Saturday, 31 December 2011

soup de explosion, part two and new years eve bash

1 The objective is to make Lamb Lentil Soup. The outcome was a cracked blender and soup explosion! I'm grateful for my husband who helped me with the burns and cleaned up the kitchen. Only one blister...I am thankful.

2 Dinner part two became an assortment of pickles, olives, antipasto, hame, garlic sausage, cheese and crackers, red pepper jelly and cream cheese, smoked oysters and tea, all shared by candlelight and fire from the wood stove.

3 The teens next door decided that they would have a 'party', which was really a blow out bash including broken windows and girls crying, silly boys on trampolines and taxis at all hours of the night. We smiled as we snuggled into our bed knowing tomorrow we'd wake up without hangovers, or having had a fight or broken up. 

Friday, 30 December 2011

discovery, party and he has plans

1 The discovery that a new friend is following my blog. She's a sweetie but really loves Christmas garlands! haha NOT!! We've been playing a game of putting the ugliest garland at work into each others mailboxes. I forgot to check mine before I left hmmm bet it's there again! 

2 We have an impromptu NYE party at work. Salsa and chips, guacamole dip , spinach dip and sourdough and cranberry juice with Perrier! Tres chic!

3 I suggest an evening of appetizers, wine and hot tubbing. He agrees and suggests New Years Eve brunch! 

Thursday, 29 December 2011

the menu, things in common and enough for now

1 Stuffed pork tenderloin with cold applesauce and a crisp fresh salad is the fare he has prepared for us tonight. I'm liking this.
2 We share a bit more and find we like what we have in common.
3 I'm looking forward to using my spa gift certificate. For now, the fantasy is enough.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

great job, he likes it and zzzzzzzzzzzz

1 Doing a great job at the union office, means I left today with all the work completed and then some.

2 He doesn't mind that we have leftovers one more time. In fact he likes it.

3 I'm so tired that I think I'm asleep. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

rain, quiet and put away

1 The rain pounds outside. I'm wondering if there will come a time when I don't like the rain, but I doubt it. The sound soothes and lulls me.
2 He's quiet and needs some space to research a gadget of some sort.
3 Christmas 'stuff'  is back in its box for another year; warm thoughts, good feelings and kindness shall stay to keep us company as always.
4 Another candle gift. This time it's from the health food shop and it's a beeswax honey and cranberry scent.

Monday, 26 December 2011

bobviously, bending and sustenance

1 We do a trip up island and find our way to the Pacific Shores Resort and Spa. Coffee and chocolate desserts while watching the fish swim about in the 60,000 gallon tank. Very cool, bobviously as my dear friend S will say on a Boxing Day!
2 It's a windy day. Trees bend and sway with the gusts. 
3 Our turkey soup turns out amazing. It's made with a mix that was a  Christmas gift to Russ from our friends G and F. Many thanks for feeding us! xo

Sunday, 25 December 2011

winds again, pioneer cooking and awesome boy

1 The howling winds bluster through the neighborhood. A branch comes down on a power line not so far from here, and we are in the dark. We are warm from our wood stove and rather like the quiet.

2 Turkey was already done, so all we had to cook were the veggies and gravy which we did on the woodstove. Just as we're getting ready for a romantic candle lit dinner the power comes back on. hmmm The food looks just as good in light; taste good too.

3 His dad tells me that Kesler is feeding 3 out of four on his own. He's gaining weight and doing awesome!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

win, freebies and blesings

1 I win! A soy candle from a gift shop in Parksville. Many thanks Melody.
2 The local grocery shop can't keep all its stock until it reopens so they are giving a lot of it away. We get a poinsettia for half price, free stollen pastry (sp?), 2 extra salmon and crab pinwheels and our salad for half price! I guess there's something to be said for last minute shopping
3 Kesler is still in hospital. I'm so proud of his mom for spending the night with him there so he isn't alone on this special night. Blessings~

Friday, 23 December 2011

1 We sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" to some of the staff as they leave work today.
2 Each staff member has a mailbox at work and we all took turns leaving treats or surprises for each other. Today was my turn and it was such fun to put chocolates in the boxes. One woman who's been going through a lot especially liked hers. She would come out by the box and see her treat, take it and go back to her desk, return only to find more chocolate! It was nice to see her smiling again.
3 Dinner at Riso. A new restaurant in Lantzville. Oh wait, besides the pub it's the ONLY restaurant. Trout was amazing, decor stark and cold. Not sure we'll go back for dinner, maybe lunch might be worth a try.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Kesler, Barb and clean

1 Kesler is making great progress. Today his mom sent me some pictures of him in a cute outfit or two and also having a bath. He's changing already.
2 Barb and I have a lot of laughs at work today. She is a good teacher and friend. She loves the Santa ornaments!
3 Clean clothing all washed and put away. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

thanks, pink and mug

1 I can't wait to use my new bookmark/light tonight. Thanks Robin!
2 Pink? Yes I am wearing a pink scarf today. It's not a colour I'd normally choose but it's fun and playful and I'm  thankful for a remembrance.
3 A personalized mug stuffed full of chocolate, other goodies and a candy cane fill my mailbox slot at work.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

one week at a time....beyond busy!!

Monday, December 12
1 We travel to Kelowna at lightening speed. Well, really we do the speed limit for the most part and really enjoy the ride.
2 We always have great service at our lunch spot in Hope, BC
3 Kesler Jacob Toshio Brown is born at 2:45pm 6lbs 2 oz.

Tuesday December
1 Our grandson is in the NICU on CPAP, struggling but giving it his all.
2 Isabelle is keeping her MiMa on her toes.
3 Grandpa is now Pa!

Wednesday December 14
1 A friend from Nelson is now living in Kelowna and is working at the hospital on the maternity ward. Great to see her again.
2 MiMa is learning to count to ten all over again. There are many Christmas wreaths on the walls made out of green and red balls. Izzy loves counting to ten!
3 A bit a cleaning to do and ironing. The house is quiet while they are at the hospital.

Thursday December 15
1 A lovely day full of emotions!
2 He googles "best restaurant in Kelowna" and comes up with Le Plateau. Delicious french cuisine with an urban feel to the restaurant.
3 I'm in love with seared scallops!

Friday December 16
1 And for my friend Tom....spelling error!!! :)
2 Getting to hold a wee one. He opens his eyes and a slight smile touches his lips.
3 The climate is dry and my arthritic hands are happy. It feels good to have movement without pain.

Saturday December 17
1 We go on a tree hunting adventure to get them a Christmas tree. We find a little one about 3 feet tall on the side of the road. Not in anyone's yard of course, but in a gully. He quickly saws it and we toss it into the truck and speed away laughing at  our own silliness!
2 Indoor mini lights in multiple colours for 1.25 make the day for a special little two year old girl. She is totally enamored by the lights and the angel on top of her very own child sized Christmas tree.
3 Isabelle shows every light to Pa!

Sunday December 18
1 We think our day will be one way but it turns out to be slow and steady.
2 Isabelle really enjoys her inside play slide. First Isabelle goes down, then her baby doll, then all the barnyard animals.
3 Baby clothes are washed and stacked ready for sweet Kesler.

Monday, December 19
1 Chris looks very dapper today. Suit and tie for work.
2 Kesler is looking much better. The jaundice is gone and he's a little squirmy worm when it's feeding time.
3 Isabelle and her parents open Christmas presents tonight. Izzy particularly loved her colouring book and reading books. Photos to follow on the plant gardener blog

Tuesday, December 20
1 Kesler is doing much much better today. He's awake more and eating has taken on a new meaning for him.
2 She loves her new truck! Blue with red wheels! She barely had time to say goodbye.
3 We are home again and soon to be sitting in the hot tub.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

woods, Christmas tree and Secret Santa rules!

1 We have a slow start to the day but manage to find our way to the woods exploring the back roads. It's been a very long time since I've done that and I'm a little unsure of myself. He of course would love to go down the roads that may or may not be real roads. Maybe they're just trails. One even turned into a small stream/river.Very wintery.

2 We find a cluster of trees that are small but stately. Now we have our Christmas tree and it's a beauty! Decorations go up tomorrow.

3 Secret Santa brought me an electric pencil sharpener, some erasers and H pencils. It's the perfect gift! Who knew? Santa knew lol

4 Our grandson is trying to make his entrance into the world. He needs to stay put a wee bit longer. We're saying prayers for things to settle down and let him grow a little be more before he's born.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Monday thru Saturday...doh!

1 Our friends leave in the wee hours of the morning with cheerful goodbyes. They're ready to get home.
2 Toffee that's home made for the office staff. It's soft and gooey.
3 The Christmas tree at work is tied to a coat rack because they've lost the stand. It's a solution.
1 62 little kindergarteners get hearing and vision screening. One little girl is especially appreciative of her stickers and hugs my leg after she gets hers.
2 We are done screening! Time to celebrate with lunch at Bradleys deli. Vegetable barley soup for me. 
3. She's left me a surprise in the closet as a thank you for their stay. None was needed. It was a pleasure having them.  Many thanks for the box and lemongrass!!! (hmmm no mall trip huh? lol)
1 He's on a mission to get the old Honda ready for sale so he works into the wee hours.
2 The leftover spaghetti sauce has aged to perfection. 
3 New ice radials on smokin' rims.
1 He surprises me with an invitation to dinner out. We go to the local pub for a game of pool and pub food. I'ts perfect.
2 A trip to Costco to get some items for the Giving Tree to help needy families is successful and all shopping is done.
3 I've gotten lots of knitting done. Time to get it pressed and mailed.
1 The staff party is so much fun! A Secret Santa gift exchange where we instantly know by our gifts who pulled our names!
2 Potluck food...wings, meatballs, caesar salad, layer dip, meat and cheeses, fruit and sweets.
3 The roadblock is fun. When you're sober anyways!
1 We are waiting for the next grandchild to arrive. Mom is in hospital and both are doing fine. We're hoping he doesn't come early. Sending prayers to them.
2 He makes a HUGE sale today. Way to go son!
3 Rent a dog! We're not sure we're ready for a dog of our own so we are dog walking a neighbours pup. He's great.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

brunch, wreath and itinerary for the evening

1 Brunch at Qualicum Golf Course is delicious and entertaining. We spend our time people watching and enjoying the ocean view.
2 A Christmas wreath! We gather our branches across the street in the forest, pick holly from our own tree and make a beautiful wreath for our front door.
3 A dinner of leftovers, followed by a bit of geeking and now a movie before a soak. 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

my guy, friends and cooks

1 A quiet Saturday morning started by sharing coffee in the hot tub with my guy.
2 Our friends arrive from south island and we catch up on all their news.
3 We cook together making butternut squash soup and a hearty spaghetti sauce.

Friday, 2 December 2011

wall, yum and over the top christmas decorating at the office

1 Sometimes I find myself retreating behind a wall. Today someone at work says to me, 'You're acting weird, what's up?' Was I? Well that sure snapped me back to reality.
2 Mandarin oranges and shortbread cookies.
3 Decorating the office for Christmas...holy smokes what a tonne of stuff! Apparently there is someone who realllllly likes this holiday at the office. It's fun to watch her go at it.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

dinner/lunch, new wheels and good service

1 He brings home dinner and later makes me a lunch for work. Nice! Caesar salad with chicken.
2 Winter tires and new sleek rims for our new car. No installation fees because the company screwed up the initial install by putting the tires in someone else's vehicle! 
3 A steaming cup of Sleepytime tea is made for me and served. I'm grateful to not have to do it for myself tonight.