Saturday, 16 May 2015

long weekend shenanigans

1 Long weekends are always better with friends! Gaile and Frank come for a few days and we have indulge in good food, fine wine and great conversations. Their visit is too short but aren't visits always too short with the people we want to be with the most?
2 Mr P is a dirt hauling, digging machine. He's busy getting as much soil hauled in as he can. Friday he works overtime and gets the most loads in yet!
3 Izzy and Kesler come for a sleepover and get a chance to spend time with Nanny and Pappy (Frank and Gaile). Izzy tries so hard to remember that Frank's name is Pappy but struggles just a bit . It's hard not to smile when she talk to Nanny and says, "Can you ask your husband?" when she forgets his name.
3a Izzy and Kes get books from Nanny. She's awesome at getting just the right ones. Thank you. We all get dinner on Friday night! What a treat to not have to cook
4 It's a rainy cold Sunday but we head down to the lake regardless, because it's the World of Wheels Car Show. We dress warm enough and take an umbrella and Mother Nature is so appreciative she shines down on us the entire time we are there.
5 There's something about eating off of each other's plates. It DEFINITELY tastes better when you're vying for that specific tasty morsel.
6 Kale salad. I did not think I would like it so I am pleasantly surprised that it's my salad of choice today. It comes with a poppy seed dressing and a topping mix of pumpkin seeds, cranberries and sunflower seeds.  Thanks to Costco for that yumminess. 

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