Monday, 31 March 2014

smells, sun, and bits and pieces

1 The rain smells differently where we live now. Before the semi tropical rain was heavy and cool, but in this desert like climate the rain smells refreshing and clean. I breathe deeply to fill my lungs with it's delightful scent.
2 The sun comes to play with us and we spend time relaxing on the deck and talking about a few projects that need attention. One big one, is pruning or removing a large tree from the kids front yard. It's a very pretty tree, but getting much too big and much too much work for them. Mr P thinks it's a fun thing to do...well really anything with a chain saw or motor is fun for him.
3 Our friend T is doing well. Today he only has us for visitors and we're happy to oblige. He's definitely coming to terms with his situation and is softer in his disposition but we also see our short tempered, talk a lot pal. This is a good thing.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

what to do?, happy, ham, and chicks

1 Swept and washed the floors on the main level, removed some water stains from a wood table (baking soda and toothpaste rub),oiled and polished furniture, refilled bird feeder, and hummingbird food is made up and ready for the little birds. It's Sunday.
1 Music to clean by: happy
2 Ham and roasted potatoes with greek salad for dinner. I thought I'd throw an apple pie from the freezer into the oven for dessert but Michie brought a made from scratch lemon meringue pie! Soooo delicious. Thanks hon!
3 The grandkidlets like the little chicks that I got for them for Easter. They make a sound when you put them in the palm of your hand. Izzy puts them up to her ears and says, "These chickies are driving me crazy" and Mommy says, "These kiddies are driving me crazy!"

Saturday, 29 March 2014

lights on, what's on the menu?, it's worth planning, and things are looking up

1 Earth Hour. It's a joke. It costs more in fossil fuels to market and promote this scheme than they would ever save. Hmm, I guess I'll leave the lights on when we go out for dinner.
2 The Japanese restaurant is cozy and the food is exactly what they say it will be. Miso soup, sunumono salad, teryaki, salad and sashimi. We're sharing and not quite full so we indulge in a dynamite roll. I'd like to say it was dynamite but it was exactly what the meal was average. Still we are full of food and green tea and happy.
3 Tomorrow Mr P is headed to the coast for brunch with some people he's corresponding with from the Landmark Forum course he took in February. It's four hours each way but worth it for him. My plan is to read, paint and later have the kids over for dinner.
3a Oh, I hope to visit with our friend in hospital. He's doing much better; he still has to have more tests but he's improving every day.

Friday, 28 March 2014

new floors, project #1, #2, and he's up!

1 The floors are getting done and they look fantastic! He's finished the first small guest room and is now working on the master bedroom. I still have the ensuite to paint  but first I have a few other projects to complete.
2 I'm taking a large window frame that used to have coloured glass in it and am in the process of creating a coat hanger. Each pane will have family members photos and the larger frame will have either a scenic or family photo. It will have hooks under each frame for hanging coats. Beneath the coat hanger will be a shelf and we'll have double space for shoes and boots.
2a The second project is converting an IKEA kitchen island to something a little more updated. I've painted it the same white shade as our bedroom trim and have put on green glass knobs from an old family china cabinet for faux drawers. The top is sanded and I'll be staining it darker. Photos to follow for both as these projects are halfway completed!
3 We are happy to hear that T has been moved to a ward from ICU. When we get to his floor we see someone standing up in the room and realize that's him! From coma to walking about and being alive. What an amazing recovery.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Update #1, #2, and #3

1 After my class I head to the hospital to check on our friend. Surprisingly he's had the tube removed and is resting comfortably. His hands are warm and he opens his eyes slightly. I don't think he's out of the sedation yet, so I head out quickly to go find his sister.
2 M is in the cafeteria catching a bite to eat. I'm unaware that she hasn't heard the news that the tube is out and he's doing well, so when I say to her how exciting it is that T is awake she's stunned. Her lunch gets tossed and she's eager to head up to ICU to see him.
3 He's weak but still wanting to visit. We see bits of his old angry defiant self but his nurse is a lovely young woman and he's on his best behaviour when she's in his room.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

birdies, errands, and waiting

1 I hung up a bird feeder yesterday and didn't see any action but this morning there's a bird that looks similar to a robin but lighter in colour. He/sits on top of the feeder post and leaves the seeds untouched for now.
2 There are a few things we need to get done and happily managed to get into town early enough that the traffic was light, lineups short and our faces had smiles.
3 Our friend is still in a drug induced coma to protect him from seizures. His hands are cold and he rarely moves. The doctor tried to bring him out of the sedation but he was combative so they had to put him under again. They will try again tomorrow

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

parallels, doppelganger, and best healing to you our friend

1 Today I met a man who was from the area where I grew up and we knew a few of the same people. It's true really how small our world is. And it was amazing the parallels we have in our family life.
2 Chris calls to tell me he saw my doppelganger. Apparently she's the exact me except about 15 years younger. Same hair colour and cut, eyes, nose, we dress the same style and same colours. This is the second time that someone has told me this. How exciting! I wonder if we'll ever meet? She sounds perfect, ha ha!
3 Our dear friend has had a series of seizures and has been brought to the hospital here. We are lucky to visit with him because it is immediate family only. We talk to him even though he isnt well enough to respond and later I say a few prayers for him. We are hopeful he will have a peaceful night and we can see him again tomorrow. Blessings and love dear friend~

Monday, 24 March 2014

and the purge continues, more planning, and no apologies

1 Another day of purging and soon there's even more stuff heading to new homes. Whatever happened to that lid, where is the top, did you find the plug and why is this in here; this is the theme to our conversation today.
2 We go over the plans for the reconstruction of our driveway again and make subtle changes to the design and functionality. There's definitely more to consider regarding the slope and scale and certainly if we are talking plants for the slope behind the circular area, we'll have to find trees that are indigenous to the area and okay with less water
3 The fireplace warms us as quickly as does the hot and sour soup...Oh dear, that soup again? Yes, I make no apologies for my addiction.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday, ?, and traditions

1 Sunday's here and we are still plugging away at the house. Finally, the trim is done, the floors are taking shape and we're seeing a bigger light at the end of the tunnel.
2 Izzy's trademark question lately is, "Do you want to go on an adventure Grampa?"
3 Sunday dinner with family is our new tradition. I love that they are open to it and we're incorporating games into it as well. I'm thinking it's time to get a few more toys here and get the kidlets setup with more things to do.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mother Nature's uncertain, active, and great seeing you

1 It is spring right? Today Mother Nature decided that she's not quite ready for us to have totally warm sunny weather so this is the dusting of snow she sent our way.
2 Our guests are doing teenager activities today. Climbing walls, water slides and movies and I predicted pizza but they had ribs! Sheesh, sounds just about perfect for a snowy, wet day.
3 A quick visit to see how their day went. Everyone looks tired but happy. And then it's time to say good bye but hopefully it isn't for long. Love you guys, come back soon!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

1 Gaile arrived this afternoon and it's like we haven't been apart for very long at all. Before we know it we're in Starbucks with coffees, treats catching up on everything.
2 Kesler seems to be recovering well from his ear tube procedure. He is once again a smiling, happy boy.
3 We have time to stop in to the liquor store and we each pick out a wine. Different wineries, same choice; Savignon Blanc. She likes Jackson Triggs, I prefer Mission Hills.
4 We do some some paint shopping and come home with the perfect shade of white for our trim. Cameo white by Cloverdale Paint.
5 Izzy comes over for a visit while her Mommy and Daddy go birthday shopping for her birthday party happening Thursday. She's so excited to see Nanny Gaile. We play outside in the sand for a while and then her family comes for dinner here and we all get to visit.
6 The day is not chaotic at all. We visit, eat, visit, rest, visit and eat some more...oh yes, let's not forget the wine.
7 There's a little girl who turned four today. She was so excited and was a big help with decorating and getting ready for her party. Her mommy made a Canterlot cake with pinks and purples and Daddy made hot dogs and hamburgers. Izzy tells me her favourite food is cheese burgers.
8 The trim in the master bedroom gets its first coat of paint. Isn't strange how we know it's the first coat so it won't actually cover all the paint underneath but darn it, wouldn't it be great it that's all we ever needed?
10 Coat number two goes on and it's looking better but we decide we still will need that third coat of paint. The walls had one of primer and three of paint to cover the sage green that was already there.
11 The Bliss Bakery lives up to its name. We have soup and spinach croissants and then walk the lakefront trail towards the town and back to a few shops to poke about. Finally we decide we'd better get going and head to the grocery store for a few things we'll need for the BBQ later but we never get there because Gaile's husband Frank and her grandson are walking along the street! They've made good travel time and are here early!
12 Gaile's husband and three grandkids come in the afternoon and we have a chance to meet them. Great kids for sure. We feast on bbq burgers and chips and later ice cream, fruit, lemon meringue pie and chocolate! We love having a houseful of people! yay~

Monday, 17 March 2014

food groups, success, and boy is Grama ever tired!

 1 Breakfast at Grama and Grampa's means cookies for breakfast! She's happy with them and so am I. Lots of good treats in there for a growing girl
2 He's out of surgery, home and can hear. It's not an understatement to say that his parents are more than overjoyed, and exhausted. Let's hope they all get a good sleep tonight.
3 She's a busy girl who likes 'adventures'. Today she's on two bike rides with Grampa, digging in the sand for treasure, making a cave/tent, playing in the camper and helping to paint. (She really got water and a paintbrush for cleaning the walls, but it was fun to watch!)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

planning, surgery, and sleeping over

1 Sunday is a day of talking, planning and reassessing things in our life plan. The sun breaks through the clouds occasionally and we stop now and then to breathe and drink in the beauty we have chosen to live in.
2 The family comes for dinner and we take time to talk about the upcoming surgery for little Kesler. He's getting tubes in his ears and possibly the removal of his adenoids. We are all hopeful that this will make a marked improvement in his quality of life. It's not fun having ear aches and pain all the time. Fingers crossed.
3 Isabelle has her first sleep over. She's beyond excited and didn't even flinch when it was time for Mommy, Daddy and Kes to leave. She flies around here brushing hair and teeth and proudly shows off her new jammies. We are still sleeping in the living room so she gets a bed right beside ours.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

call the tow truck, search party, and kaput

1 The BCAA driver is here in under 10 minutes. He is fast, courteous and is out of here in no time and we find one set in the ignition and the other in the console as predicted. Thank goodness for this company!
2 Meantime, we'd looked through every drawer and every box searching for the spare set. And while we know now the keys were in the truck we also know what's in just about every box!
3 I'm glad this day is over.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

classes, chip, and Peso

1 A morning of class going over the material and lots of questions and great discussion. I think I'll always be an academic; I love taking classes.
2 The paint shop is able to make the colour we are planning on painting the master bedroom/en suite. It's a colour that I've used in the past and seem to gravitate to over and over. Yes, for those of you who know me, it's Benjamin Moore - Manchester Tan. Trim colour still to be determined as it needs to go with the existing walls colours, the new wall colour and the blinds.
3 J comes for an evening visit and we enjoy our time over tea and cookies. Her little companion joins us as well. He's a lively little guy and easy to loose. (he likes to escape outside) but soon he's contained! 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

don't box me in, rearranged, and is it tea time?

1 Mr P takes a few photos today. I really like this one called, 'Still Boxed Up'. It's kind of how we are living for the next little while as we patch and paint, change out flooring and generally make it what we want it to be. We've changed our minds a few times on colours and types of boards and flooring but it's all coming together now and
2 The priority is the master bedroom and bath. It's in need of paint and flooring. Today we work on sanding, wiping down the walls and priming, otherwise we just might just end up sleeping in the dining room permanently! See #1 to see where we currently are keeping our clothes and accessories!
3 Honestly is it really tea without cookies, scones or something yummy baked? I'm thinking I should get some supplies and bake up a hearty batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for Mr P, and maybe I'll bake some sugar cookies with Isabelle on Monday when we have her here for the day.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

longer than most, visitor, and more please

1 The day is long. Well, it's not actually longer than any other day but we prune a large tree or two (which is interesting considering we don't know what type of tree it is!), clean up the front entrance way, clean out a small bedroom for carpet removal, sweep, take down shelving, move gardening stuff and oh yes, later he takes a reciprocating saw to the broken hot tub that was left behind. Yes, it was a long day.
2 Chris stops by on his way from an appointment and we have time for him to print out some papers and enjoy a short visit with tea. It was nice to have him pop by. When I first heard his voice and saw him I had a  mom moment. He's my son, all grown up, in suit and tie and so handsome. I think my smile must have covered my entire face!
3 I am addicted to hot and sour soup. It's a serious problem that I hope I can cure but only if I make enough! There's never enough!

Monday, 10 March 2014

hope, a great visit, and how to play

1 They have an impromptu appointment this morning with the ENT to check Kes's ears again. The news is that he's developing resistance to antibiotics so the dose is higher now. He's scheduled for tubes in his ears and they'll check adenoids as well. Poor guy is really having a hard time. We really are hopeful for this to be a good solution for him.
2 Isabelle comes to stay with us for the day while Mommy and Daddy take care of Kes. She's pretty excited to be here and definitely the thread we hear when it's time to leave is, 'I don't want to go home."
3 She's having fun playing in the camper. Every light comes on, curtains closed, blankets fluffed and lots of peeking out windows. Her favourite part is finding the dream catcher and putting it up over the bed. She calls it a dream ketchup.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

early risers, chores, and happy birthday christopher

1 Sunday comes round and we definitely notice the time change. We think we've slept in but, nope! Time to get up and get moving. Nothing leisurely happening today!
2 We putter about fixing this and that and putting things into their places. The master needs a second coat of spackle to cover the nail holes etc and while he's doing this, I tape off all the areas that need it. We stop now and again to look at our handiwork and then we shut the door for the day.
3 The family comes for dinner on Sunday and we have a belated birthday dinner for Christopher. He was away in California for his bday so we have bbq and cake! The grandkidlets especially like the Hershey's chocolate kisses. Kes isn't feeling so well, but manages to keep a sucker in each hand.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

it's in the wind, planner, and generosity

1 The day's windy again and we are reminded of the island where the wind blows in gales and in waves. Here the wind is constant, gently bending the treetops and grasses and even the wind chime plays along.
2 He spends his time outside setting up the camper, and moving the vehicles around so everything fits. The driveway needs to be readjusted and we'll need to bring in fill and create a new space so he is thinking and planning it all out.
3 The kidlets stop by for a brief visit. Izzy and I quickly get to work and make a cake for our dinner tomorrow. She licks the beater and then all of a sudden gets an idea and jumps off of the chair and heads to the front door. I hear her call, 'Grampa, do you want this chocolate?'

Friday, 7 March 2014

trees, inversion, sails, and setting up house

1 The trees are dark and gloomy looking with the fog and mist weaving between their naked branches. It's beautiful in a stark sort of way
1a There's an inversion today along the bottom of the lake. It's only when we travel into town that we see it, drive through it and then see it again farther up the lake.
2 The Sails are a sculpture that sits along the lake shore. White, glistening and so very very smooth in texture. Very appropriate for this marina.
3 Flooring, lights, towel bars and rings, holders and fixtures and more. Our outing lasts longer than we expect and once we're home we put up our feet and relish our cuppa tea.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

welcome, class, and a good decision

1 J and M welcome us to our new home with a lovely card and this huge bouquet of tulips, one of my favourites. It's wonderful to have a friend (we've been friends since Grade 6) who are so thoughtful. Love ya hon!
2 My class started today and it was informative, illuminating and totally worthwhile. It's a medical class to add to the resume to help get work. I love learning.
3 The rains come and wash away the bulk of the snow. Our front driveway has not had much attention in the past so our space for turning around is a mud hole. I don't back into the spot today and save myself the grief of getting stuck.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

what is it you're trying to tell me, short trip, and visit

1 This cold/flu is lasting a bit longer than I thought. So I'm resting a lot but hoping that my energy levels perk up. But I suspect this cold is having a talk with me, "Time to rest. Time to let your body recover from this nasty virus. Time for naps. Soon it'll be over."
2 Mr P says he had a rough go of it last night with his cold and so after just a short visit with his brother he decides to head home. He's really going to need a cup of tea when he gets here.
3 G and I have a good long chat. She's coming for a visit in a week or so and we are making plans for our time together. Exciting!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

holiday, kid time, grown up talk and the snowman

1 Mr P heads back, one last time to get our camper. The roads were not so great last night but today after an accident was cleared he decides it's time to go. He'll sleep in the camper and head south tomorrow to have a visit with his older brother who has just purchased a 48 foot sailboat and is having a holiday of his own.
2 The grandkidlets are happy to see me and I'm just as pleased to see them. We spend time playing with play dough and hanging out. Izzy likes to say, "I have something to tell you." and then proceeds to babble away about everything under the sun from playing with her dolls, to the bandaid on her toe to her hair and how it's braided perfectly to look like Rapunzel.
3 Kes wakes crying and I come into his room to see him sitting on the side of a very tiny bed. I say, "up" and he puts up his hands and eagerly comes to my arms. We sit together for a long time on the couch and while he sleeps on my shoulder, his mom and I have a chance to catch up.
4 The snowman has lost his face and has his back turned to the house. I quickly put in all the pieces and turn the scarf so he's facing the house. I tell Isabelle that she should check the snowman because something has happened. She runs to the window and looks out to see the snowman looking at her and she's enthralled. She loves it!

Monday, 3 March 2014

home, lights out, and best offer

dining room unfinished 
note the bed: we're sleeping in the
 living room until we have the
patching and painting done
 in the master bedroom
1 We don't go anywhere today but spend our time puttering about. This cold has us going a bit slower than normal so we also have a nap.
2 The gas fireplace is perfect for the upstairs living space. It's clean, efficient and works with the flick of a switch. Time for sleep, flick the switch. Love it.
3 The movie is called, Best Offer and stars Geoffrey Rush as an eccentric art auctioneer and collector who despite himself becomes entangled in a series of relationships which move him to change. Sometimes he willingly changes and at other moments he's torn between what he knows and want he wants, or thinks he wants. Great film.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

early birds, bannock, family time, and what we do

1 It's Sunday morning and because we're sleeping in the front room, on a mattress, on the floor, we don't sleep in. As soon as we finish the master bedroom and en suite, we're outta here!
2 Breakfast at a local restaurant serves us, eggs, bacon, hash browns and bannock. It's my first taste of bannock and I like it, a lot.
3 Our Okanagan family comes for dinner tonight at our new home. We dine on a big pot of spaghetti, caesar salad, garlic toast and later fresh pineapple. Isabelle and Kes take turns mixing the salad for me. Two tosses, one bite  I send them home with a spaghetti casserole for baking tomorrow.
4 Izzy takes the stage on our fireplace hearth, Kesler is the magnet master, Michie fixes the computer bridge, Russ and Chris are in charge of getting the car up the snowy driveway and I get to watch it all. Soon we hope Nick and Sara will joining us...Bliss~

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Snowy day, no snooze button here, dump date, and shopping together

1 Mr P and I wake up to an overcast morning and for the first few hours we can see the lake but soon the fog comes bringing snow flurries.
2 My eyes feel like leaden weight and I am suddenly helpless to keep them open. Despite the fact that the radio is turned on and is rather loud I drift off and sleep for almost an hour.
3We are having our first dump date and we make it totally worthwhile by having a full truckload. How did we accomplish this feat so quickly you ask? We removed the carpet, underlay, wood, nails and staples from the floor of the master bedroom!
3a Now the fun starts,  picking out and then installing the new wood flooring. (Of course painting comes first!)