Friday, 31 January 2014

tools, satisficing, and TH, Dad

1 Sometimes we could use a couple of useful tools: Be a satisficer (work down the list and pick the first option that ticks most of your boxes). Set a timer (15 minutes of researching and then stop). Ask for help. 
2 Satisficing
Satisficing is a decision-making strategy that entails searching through the available alternatives until an acceptability threshold is met. This is contrasted with optimal decision making, an approach that specifically attempts to find the best alternative available. The term satisficing, a combination osatisfy and suffice, was introduced by Herbert A Siminon in 1956. Simon used satisficing to explain the behavior of decision makers under circumstances in which an optimal solution cannot be determined. He pointed out that human beings lack the cognitive resources to optimize: We can rarely evaluate all outcomes with sufficient precision, usually do not know the relevant probabilities of outcomes, and possess only limited memory. Simon formulated the concept within a novel approach to rationality, which takes into account these limitations. 
3 We both enjoy watching the acting skills of Tom Hanks so despite the fact that it was a 3 hour movie we decided to watch Cloud Atlas. It's a good movie but is very difficult to follow for the first hour or so because it's a few stories intertwined not only in theme but with the actors playing multiple roles in a variety of eras. Kudos to the directors for their ability to seamlessly intertwine the stories. Sappy ending but hey it is Tom Hanks.
4 It's been 12 years since my dad has been gone but never forgotten. xo love you dad xo

Thursday, 30 January 2014

cookie thief, the psychology of selling, and mindfulness

1 The cookies are disappearing as fast as I can bake them. I haven't seen anyone actually take them from the cookie container but there seems to be a trail of crumbs leading to the patio doors....hmmmm
2 Selling a home is very personal yet impersonal at the same time. If we take the emotions out of it, if we detach and if we focus on the end goal, then we shall succeed.
3 It feels good to think about something else and just be present with this moment. To be mindful.

Mindfulness is defined as being attentive and aware, non-judgementally.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

back to bed, confusion, and cake

1 It's a gray and dreary morning so I close my eyes and go back to sleep. When I reawaken it's late, and though it's still gray, the smell of his tea and the sounds he makes invites me to throw back the covers and greet the rest of the morning.
2 The woman on the phone is asking me questions but we aren't on the same page. Eventually we can laugh at our misunderstanding because neither of us had a clue about what the other was asking.
3 Quinoa is the new staple in our house. There's a recipe on Pinterest for a Chocolate Quinoa Cake with coconut cream frosting. Must make this! 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

man and woman at work, muddy, grand kidlets, and buds

1 He is power washing the driveway and patios while I start packing up our office. The books are heavy, clothing is light. It's a good combination.
1a His gear and face are covered in mud so when he smiles his teeth seem extra white and even if I didn't want to smile, I do.
2  Each time I lift the cup of coffee to sip, a little face comes into view. The mug is my Grama Christmas mug and it's covered with photos of the grand kidlets.
3 There are buds everywhere on almost every plant. Crocus and tulips are peeking up through the soil. I'm wondering where the rabbits are this year. Usually by now they've had at least one feast.

Monday, 27 January 2014

cruncher, adding it up, and more than a feeling

1 Crunching numbers just isn't such a difficult thing to do when the number cruncher is extremely handsome and sitting across the desk from me.
2 A variety of things get crossed off of my to do list today. But I'm wondering if two things off and five things on really add up?
3 My yoga mat is laid out in front of the fire to warm before practice. As I work through the poses the room itself is heating up from the fire. It's hot, kinda like Bikram yoga. Savasana lulls me into a dreaminess which leaves me feeling warm, relaxed and grounded.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

buzzing, listening, and sorting it out

1 We buzz around like bees looking for pollen but in reality we're just doing a quick clean and staging for a showing in the afternoon. The house looks very de-cluttered and depersonalized except the office and bedroom. Those we will do closer to our moving date.
2 It's a radio documentary about a missing WW II veteran and how the family worked through reams of red tape to find his grave. Documentary storytelling on CBC Radio One.
3 The purging has begun...seriously? After all the tossing and reselling and keeping, I wonder what will be left. Just the good stuff!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

change in the weather, gas vs wood, a hole in the ground, and eats

1 Saturday starts with blue skies and sunshine but by early afternoon the fog has moved in and it's misty and cold. Inside we sip our coffees while we warm our toes by the fire. He takes his black, mine comes with cream and sugar. I guess opposites reallly do attract, at least at our coffee bar.
2 The new home has a gas fireplace instead of a wood stove. What a change this will be for us because we've always had a wood stove and have enjoyed going out for our firewood, chopping, stacking and burning, oh and the picnic part. Guess we'll just have to turn on the switch.
2a In lieu of a wood stove, we've agreed to build a fire pit in our backyard! Izzy loves campfires so it all makes perfect sense. mmm Smores!! I bet Kes will love those more!
Hot and Sour Soup along with a light Quinoa salad for dinner.

Friday, 24 January 2014

dreaming, packing, and from cold to piping hot

Home <3
View from our driveway
1 Our new home! This is totally different from our island retreat as it's desert and very dry. The outside has had no love, and had never been landscaped. What a treat for us to design and plan what our vision is. My pen twitches in my fingers as I draw, plan and dream of what will be.
The view from just above our home
2 We return to the island to pack and prepare for our move.He's gathered over 100 packing boxes so far. What? Seriously? Yup, you heard right, the man is an overachiever!
3 We are thankful for the frozen dinners that are still in the freezer making it easy to feed ourselves. So great to just hit the, Frozen Entree button on the microwave and have it come out ready to eat.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

it's official, the date, and snuggle buddy

1 We have a new home! We did it and won our bid for the home in the Okanagan. It was an interesting process to watch and learn from and we were surprised at the outcome. Well I was surprised but Mr P was pretty sure it was ours.
2 Looking forward to getting all moved into our new home and sitting on the deck while enjoying the warm climate and lake view! Our closing date is February 14th.
3 Our little miss is having a tough time of late. She's been feeling a little out of sorts since her bout with stomach flu. Sending big love her way, hugs, kisses and lots of snuggling.

Monday, 20 January 2014

changes, kidlets, and sun worshipers

1 Another week has passed and we are so busy getting ready for all the changes that are coming to us. Selling and buying homes, schooling, family and traveling back and forth.
2 The kidlets are both under the weather. One has an ear infection and the other stomach flu. Good thing Mommy and Daddy are here to make sure everyone gets enough love.
3 The sun is shining bright and warm today. It's not so warm out but inside the sun lands on the carpet by the window and three of us snuggle and soak up the warm goodness.

Monday, 13 January 2014

trees, level of heat and visitors

1 The roads we are driving are winding and edged with gnarly, mossy, old Garry Oak trees. The trees have been cut and removed from so many areas that they are now protected by law. As we drive, I search the side of the roads avidly but don't see any new seedlings. I wonder what is stopping these beauties from saving themselves.
2 Thai food can be many shades of spicy. The hot and sour soup is mild with chilies on the side. The waitress smiles and says, "This much chilies is beyond what the human body can handle." He carefully puts a quarter teaspoon in and we watch the soup slowly change colour from whitish to pinkish. It's exactly as we thought, hot! It's the perfect soup for fighting a cold, first it's hot and then hotter.
3 The hummingbirds still visit us in the winter on the island. They're called Ana hummingbirds and are not as bright as the Rufus. We have three feeders out but they're particular and are feeding mostly from the one in the front window.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

linear, fires, and cut up

1 The pass is snow covered, icy and windy. My eyes are drawn to fences and trees along side of the freeway that are covered in snow. Each line of wire holds a full line of snow and each line is exactly the same. Icy rain fell the night before and may have sealed each line in place. It's perfectly linear.
2 The house is bone chillingly cold. Both of us are wearing our winter coats inside. We need a fire. Soon the crackling sounds from the wood stove lull me into a half sleep and I awaken to the offer of tea and a movie. An hour later we are without socks, jackets and tea and are snuggled together watching Matt Damon do his thing as Jason Bourne in The Bourne Supremacy. Two in the series left.
3 Who says you can't be a hairdresser just because you have no training? He's purchased a hair cutting set for me to cut his hair with. Not a bad job, if I do say so myself. Photos, lol not a chance!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

done, hope it works and words

1 It's my morning to get errands done. Things that were long overdue and things that were new and easy. It feels good to just get it all done and a bit more.
2 A runny nose and sneezing, tickle in the throat means it's time for Oil of Oregano. It's supposed to be magical for keeping colds away or getting rid of them. Here's hoping it works and works quickly; I'm not ready for more sickness!
3 Choose your words wisely.

Monday, 6 January 2014

movie madness, real life, and whoosh

1 We've been watching some movies in the evenings lately. Gravity with Sandra Bullock was excellent although it had some glaringly obvious mistakes in it, but I'd recommend it. And yesterday we watched The first in the Bourne trilogy, The Bourne Identity. Love Matt Damon and love the action filled pace. More to follow.
2 It's becoming real. We are meeting with realtors, financial planners, property managers and navigating our way around home buying, selling and renting. Lots of information to gather and process.
3 It's windy. Not unusual for the island but it leaves me feeling bittersweet. So many things we love here, so many things just don't work, at least not now. But the wind, yes, I love the wind.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

oops, through the looking glass, and a tale of two waters

1 I forgot my camera! Is that possible? Things were so hectic when we were leaving that it got left behind. The android camera works fairly well, so it's all we have for now. They say a break is as good as a rest. Perhaps it was time for a photo break?
2 The more we look the more we uncover, and it's more difficult until we put it into it's proper perspective and realize that it's power never was real.
3 As we walked the beach this afternoon I realized just how much I am drawn to the sounds of the waves, the smell of the sea and the beauty of the ocean. When I think of the lakes we will be going to be living close to very soon, I'm drawn to its stillness, colour, the clean smell of the water and the fish we will catch.

Friday, 3 January 2014

what's the priority here, he said it, the legendary burger deluxe

1 The day begins with discussions and coffee. I'm not adverse to saying I would have preferred the coffee part to start first. Sigh such is life. You can't always get what you want, right?
Sis and Jerry (sorry for the phone quality photo)
2 On New Years Eve we were sitting around the fire pit having a drink of two when Jerry blurted out, "Life doesn't come with a crystal ball"
3 We'd seen a photo of our youngest son having a burger, fries and milk shake at a White Spot in Hangzhou. Imagine that White Spot in China. So tonight we ate on the ferry and I ordered the same burger, fries but had a soda instead. I imagined us sitting together enjoying our meal even though we are thousands of miles apart.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

words, computer game, and January

1 Words about home.
2 He has the best time playing his new computer hockey game. As always he's the Canucks and we laugh as his player gets into a fight or when he fist pumps after his guy scores.
3 The wind blows so hard it comes through my jacket and chills me instantly. As we walk we heat up but still feel the wind and cold. It is January.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

the gap between

1 It's the time of year for resolutions. It seems that just about everyone is making them and breaking them. I've never found much success in this practice so this year there are no resolutions just some goals and plans for the coming year.
2 We stop along the way and get ourselves coffee and a giant granola bar. The place is filled will many customers because almost every shop in this little town in the middle of nowhere is closed.
3 The gap between Christmas and New Years is filled with many activities including visiting my brother, sister and her guy, our good friends in Nelson (two special couples) and fires, hot dog and marshmallow roasting, ball throwing for a sweet new dog (Millie) and fireworks. Family and friends, perfect this holiday season.