Thursday, 2 July 2015

summary's work sometimes don't they?

1 Despite the busyness around here there's still time for a get away. It's our 12th anniversary so we headed to the grasslands to explore and spend time connecting on our special day. 
2 We saw two black bear cubs playing on the road but as soon as we approached in our car we were charged by a mama bear. Ferocious is exactly the word we both used to describe her.
3 It was hot, hot and hotter. 
4 The evening before we sat on the deck watching a lightning storm pass over a mountain in the distance. The next day on our travels south we saw 8 spots that were still smoldering and a few that we so big that they needed water bombers and bird dogs to get the dousing process going.
5 Tax time is done! So happy we all survived the madness.
6 We are both missing the grandkidlets.