo; miso, sunumono, sushi and sashimi, tempura, teriyaki and finally magno ice cream.
1a He keeps his arm around my shoulders as we wait for our food and sip on our green tea. He's not often demonstrative in public and even though it's subtle I know he is making an effort and I enjoy every moment of this intimate gesture.
2 I like bright and shiny things. And so it should come as  no surprise that I love the chopsticks that they have set on our table. Soft, smooth, slippery and the perfect shade of silver. Holding them there's a feeling of weight yet weightlessness. Note to self: source out said chopsticks.
3 He says he needs an "equalizer." It's a metal piece that is attached to the hitch on the truck and is also connected to the cargo trailer. It works to stabilize and keep the trailer from bouncing and swaying. When I ask him about it he deadpans me and says, "It's a safety device."

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

concluding, how to, and musical interlude

1 The staff from the union office are so lovely to me when I stop by to tell them we are moving away from the area. A few hugs and some warm wishes, exchange of information and an invitation for them to come visit and I'm done. I'm hopeful that there is work available for me in the new office. I've already worked for this supervisor so I am hopeful my work and work ethic will speak for itself. 
2 They use my How To book to do their training. I'm very pleased and proud of that. I think I might have a niche. Now the question is, how to make that make money?
3 January through April are always very wet months on the island. There's often little sunshine (that's why we all take Vitamin D tablets) but today there's a combination of rain and sun. Later in the evening a storm hits and rattles the house and downspouts creating a symphony in metal.

Monday, 10 February 2014

bits and pieces, J, and readers

1 The house inspection is unbelievably informal. The inspector is a friend of the fellow who has offered on this home. He walks about telling us stories about his home and how he is excited for his friend. Apparently they have identical houses in the same community, including the shop and layouts.
2 It's great to reconnect with my close friend, J. I've known her for many, many years, actually since grade 5 elementary school. She and her husband live about a half hour from our new home. So nice to have people to know when you're moving to a new area.
3 She's invited me to join her book club! The majority of women are from our area so this will be a good opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Plus I love reading and this is an ideal way to get back into that as well.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

1 Snow's falling and the temperature is dropping. It is definitely a cold winter day. Waves of clouds pass overhead and darkness envelopes us.
2 The skies clear in the evening and we are treated to bright twinkling stars and a brisk wind. Each time the wind whispers the chimes sing and I'm enchanted as always by the sound.
3 But the wind is also cold and biting and soon the only thing that is above the hot tub water line is our heads. Underneath the water is 102F and we luxuriate in the softness and warmth. When we have to go inside we step gingerly on the decking so we don't slip on the sheet of ice and snow that's there.

4 The greenhouse is full of potted plants that will be making new roots in the Okanagan. Each plant must share with others because space is limited. Seriously, who digs up plants to take to a new home. Me. I do. It's little bits of my grandmothers and mothers gardens and mine too.
5 The boxes are getting filled up faster than I imagined they would be. The closets hold just enough clothing and dishes and bedding to keep us going until move day.
6 We are too tired to eat a big meal so it's some brie, crackers, salsa, pickled asparagus and dill pickles for dinner.

7 When motivation is needed I like to think that the way to make a man get going is through food. So I made some chocolate chip cookies last night. I'm not sure they are motivating him, but he's visiting me a lot while I pack.
8 People keep saying what a beautiful home we have and I have to agree. It is beautiful here, all done, no landscaping or personalizing to be done. It kinda hurt hearing it because it's bittersweet leaving it. Truth be told, I'm ready to put my stamp on the new home. It's a multitude of projects and it will be beautiful too.
9 Two forks, two spoons, two plates, two of everything we need for the next few days. It's time to empty out the fridge and freezer if we can. The less we have to pack the better.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

accepted, ideas, and one out of two is good

1 We accepted an offer this morning on the sale of our current house. This was much easier than the first go round and we did it ourselves. Mr P went above and beyond to make this happen. Big kudos to him.
2 My mind is full of ideas for the new house but it has to be one step at a time, so there is Pinterest to keep the ideas for me. Home decor, outside ideas, gardening, decks, hot tubs, paint colours, blinds and flooring. Sigh, yes, I love this part.
3 Dinner out to celebrate! Tonight we try Korean food. We love the rice dish with chicken, zucchini, carrots and spinach (bibimbap)unfortunately the soup was a bust. It tasted like cabbage soup with tofu. So grateful my last bite was of the yummy dish!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

what to do, brrr, and what's the plan?

1 He said, she said, waiting, signing, scanning, emailing, phone calls, repeat as necessary. This seems to be our pattern during the day, but tonight we set it all aside and have a healthy dinner, watch a movie and soak our old achey bones in the hot tub. (We are in agreement. The first thing we are saving for at the new house is a hot tub!)
2 Baby it's cold outside! Even on the island it's cold. The plants are in shock from the cold temperatures but hopefully they'll keep their buds. I especially see the plants like rhododendrons and some of the tropical Japanese plants folding their leaves downwards in either sadness or to protect themselves. Inside the plants are given spots away from drafts and cold wind from open doors. 
3 We are coming up with a plan for moving the inside plants to their new home and avoiding the cold temperatures. Mr P suggests they get a back seat ride in his truck so he can stand them up and they should be warm; heated seats.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

fixed, birthday, clerks, and home soon

1 There were papers left unsigned, their error, not ours. Does this inspire confidence? Everyone makes mistakes and these are minor bits. The company takes responsibility for the mistake and have an assistant bring the documents to our home for signing so we aren't inconvenienced. Confidence is restored.
2 It's Christopher's birthday today but they're away visiting family in California, so the best we can do is a Facebook greeting. We will have a proper birthday celebration when we are all together again. Meantime, I'm wishing him a very happy day. I'm so proud to be his mom.
3 The clerk in the grocery store appears annoyed with me for asking for some hand sanitizer. She calls another clerk and they give me a little bottle for my purse.
4 A few more photos of the new house. Getting excited!

Monday, 3 February 2014

font fantasy, order, and snow day

1 I find a new font on my cell phone and suddenly it feels new and exciting again.
2 It's a day of errands, meetings and signing documents. Not all of what needs to be done is done but we are making progress and as Mr P says, "we are putting our lives in order."
3 There is just a slight bit of snow on the driveway but it makes it slick as a skating rink and we slide around a bit trying to get some traction. I don't think Mr P was trying all that hard not to skid! South of the city we see that the snow has come and left big piles for people to shovel.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

opposite thoughts, take it back, and words

1 China cabinet and one pantry are packed up! Each day a section gets done. Sort, toss, donate, and keep. Bit by bit items are packed away. As I pack, I look at each thing and am touched by the special  memories of some and surprised at the sterility of others.
2 And so it goes, words sometimes come out of my mouth that I instantly wish I could take back. As it happens, today is one of those days, but the person I am talking to is aware of my challenge and is forgiving. 
3 More wordsmithing. Ap·pur·te·nance - an accessory or other item associated with a particular activity or style of living.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

packed up, what is needed, and it's kinda like playing poker

1 The guest room is totally empty and packed up along with a slew of other boxes. They're just waiting to be placed into the moving trailer. Next up, china cabinet.
2 Newspapers,  boxes and tape, that's what I need. More packing paper! More boxes! More tape!
3 And so it goes, the back and forth of the home buying and selling process. Movement in each direction and soon it'll come to a showdown or to a standstill. Who will flinch first? Who will make their  move? Who will fold?