Sunday, 16 February 2014

1 When I got up this morning the sun was up and shining in my window calling me to come play. So what's a gardener to do but get up, get dressed and get outside. Hands that are in dirt on a Sunday morning feel just about perfect.
2 All the outside plants are potted and ready for transport. Roses, peonies, lilacs, hydrangeas, rhodos, bulbs (especially the white daffodils) and quite a few others. I'm a bit surprised at how many there are but with a bit of luck, crossed fingers and a big enough utility trailer it should be okay.
2a The red rhododendron is a bonus. I found a branch that was in the soil that had put out roots. It's small and perfect for transplanting and I can leave the larger plant for the new owners. And I took some cuttings from a camellia bush and from the other rhodo which is my favourite and a camelia. Those are iffy but I hope they'll take.
3 Watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. It's a quiet night, the rain and winds are doing their usual dance outside so why not take a night and just watch some of my favourite episodes.

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