Sunday, 30 September 2012

barkers, combos and sounds in the night

1 Often on the morning run birds serenade as I run. Today the dogs in the neighbourhood are all out and about this morning and every one of them barks.

2 We are done with applesauce! It takes  up half a shelf in the freezer. It is time to start making more pies. Apple pear combo, yum.

3 There's a sound outside that is creaky and kinda spooky and random. It comes and goes and as the wind picks up so does the sound. After going outside and investigating it becomes obvious  what it is; the limbs from the arbutus trees are rubbing against each other.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

couple more, meeting up and smells fresh

1 The neighbour calls and is looking for a walking partner. She always arrives with perfect hair , lipstick and more often than not a positive attitude. We walk what I normally run so when we part ways it's a few more laps for me.

2 A trip to Gabriola and I meet the kids new tenants who are very nice people. The other prospective tenant turns out to be a very sweet person and as we chat we discover we're originally from the same part of BC and we have three or four friends in common! Is this what they call 50 degrees of separation?

3 It spits rain on and off in the evening leaving behind slightly less parched grass and that fresh smell, like linen.

Friday, 28 September 2012

busy, no carbs and sweetness

1 A busy day with all sorts of appointments and tests. Each place had few people and little wait times. And bonus is it's all done in one day.

2 The no carb induction feels great. It can last one or two weeks depending on each individual and lots of munching happening. mmm veggies are food for the gods

3 He gently asks for my help and it's a pleasure to say yes. After the conversation is over a sweet voice says excitedly, "Hi Grandma, Hi Grandma! Oh Daddy, it's Grandma!" When asked what she's doing she takes off in another language...her own language which undoubtedly her parents also understand and it's adorable.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

unions, bonus and counting again

1 The Union office is a great place to work. Everyone is helpful, encouraging and even though it's short notice it works out well. 
1a The main clerk has resigned and they've posted a position unfortunately seniority plays a big role here so I'm unable to apply for it but there's hope for a small permanent temp spot.

2 The tax man has completed their audit from 2010 and despite the fact that they are happier when we have to pay them more money, this time they owe us! We had no idea it was coming so it's a very pleasant surprise.

3 Two more sleeps for him and three more sleeps for me. Sometimes this countdown feels longer than the time he was actually away. So looking forward to having him home.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

yoga, quiet mind and you choose

1 The yoga studio has just been built on the top floor of a home. It boasts gorgeous hardwood floors, large windows and is painted a lovely pale gray/blue with white trim. The space is clean and fresh yet warm and inviting. The practice is holistic and gentle. 
2 My mind drifts off into meditation and the quietness that has been elusive is permeating the brain and melting away the stress of past days.
3 A few flowers are late bloomers in our garden. Sometimes those are the prettiest don't you think?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

two choices, choose and worth it

1 The optometrist says the muscles in the eye are not doing their job properly which means that there are two options. One, glasses with a prism and regular glasses with retraining of the vision/muscle. It seems that more information on both is required.

2 The gentleman in the coffee lineup is amusing and says he thinks wearing sunglasses inside is very chic! They were perched on my nose because the optometrist had put dilating drops in my eyes and it was extremely bright out so wearing  sunglasses was strictly out of necessity.  Chic or necessity...out of those two choices, let's pick chic!

3 The art of communication. It's a new way of thinking to invite conversation by not using the I word all the time. With time it comes easier, for now it's a deliberate thought process and worth working on.

Monday, 24 September 2012

simple minds, wisdom and wild amimals

1 It's fun to find a song that reminds you of the good times.  simple minds

2 He meanders along and makes his way in the opposite direction from us. We take a different route and end up in a berry patch. hmm  My friend looks at me and says, "That was a small black bear and we just went to his candyland..was that wise? "

3 A cougar is in the neighbourhood! The local online paper let's us know online. There was a sighting first at the elementary school this afternoon and and around 8pm there was another sighting on the street below us.  Kinda scary because I'd just been in the hot tub around that time!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

songs, dried and yogi

1 A morning walk with the birds! They're serenading me in a variety of melodies and crazy octaves. 

2 The apples are ripening really quickly and the freezer is filling up with containers of applesauce. I'm thinking dehydrator might be a good idea for some dried apples.

3 The yoga mat calls to me and I spend time listening. Downward dog, cat pose and sun salutations and savasana. It feels good to be a bit more grounded.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

longer than intended, dog and clean up

1 On my morning walk I run into a neighbour that I've recently met and am getting to know. B and I end up walking past the golf course which is about 2 km away and find tons of blackberry bushes that still have luscious berries on them. Our walk ends up being so much longer because we keep stopping to pick them. When we get back she treats me to a lunch of chicken salad and ginger tea. Good thing...I'd forgotten to eat breakfast!

2 There's a fellow who walks his black lab every morning and afternoon. He tells me his dog's name is Tony. Tony is a big boy, probably 70 pounds and has an amazing amount of energy. I must be sure to get him a few dog cookies for when they stop by on their walks.

3 The back of the truck is now 3/4 full. I mowed the lawns and cut back a nut tree which makes more sense to keep smaller, hydrangea which is so far onto the grass that the sprinkler can't water underneath it so it's dried out, garden waste from the smaller gardens and from the little area near the back patio doors. And there's more to come! Gardens are lovely but an amazing amount of work/therapy.

Friday, 21 September 2012

il terrazzo, smells and i can hear her smiling

1 Yesterday we had lunch at a restaurant I've wanted to try for ages. I'd heard nothing but amazing raving reviews of the food.  And they were right. The food was amazing but the atmosphere was spectacular. We sat on the outdoor patio that had an Italian feel with little stoves all over, plants and lights. Our server was most excellent and it was perfect! I loved every moment. Thanks for the treat G!

2 Applesauce and soup bones both simmer on the stove filling the house with smells of deliciousness.

3  Conversation with family means a big 'Hi Grandma' for me from a special little girl. Best love ever.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

G & me, green & white and success

1 We spend the afternoon together, catching up on things, sharing a meal and each other's company. I really miss my best friend and am so very grateful she's in my life.
2 The green and white on the dark table seems to really pop! 
3 They graciously reschedule my appointment for Friday. I think that's why they are so successful. No judgement just kindness and support.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

frap, bathers and rest

1 It is a warm fall day today and perfect for a Starbucks Frozen Frappuccino. Okay so this habit is expensive, time to make my own. Going to try this recipe. I'll let you know how it turns out minus the whip! Just can't do that many calories.
2 The bird bath is definitely drawing the birds for a drink and a swim. Today they share their water source with the frog. Man that guy is everywhere these days.
3 The chiropractor said I know you're not going to like this but you must rest your leg/hip for two days so no long walks or running. Strange how it's only been a bit over a month and I'm so into it and really miss it this morning. Needless to say the leg is much better even after one day of rest. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

plaids, seeds and vase or plate

1 Plaid shirts and men. Well, my man at least, really has some favourites that have seen better days. Today I find one that is almost identical to the recently patched gem and another is in shades of purple. He has the most amazing blue eyes and the purple will just make them pop even more.He'd be blushing right now if he was reading this.

2 A cherry tomato seed made it's way into a tiny crack in the patio stones. It's had a rough go of it but still has managed to produce some tomatoes. No watering, no pot just determination to survive and reseed. Note to self: keep a few seeds for next year because it must be a good variety.

3 The calendula flowers are on their last legs. This little wee one made its way to a vase on my desk in the office. They dont' last too long when they're cut do they? Perhaps I should have put the petals into my salad; next time.

Monday, 17 September 2012

picker, pruner and crooner

1 I've never picked blackberries before this summer. Russ and I would stop and stuff our faces halfway through our run. Today I head to 'the spot' we have found and fill two containers with the lovelies. Note to self: Wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid scratches next time!

2 Some of this summers flowers are finished or finishing so it's time to get out the gloves and shears and start cleaning up. Today it's the raspberries and a ton of goldenrod. I'm not sure I like goldenrod so much although the bumble bees do. It really seems to spread quickly and once it's in its spot, it might be there forever. Progress is made however and the truck box is now 1/4 full. Feels good to get 'er done.

3 It's a jungle out there. Today the serenade of critters includes birds, squirrels, dogs, the cat now and then mostly asking for her wet food, crickets and my buddy the tree frog. He's definitely the loudest and probably the smallest  too.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Happiness is....

1 Smiling from the inside
2 Every day together is the best day ever
3 Love is...

Saturday, 15 September 2012

satisfaction, musical interlude and please stay

1 There's something so satisfying about moving furniture around, reorganizing, cleaning under things and setting it right. I move this thing here, that there and before I know it I'm lifting things much too heavy for me. But I manage it and love the results. I guess my guy would say I had fun 'playing house'. 
2 It's a good day for easy listening and Fleetwood Mac takes me back, way back to just out of high school, living on my own for the first time. Some memories good, some sad, some forgettable.

3 it's  getting dark so much earlier these September days but it's still warm out and that means it's not autumn just yet. Summer is hereby invited to stay longer, much longer please.

Friday, 14 September 2012

flying, ye old flannel shirts and the trailer is full.

1 Time flies when you're having fun and time moves even faster when you're having fun with the one you love. He's already gone back to work but this time home in sixteen days instead of twenty-one. But who's counting?

2 He loves his old shirts. They're missing a button or shredding at the edges or have a rip or tear but he loves the softness and comfort so I patch them yet again and he takes them with him to camp. Just a bit of home.
That's all folks!

3 The last bits of the chimney came down this afternoon and the ashes, concrete and pieces of brick are all cleaned up. Now all we have left to do is redo the siding, repair a portion of a rock wall and install the new chimney. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

demolition, cookie monster and massaged

1 The chimney comes down today. It's cracked, old and smelly. He uses a hammer and chisel and the bits get tossed into a waiting trailer below. He yells, look out below and then there's a loud thud. I make sure to use the front door only!

2 He gorges himself on the peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and has little room for dinner which was chipotle burgers, zucchini/mushroom saute, salad and baby red potatoes. Guess that'll be his lunch tomorrow.
3 We have a Thumper massager and today he uses it on my sore hip/leg. It's a bit of an odd gizmo but works wonders. Most chiropractors use them and we do too.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

roofers, apple picker and blogging with love

1 Our roof must be 20 years old, sure looks it. It's thin cedar shakes, very thin and crumbling and boy do they need replacing. Roofing quotes for our home are coming in fast and furious. I wonder if it's that competitive or perhaps these smaller companies are hungier for business?

2 The apples are getting picked, cut up and frozen in little bags, made into apple sauce and mini pies. It's important to pace myself so the old bones don't seize tomorrow.

3 I'm following the blog of a lovely woman who was diagnosed last November with lunch cancer. She's been so brave, but now it's the beginning of the end of her journey here with us. She'd been hospitalized for a few weeks but is home now and with her family. She still shares her journey via her daughter. How amazing is she to share here thoughts and feelings in the midst of it all.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

tones, changes and pies

1 Well it's back to normal around here. We sleep in and when we do get up we take our time about it. It kinda set the tone for the whole day.

Single Serving Pie in a Jar
2 The weather is definitely changing, at least for today.  It's cool enough for a wool sweater and a blanket on my knees. Thankfully I put the down comforter on the bed this morning when I changed the bedding. Nothing quite so wonderful as climbing into a bed with clean sheets and a warm blanket.

3 I find a recipe for individual apple pies. I think it's worth trying. What do you think?

Monday, 10 September 2012

catching up

We're home again from our wonderful holiday to the interior to see the kids and kidlets.
What a wonderful time we had with lots of excitement each day from the choking incident on soy nuts which thankfully turned out okay, to the farmer's market, bbq and movie night and finally on Sunday the forest fire too close to home. We're all well and below you'll find a few photos and tidbits from the past long weekend.

1 We pack up and even though we thought we'd given ourselves plenty of time we just make our ferry. Thankfully there's been an extra sailing added to the schedule. Fridays are always a busy travel day on BC Ferries.

2 We stop at a 'regular' diner on our way. We share a home cooked meatloaf dinner but add an extra helping of mashed potatoes and gravy.

3 Traffic is steady but nothing out of the ordinary except perhaps the decked out hearse that passes us. Really, there were no words worthy of describing that hot mess.

4 Our grandson is still a wee lad who had a medical scare and needed a quick trip to the emergency room! It all started with some soy nuts we'd brought with us. Izzy being a typical 2 yr old ate some then threw them over his way but not that close...or so we thought! What a scare we realized what was happening; he was choking! So grateful he is okay now. Grateful to the nurse who was holding him and was kind even when he puked on her ... face, hair, the works!

5 We still go for our run while we're away and I'm so proud I actually did!

6 Izzy loves princesses and everything about them, so when her mom got her a tiara she was totally overwhelmed and excited. She even shared with Grandpa! 

7  New neutral, minimalist running shoes. Lots of flexibility and super comfortable for running. 

8 We find ourselves on the front grass playing. Izzy likes to chase and kick the balls and Kes is happy enough to have a little ball to pick up and try to put in his mouth! Everything goes in there!

9 After some coffee time with my son Chris we head home but are distracted by the big clouds of smoke in behind the mountain. We check it out and see instantly it's a forest fire not far from where we are. No one was hurt in this 100 hectare fire but some homes were lost.

10 He tells us that Hunger Games is a great movie and so we settle in to watch it. And he's right! It was a very gripping movie and Jennifer Lawrence was amazing.

11 She loves playing with her markers. Lots of drawing and creativity. I think Izzy's favourite is making footprints.

12 Kesler is such a happy guy. He plays with his toys and is trying so hard to crawl, he can feed himself (sorta) and has a smile to melt even the blackest heart.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

kidlets, berries and cookies

1 We vacuum, clean and empty the truck to organize it for our trip to see kids and grandkidlets! I can't wait!

2 We found a blackberry patch yesterday and a few more today. It was awesome to just stop and stuff our faces with berries. I look at my berry stained fingers and feel like a little girl again. 

3 Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip cookies....two batches means doubly happy people in my future!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

over there, good results and satisifed

1 Our trip to Gabriola Island to get the rest of the kids stuff from their house is short and sweet. We get it all together quickly, tie it down and are the last ones on the ferry back!

2 What began rather stressful discussion turned into a productive talk with us both leaving it with good feelings. We made some decisions and will work to use the communication model more often. Why you ask? Because it works.

'The Communication Model'

Perception - I see, hear, taste. touch, smell
Interpretation - I think, assume, imagine, believe
Feelings - I feel close/distant, positive/negative, comfortable/uncomfortable, open/closed
Curiosity - Check with other
Intention - What I want to do
Action - What I will do

3 Iced coffee on a warm day, with a ginger cookie = satisfaction.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

upright, routines and in the meantime

1 An upright freezer is just what we needed for all of the fruit and vegetables we've been growing this year. It's  great deal, just like new so we buy it. Now it's in the garage waiting for the first batch of whatever to make its way to a shelf.

2 We are both on a running routine now. Different programs but compatible for when we are together. His consists of weight training with the run and mine adds hatha yoga.

3 Dinner at one of our favourite Vietnamese restaurants. The owner greets us like long lost friends and we chat while we wait for our food. How wonderful!

Monday, 3 September 2012

he's arrived, lunch is ready and hoping it works

1 It's so wonderful to have him home. We head straight home from the airport and spend the afternoon cocooned together.  We start with a nap outside in the sun (he's been awake since 4:30pm Sunday) then a run, salmon burgers and finally hot tub.

2 Taco soup for tomorrow is done. Now it has time for the flavours to marry.

3 I'm trying a new supplement for pain relief. I've heard many people have had excellent results and some animals too! Wish me luck!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

rescued, hang drum and beauties  
1 It's the perfect day to spend in the gardens. I find a couple of flowers that were being smothered by weeds and other flowers and rescued them to a new spot in a different garden. 

2 I thoroughly enjoy the music at the farmers market. The musician plays an instrument that I've never heard or seen before. 

3 Sunflowers! 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

the day, coffee and countdown

1 No more school means a day of running, gardening and puttering. 

2 A fresh cup of coffee with  kahlua and a good book.

3 Two more sleeps!