Thursday, 20 February 2014

J and Peso, family, and thinking of others, is it time yet?

1 My dear friend J comes to help and brings her little chihuahua, Peso with her. He's rather adorable, well behaved (well he did pee on the fridge and floor) but he's great with the kids, rarely barks and is super cute! Izzy forgets and keeps calling him Tofu and we all think either name will work!
2 The kids and grand kidlets are with us the whole day despite all of them being sick with the flu/cold. It's smiling faces, warm words, hugs and a feeling of belonging again.
3 Consideration personified. Our eldest son heads out to get medicine and toys for the kids. He comes back with that plus snacks, pizza, tea, a kettle, mugs and all sorts of cleaning supplies. Gotta love a guy like that!
3a Later we head back to the kids place and they feed us and give us a warm bed to sleep in. We laugh as we say good night because it's barely 9pm.

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