Sunday, 30 April 2017

What Sunday looked like, me time, and om.

1 What I like most on Sundays is to have time with my family. This morning Nick and the girls came for brunch and we sat out on the deck in the glorious sunshine munching on bacon, poached eggs and fried rice. We watched the hummingbirds and heard the ospreys calling to each other.

2 It is it wrong to say that I have enjoyed the last couple of days despite the fact that Mr P is away? Oh I puttered, listened to my own music, ate when I felt like it and basically just did my own thing. It was what I needed to recharge my batteries too.

3 Yoga.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Simple Saturday

1 Our morning sunshine just didn't last today. It's dark and overcast and downright gloomy. It's amazing to me how much we need the Vitamin D. Come on Mother Nature.

2 I puttered around the house today. Mr P has been doing dishes and such and with him away it's my turn. Kinda nice putting my hands in a hot soapy water.

3 My sweet friend Sam and I have an impromptu bit of snacks while we have our breaks at work. I am so lucky she's in my life.

4 Nick rearranged his workout time yesterday so he could sign me in as his guest at the gym.

5 Mr P called and sounded well fed and happy. He's visiting family and they're putting him to work. I wonder if he will miss his regularly scheduled nap time?

6 So what's a girl to do when  her guy is away? Well, I went to the clothing consignment shop. 4 tops and 1 skirt. Perfect!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The days go by

1 The days go by so fast when I am working. I find that I'm so busy that things are lost in the shuffle. But not for long.

2 A bit of a tummy flu bug puts me out for a day or so. Tea, toast and lots of rest and I'm right as rain.

3 Mr P and I do a bit of a drive in the rain. We visit a few marinas looking at sailboats and then have a lovely tour of one of the local yacht clubs. They invite us to stay for dinner but it's a bit early so we agree to come another time. It's rather exclusive and so we are excited to return. Thanks Barbara for the welcome.

4 Sleepytime tea and cookies. Well cookies for the Mr and just tea for me. A girl  has to watch her waistline right?

5 The grandkidlets and their mom are in rough shape so I stop by with the staples. Ginger ale, juice, crackers and chicken soup.

6 His latest obsession/hobby is making kombucha. The scobie on top is slimey and gross but it actually doesn't taste that bad. I'll have to see if it's something my taste buds will warm up to.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tuesday Truths

1 Just when you think it's going sideways it rights itself and things turn out even better than you could ever expect.

2 We've been going to the gym regularly now and are finding it's fun. Who said that?

3 I miss my gardens. So i can either whine and pout about it or get busy. I'm formulating a plan to get all of the rocks in the front bed out so that I can put in some lovely gardening bits and flowers. Mr P doesn't know it yet but I am going to need his  help on this one. Come to think of it, I think I'll recruit the boys too. Now I'm really getting excited for the weekend because it's planning time. What will I plant? Do you know my favourites?

Monday, 17 April 2017

Monday musings

1 I stood on the deck in the glorious sunshine and finally felt the heat the the sun on my face. My skin drank it in and wanted more.

2 Change. Adversity. Loss. Joy. Satisfaction. Success. So proud of both of my sons.

3 Izzy was a very lucky girl this past weekend. Tickets to see her favourite person, Dr Jane Goodall. Plus she was chosen to meet her in person. Thrilled is an  understatement. What a beautiful gift from her grandparents, Lola and Jichan. Memories that dreams are built on.

Friday, 14 April 2017


And you thought it was just a momentary glitch? Nope. The blog is back.

1 The family comes for Good Friday breakfast and it turns out well all love early morning get togethers! Bacon, scrambled eggs, poached, toast and fruits of all sorts. We indulge and enjoy it all. Not a scrap left over for even a mouse!

2 Izzy and Kesler can't resist and soon find themselves in the hot tub. The hose comes out and they have fun washing my windows, the deck and themselves!

3 My sons give the very best hugs.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What's it all about Alphie?

Its funny how every now and then things pop into your head and can't come out. Ear worm!!!
But it got me thinking about what is it all about? Don't you love frying pan moments. Isn't it so true that when I have one of those moments, that it's one of those good bad feels. I haven't written in this blog for a very long time; it slipped away from me. I lost my drive to post and along the way the grateful blog just ceased to be one of my priorities. And that makes me feel sad. I have found great pleasure in finding things to be grateful for and especially thankful for the times when finding gratefulness was so challenging.

1. Izzy is now 7, in Grade One and this past weekend was up for a sleepover. And of course at bedtime it's story time. We call our story "The Adventures of Tia, Twyla and Zoe". It's Grama's made up story about a young girl, her two kittens and their magic basket. Izzy loves their trips to Candy Land, to the magic castle, runaway trains and to the gumdrop forest.

2. Kesler is 5 and in preschool. He has made amazing progress with his Behavioral Interventionist and teachers so much so that he will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. So proud of this little man. He's finding his words and interacting with us all. He is proving that autism is just another word.

3 Mr P and I are busy too. Planning a long well deserved vacation. We haven't been back to Vancouver Island since we moved. Mostly that because I really haven't wanted to go back. I miss the sea and wasn't ready to feel that longing again. But it's time and I am ready to feel the sand in my toes, wind on my skin and sun on my head.