Thursday, 31 May 2012

normal, my course and treats

1 All the test results are normal. I'm pleased and relieved and grateful.
2 Studying, studying and more studying. I'm getting it! 
3 In the morning I bring Tim Hortons timbits for the girls and later in the afternoon one of the nurses makes a run for iced coffees to Starbucks! Good grief, spoiled much?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

no time to waste, no will power, two, and orange

1 I rush home from work each day knowing we have a limited time to talk before he has to get on the bus to get taken to the job site. 
2 The last cinnamon bun did NOT make it into the freezer like G suggested. It was delicious.
3 Two more sleeps and my dearest friend is here. So looking forward to having her here for the weekend. <now praying for good weather too>
4 The azaleas are an amazing shade of orange.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

eats, toes and words

1 A Tim Horton's run means we can eat bagels and cream cheese veggie sandwiches for lunch.

2 My purple toes are still fascinating to me. I'm wondering now, why did I always do the safe light pink polish?

3 Grammar is fascinating. 

Monday, 28 May 2012

easier, needed and satisfied

1 It turns out it was easier than I ever expected. 

2 A friend from out of the blue is there for me today but it turns out she needed me more than I needed her. Funny how things sometimes turn out.

3 It's been a day of sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. I do believe my craving has been satisfied.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

friends, tone and tea with a book

1 Brunch on a sunny patio, therapeutic massage and a pedicure with three great friends. Seriously, could there be a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?
2 I love how he says hello to me when he calls. It's a special tone just for me.
3 A cup of green tea with my feet up reading a book. It should be schoolwork but for a couple of chapters it's fiction.

Friday, 25 May 2012

sunny day, friday treats and perfection

1 The sun and warmth are too distracting to be very productive. We manage to get the bulk of our work done though. 
2 J goes on a Friday afternoon Starbucks run for iced drinks and ginger cookies. She nailed everyone's orders! 
3 A very lazy quiet Friday night with leftovers that somehow are perfect. What were the leftovers you ask? Cold chicken, snow peas, rice and some mangoes for dessert. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

more, hummingbird tales and soup

1 One appointment leads to a few more but I'm grateful that they're being thorough.

2 The hummingbirds are wild today! The females work together to fend off the males and then take turns feeding. They make funny little noises and seem to skim my head. I check the patio feeder and it's been emptied in ONE day! I refill it and put it back up but as I'm hanging it one big boy buzzes me. I stand very still underneath and he comes back and feeds inches from my face. So thrilling! I'm going to see if I can figure out my new zoom lens so I can immortalize these fancy gents!

3 A bag of broccoli from Costco is too big for me alone. Or is it? Broccoli cheddar soup on the weekend. yum!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

silence, love and one more year

1 I climbed into bed expecting to hear the wind, cats or the noisy tree frogs but it was silent. Not a single sound. By mid morning all the birds were back and trying to get me to wake up with them. I resisted.
2  Our conversation started out a wee bit wonky but we put it back on the rails and ended it with a whispered I love you, good night.
3 One more year of honey bee desensitization is the news of the day. I'm grateful it's better even though it hasn't been all that successful. We re-evaluate in one year.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's good to be home

We have been away on a short holiday before my honey headed to work in Saskatchewan. It's good to be home but it's always best when he's here too. Here's my catch up ....note to self, let people know when you're going to be away!

May 16 - 22
1 A ferry trip that's rather quiet means we can have a quick bite to eat and then a sleep before our drive.
2 The drive is fun with walkie talkies. He takes the lead and gives me to scoop as we travel.
3 I thought taking two cars might be a drag but it's not so bad
4 The kids are happy to see us and we are happy too.
5 Isabelle thinks Grandpa is the best. Her eyes are often on him just watching and taking it all in.
6 A trip to the park means, slides, swings and monkey bars. I'm thinking he had almost as much fun as Isabelle. 
7 Kes is such a little doll. He is so good natured and sweet. I just want to hold him all the time and say silly goo goo to him and see him smile. He's so much like his dad it melts my heart even more. Big love!
8 G and F are great hosts as always. We start catching up like we've never been apart.
9 Best friends
10 Our visit is short but full of feelings and hugs.
11 Their view is all that is Nelson. Mountains, trees, lakes and warm, so warm. <3
12 They are making their way east this summer, so we stop in to see our friends S & T. She's having a pottery on the porch sale with cookies and sangria to boot. Sorry I didnt' see any boots for sale but did contemplate stealing her red ones! 
13 Boys will be boys! Comparing cell phones hah geeks!
14 A day or two with my sister and brother means we can reconnect and just be together. (he doesn't want his photo on here but he's pretty damn handsome) It was great to see my brother and help him resettle into his home and just hug him and know he's alright. He's doing just fine 
5 My sister and her man  
16 My sister and me 
17 A Saturday night fire plus a dinner of Russian foods; borstch and pyrahi.I love the smell of campfire on my clothes and food in my belly!
18 A Sunday with my sister - movies and BBQ, perfect! 
19 On the road again, I treat myself to a rice krispie square. Can you say sugar coma? But it was damn good!
20 Another night with the grandbabies means we get to cuddle some more and we get to skpe with N and S in China! They're thinking of maybe coming this way for Christmas! Wouldn't that be amazing!?
21 Home <3 and the cat is happy to see me. Who knew? 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

lists, fun and sounds like

1 We spend the majority of the day running around trying to get things done so he can head off to the job site and so we can have a short, very short vacation. Good grief, what a long list! But we're getting there...slowly but surely as long as we don't add anything to our lists!
2 He's had so much fun making his secret pathway through the little bit of trees behind our patio. I will have to be sure to keep all the trees watered well.
3 The hummingbirds are finally using the feeders he's put up. They are battling for the right to feed, flying overhead and making sounds that imitate a fisherman casting his line. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

sleep in, visit and jackson

1 A day off to sleep in and I do. How wonderful to wake up headache free and refreshed!

2 A visit from a co worker and her hubby. It was really nice to get to know them a bit better and just hang out in our backyard.

3 a big busy four year old German shepherd. He's full of enthusiasm and does a great job of protecting the property. From what we aren't sure but he sure worked hard.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

together, rhubarb and casualties of my enthusiasm

1 We spend the day together, breafast, some time outside, dropping off fill, shopping for a new boxspring and then feasting on leftovers while we have our tea and biscuits.
2 The rhubarb is all dug up. Really? Yes, but he laughs and says it'll be back! In it's place are raspberries, a blackberry bush and a blueberry bush. yumm
3 There were two casualties in the greenhouse this past week. I suspect it was my overly enthusiastic miracle grow feed. No worries, all is well, replanted and basking in the heat of their special home. I love how much time and effort he's put into making this for me.

Friday, 11 May 2012

visitors, gardener and the call

1 Al and Jody arrive for a visit from Quesnel. They're such great company and wonderful people to call family. 

2 He's been my gardener this spring. The new cedars are planted and now he's working on the sprinkler system. Most of it will be done, but we can outsource the rest.

3 He gets 'the call' today. The call means he's off to work away again this summer. This year it's Saskatchewan. 21/7. The company flies him home every 3 weeks so we don't have that expense and we can make the time, quality time. Every last second.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

relieved, always and the waiting game

1 I'm relieved to know that there are migraines without the headaches. Today I experienced a strange aura but not the rest. Frightening until the facts are revealed, then it's just relief.

2 He is my person. Through thick and thin, I know without a shadow of a doubt he will always be there for me, and I'll be there for him.

3 I keep checking for my mid term grades but so far nothing. Is the phrase,
"no news is good news" applicable here?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

okay, winners and shades of blue

1 Finding out that things are as they should be. 
2 A get together with the nurses that's filled with laughter, food and great co workers. Raffling off the bouquets of flowers was a big hit!
3 The sky is blue, finally. It feels like clouds have been hovering overhead for such a long time now that when they are gone the blue of the sky is stunningly beautiful reminding me of the colour of a robin's eggshell.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

work, week and the planter

1 Another day, another half dollar. 

2 It's a good day for a lunchtime walk. We find a selection of cards for the nurses at work. This week is Nursing Week, so we'll do an afternoon tea with some treats, cards and flowers.

3 He's working like crazy. Today he planted 9 red cedar trees. 6 more to go tomorrow. When these trees fill in we'll have a lovely fence of trees inside the chain link fence and tons of privacy.

Monday, 7 May 2012

it's all over but the waiting, Gabriola and chopsticks

1 Midterm is written and I'll know the result 7-10 days from now. I think it went well. The whiteboard is blank and I'm feeling relaxed and relieved. 
2 A trip to Gabriola leads us to a bay where the tide's out. We think we might find some fresh oysters but just find little crabs and tons of mussels and clams, all too small to eat. The view is amazing, the smell of the sea is invigorating and it's a quick but excellent getaway.
3 Sushi! The best part was ordering a few dishes and sharing. We got miso soup, spicy salmon roll, gyozas, teryaki chicken and tuna sashimi. The wasabi and soy was extra spicy! 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

shopping, pancakes and winner

1 A trip to the shops and we come home with plants, bone meal, sea soil and chocolate covered almonds!
2 Korean veggie pancakes. We go to a local church to support their fundraiser for their church. 1$ a we get some to bring home too!
3 Bless you. When we are driving each other nuts, it's much better to say bless you. He tells me he worships me! 
Do I win or does he?

Friday, 4 May 2012

the weather report, spoiled and success and great line

1 It's a cool evening alternating between sun and rain showers. 

2 Talk about spoiled! The green house has a sprinkler system, lights, stereo and a phone! Goodness where will the plants live? 

3 Pizza day was a great success! 2 dollars a slice means we broke even and raised a bit for our social fund. Fun!

4 As I sit at my desk these words just came out. "I have so much to do and none of it is work related" We all had a good chuckle at that one.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

trees. cookies and double duty

1 A view of the new layout of the trees. He's putting a lot of thought into the yard and what it needs.

2 Home made cookies. He buys a home made mix for a fundraiser to support a local playground being built in memory of a couple of young lads who passed away in a fire. 

3 Reading and studying in the morning and evening. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

balance, pizza night and chapters

1 It takes a lot for me to lose my temper. That wasn't the case not so many years ago. I've come a long way in my own personal growth. So today I was blindsided at work for something I did not do and I lost it, regrouped and regained my sense of self. Even though I am beyond tired now from all the drama, I am grateful I can find my balance
2 Little George's pizza for dinner. It's a great night for not cooking. And this pizza is amazing...Chef's Mistake with extra cheese!
3 She tells me to study by reading, reading and rereading all the chapters. Each night I read one and make notes on the whiteboard. I see the notes every time I look near the door. I'm hoping it's a good way to reinforce the reading.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

kindness, walking and laughing

1 The day brings with it some loving kindness from my best guy.

2 Walking the boardwalk at lunch is the routine these days. It might be wise to bring my sneakers and really get some speed happening.

3 We laugh at the weather. At work the girls tease me about the weather because it feels like if it's my lunch break the weather turns rainy. I'm sure I don't have my own clouds!