Saturday, 29 April 2017

Simple Saturday

1 Our morning sunshine just didn't last today. It's dark and overcast and downright gloomy. It's amazing to me how much we need the Vitamin D. Come on Mother Nature.

2 I puttered around the house today. Mr P has been doing dishes and such and with him away it's my turn. Kinda nice putting my hands in a hot soapy water.

3 My sweet friend Sam and I have an impromptu bit of snacks while we have our breaks at work. I am so lucky she's in my life.

4 Nick rearranged his workout time yesterday so he could sign me in as his guest at the gym.

5 Mr P called and sounded well fed and happy. He's visiting family and they're putting him to work. I wonder if he will miss his regularly scheduled nap time?

6 So what's a girl to do when  her guy is away? Well, I went to the clothing consignment shop. 4 tops and 1 skirt. Perfect!

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