Friday, 29 May 2015

mouser, get inside, affirmations, ouchie, smell, and two

1 Miss Tula is exhausted after catching some mice. She's growing side to side these days and now we know why. Mr P even takes a video of her playing with it. Poor thing.
2 She really wants to be outside at night but with the coyotes and other creatures out there it is not a good idea at all. 
3 Mr P and I share good the concept of affirmations. We try to have a short chat but it morphs a bit longer and we just go with it.
4 My hands are hurting and I'm going back to using some pain relief for them. I know the specific feeling that tells me that the bumps are growing. 
5 The rain smells like rain. Fresh, clean and refreshing.
6 Sitting side by side, just doing our own thing.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

back to it, distractions, shade, walk it out, and blitz, pastels

1 I'm loving getting  back into an exercise routine. I've been trying to alternate between walking and kettle bells. Both give me what I need to keep focused on the goal, being "summer ready"!
2 A half day of work followed by lunch with Mr P and then driving around some neighbourhoods exploring.
3 After being in the house for a year now I realize the front door area is in the shade most of the day, so I changed a few of the plants and it's like magic. LOVE how the plants are thriving.. the others may have to be put into pots on the deck until the gardens are ready for planting, which might not be until next year. Definitely won't be until next year.
4 I wake in a grumpy mood so I take myself to the beach and walk, walk, and walk some more.
5 So if I'm walking I might as well be blitzing, and I do until I'm out of cards. I'm having fun planting seeds and waiting for my garden to grow with new business.
6 Last night's sunset.

Monday, 25 May 2015

inside or out, quest, and cleaned up

1 Monday brings sunshine in the morning but as the day goes by the rain, hail and big winds visit our house. Miss Tula isn't a big fan of foul weather and when the first few raindrops fall she in the house, purring and happy.
2 Mr P continues on his quest to get more fill brought into the backyard. It looks big when he dumps it but after he spreads it out and flattens it we both shake our heads and wonder where did it go?
3 This house is getting clean! I'm on a roll and getting it done. Beds, sheets, laundry, floors vacuumed and washed, cooking and freezing, and done!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

an assortment of thoughts

1 Holy long workday Batman! It's a day of moving and shifting and eventually it's done. Thanks to my work partners for making it easier to get 'er done.
2 In the afternoon Mr P meets me at the park by the lake with a picnic lunch. We indulge in a few moments together before I'm called back to the office. It's refreshing to feel the sun and breeze after being cooped up inside all morning. 
2a 30C in the sun. Just perfect.
3 We smile at each other in our special language and only we know what we are saying. 
4 A late dinner at the local sushi place but this time we have Korean Bulgogi. It's a melt in your mouth dish that's similar to Japanese teriyaki but it's flavour is slightly different in a very pleasant and delicious way.
5 As the night sky darkens we walk along the beachfront and our path is illuminated by lights that are installed under the benches, along the walkway and from the moon shining on the water. We're the only walkers and we relish the intimacy of that.
6 The chance to say no to work and focus on some me/us time. I'm planning on a little walking/hiking, catching up on a bit of housework and then finishing a book that Chris has lent to me called, "You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar". No work until Tuesday.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

through the week

1 Tuesday and it's time for work. 6 am why do you come so soon?
2 The day is full of ups and downs, lots of changes, lots of learning and lots of laughs to offset all the craziness of the day.
3 Girls night out for dinner. We meet up for an early evening of drinks, food, and laughs all round. It was fun to surprise one co worker with a card for her birthday!
4 Mr P and I spend our evening in the hot tub. We soak away the stresses of the day and find comfort in just sitting there, holding hands and absorbing the serenity.
5 Miss Tula catches a bird! Mr P is looking down on her as she stalks her prey and we are both more than surprised that our fat cat can actually catch a bird. She takes it around the corner and when she looks up at me with her big green eyes looking for praise, she opens her mouth and whoosh, away goes her catch!
6 We have had a few visits from the neighbourhood bear but he's not finding much of anything to munch on these days so we're feeling comfortable leaving the front door open for Tula again.
7 Love, love, love being with my girls. Being at work is just the remedy I needed to make me smile and smile I do.
8 Enjoying a cold frap on the deck while listening to the Tragically HIp and feeling a gentle breeze on my skin.
9 The day is done. Time for dinner. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

beauty, an extra day off, and thanks Chris!

2 It's Victoria Day so it's a statutory holiday in Canada. Lots of activities went on this weekend, like the car show and farmer's markets and parades etc. We chose this day to stay at home and just be together, puttering, sittings, talking, and enjoying the moment.
3 Chris is a salesman. Man, is he ever! This afternoon he took the time to go over some things with me by looking at my work emails, discussing plans for future marketing strategies, home party ideas, and then he wrote out some do's and don'ts for me. So grateful.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

long weekend shenanigans

1 Long weekends are always better with friends! Gaile and Frank come for a few days and we have indulge in good food, fine wine and great conversations. Their visit is too short but aren't visits always too short with the people we want to be with the most?
2 Mr P is a dirt hauling, digging machine. He's busy getting as much soil hauled in as he can. Friday he works overtime and gets the most loads in yet!
3 Izzy and Kesler come for a sleepover and get a chance to spend time with Nanny and Pappy (Frank and Gaile). Izzy tries so hard to remember that Frank's name is Pappy but struggles just a bit . It's hard not to smile when she talk to Nanny and says, "Can you ask your husband?" when she forgets his name.
3a Izzy and Kes get books from Nanny. She's awesome at getting just the right ones. Thank you. We all get dinner on Friday night! What a treat to not have to cook
4 It's a rainy cold Sunday but we head down to the lake regardless, because it's the World of Wheels Car Show. We dress warm enough and take an umbrella and Mother Nature is so appreciative she shines down on us the entire time we are there.
5 There's something about eating off of each other's plates. It DEFINITELY tastes better when you're vying for that specific tasty morsel.
6 Kale salad. I did not think I would like it so I am pleasantly surprised that it's my salad of choice today. It comes with a poppy seed dressing and a topping mix of pumpkin seeds, cranberries and sunflower seeds.  Thanks to Costco for that yumminess. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

grateful for my life

1 We had the grandkidlets for a sleepover this weekend. It's been a while and they are more than excited about it. Dinner, hot tub, and a short movie before bed. Kes falls asleep very quickly but Miss Izzy finds it a challenge. 
2 We indulge in a large breakfast in the morning. Kesler ate 3 platefuls of scrambled eggs and an hour later is wanting a snack. Boy, can this boy eat!
3 We thought we'd go shopping later but in the end a warm sunny day meant we napped instead.
4 Tea and cookies. Tea that's hot and cookies that are just hard enough to make them good dippers.
5 Mr P took me to get dirt! Huge truckloads of dirt in his new hydraulic dump trailer. 
6 Playing in dirt, just like a kid! Oh I love dirty boots!
7 Mother's day was wonderful. We went to a morning class to learn about Heart Math. (spiritual thinking), then home to a bbq with the kids and grandkidlets. It was a no drama day. Ahhhh, yes. 
8 Working at the Recreation office is always relaxing. It's mostly arts and crafts and this week is no exception except that I get to close each evening. Three nights I have someone there to help if needed. But come Thursday as my boss says, "I'm cutting you loose!"
9 I am addicted to chocolate... yes you heard me. I love Brownie Bark from Costco.
10 The week has flown by and each night I try to get my thoughts down on paper...but each night I'm too tired to finish. Tonight I shall finish.
11 Mr P is working hard to get the back yard filled with soil. Coming home for work today and I see he's hard at it still, using his big one tonne truck to flatten and settle the soil.
12 Miss Tula isn't as impressed. When that big truck turns on she's scoots inside and finds a nice quiet spot near the window to watch safely.
13 Viruses have attached themselves to my big computer but Mr P puts on a new antivirus on my computer and it's doing a sweep, a fix and making it all healthy again. LOL! Sounds like I'm talking about a human doesn't it? 
14 Gaile and Frank will be here on Friday for the weekend. It's been ages and I'm really looking forward to spending time with them both.
15 Mr P and I share kettle bells and do our workouts together. I am pleasantly surprised at the ease and fun involved. He's really happy. He's been wanting to do this together for ages.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

yes, yes, yes, bit by bit, necessary, and sawing logs

1 We have an opportunity to make something even better so we go for it! Why not?
2 Jan hosted book club at my home on Wednesday and yes, did we ever have fun with it. She brought me a lovely white mum as a thank you. Thank you right back! What a fun evening, again.
3 Mr P is very happy to come home from his trip, go to Toastmasters and have a big plate of food waiting for him. Thank you to all the ladies from book club who fed him.
4 The chiropractor is putting me back together bit by bit. This time it feels like it's a bit quicker and for that I am even more grateful.
5 The hot tub has proven itself to be invaluable. Each night I take my weary body out and soak to relieve some of the pain.
6 Mr P and Tula decide to nap together. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

up and down, ouch, and singing it out loud

1 Our day is filled with mishaps. Chris needs medical attention and after we leave the hospital I misstep off of the sidewalk and land right side down on the pavement. No hospital visit for me thank you.
2 The hot tub soothes the aches and pains and the full moon soothes the soul.
3 Mr P is on his way home tomorrow. I'd do the happy day if I wasn't so beat up, so instead I'll just sign the happy song.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

working, slimming down, satisfy me, six, lovies, and how may I direct your call?

1 Working 8-4 is much easier than 9-5. I'm not sure quite why that is but it is. Perhaps it's the location, perhaps it's the staff, or perhaps it's because of the two fifteen minute breaks and the one hour lunch. That really works for me.
2 Miss Tula is not too happy with her restricted diet. She has been birding and mousing and now her waistline is a bit thick! So it's one cup a day spread out over the day and night. 
3 We have a chance to talk and although it is brief when I hang up I'm feeling satisfied and happy for the moment.
4 Day six of work. Knowing that I have nothing scheduled for the coming week I take it regardless of the fact that it's sunny, blue skies and relatively warm out.
5 I haven't seen my lovies for more than a week with work and their outings. Miss them.
6 Switchboard operator!