Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas 2015

1 Holidays can bring a variety of scenarios to your door can't they? We had quite a mix ourselves. The kidlets were around for Christmas dinner and a few people who had no place to go also came to our home. Zoe wouldn't let me set the table because she found the tablecloth much too tempting and the plates and cutlery would have gone flying and almost did.

2 Izzy, Kes and I made gluten free sugar cookies and there was plenty of icing to go on too. Little fingers were busy!!

3 A quick trip to see my sister and her guy. Love her front/side yard. It's magical throughout all the seasons.

4 We came home to 15 inches of snow yesterday. No snow accumulated today which was a nice treat for sore backs.
5 All the decorations are put away into homes until next year.
6 Zoe loves playing in crinkly noisy plastic bags. Lots of holes in there to keep her safe.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

zoe, missing you, let the sun shine in

1 Zoe is learning to be on her own a bit more. But she really doesn't like it. Every time I come home she's right under my feet, mewing and purring and trying to trip me. I'm so lucky to be loved so  much.
2 The grandkidlets have been  under the weather for ages now. I'm missing getting my hugs and seeing their big smiles.
3 Finally, after days and days of snow and rain there is respite. Today, there is blue skies and warmer weather. Yes, I know it's December but warm and sunny is always welcome.
3a I'm sad to read the last blog post from the woman who inspired me to start my own blog. I wish her well in her new journey. However, it makes me realize how easy it is to get sidetracked and to lose sight of the things I need to stay grounded.

Thursday, 3 December 2015


I have been missing you. So it is time to come back to the best place that keeps me grounded.  Life has been not only busy but has come with ups and downs of the biggest and littlest kinds.  Along with the usual work and family pieces we have had a big loss and a gain. Our beloved Tula passed away in a tragic accident and it was a difficult time to put it mildly. She was a big part of our family and to see the struggle and pain was horrific. It was with heavy hearts we made the decision to put her down. And of course guilt, remorse and all the other unhelpful emotions decided to come visit. However our love is bigger than that and within a few weeks we had adopted a kitten who looks similar to our Tula but is much more of a lap cat, with a very very different personality. She is lovely and we are making a place for her in our family.

1 Zoe. A little kitten was born in an orchard and passed from home to home but now has her forever home with us.
2 Kesler is getting close to talking without prompts. He's working with behavioral interventionists and the progress is nothing short of amazing.
3 Izzy is loving her new school. She received a student of the week award. It has a special place in her room.