Wednesday, 12 February 2014

early birds, arms, silver, and safety first

1 An early Valentine's dinner out at  our favourite Japanese restaurant, Nori. We walk in and are immediately greeted by the chef's and staff with a loud shout out. (They do this to everyone, but we still feel special!) Our meal is the dinner combo; miso, sunumono, sushi and sashimi, tempura, teriyaki and finally magno ice cream.
1a He keeps his arm around my shoulders as we wait for our food and sip on our green tea. He's not often demonstrative in public and even though it's subtle I know he is making an effort and I enjoy every moment of this intimate gesture.
2 I like bright and shiny things. And so it should come as  no surprise that I love the chopsticks that they have set on our table. Soft, smooth, slippery and the perfect shade of silver. Holding them there's a feeling of weight yet weightlessness. Note to self: source out said chopsticks.
3 He says he needs an "equalizer." It's a metal piece that is attached to the hitch on the truck and is also connected to the cargo trailer. It works to stabilize and keep the trailer from bouncing and swaying. When I ask him about it he deadpans me and says, "It's a safety device."

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