Friday, 31 May 2013

lunch for three, mom, and waiting

1 B's daughter is visiting for a few days and they include me in their lunch plans. We dine on sushi and sip green tea. It's very entertaining.
2  I'm missing my mom. I watched my friend with her daughter yesterday; their interactions, spars and laughs. I suppose it's only natural that I'd think about my own mom. I'm remembering a hug between us and what that felt like. It's all good.
3 A 20% refund on custom window blinds. Now just need my installer to come home and put them up. It's the last of the blinds for now. Still deciding if they will work on the french doors out to the patio. When in doubt, wait.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

dr's orders, colourful, and late night worker

1  The ophthalmologist put drops into my eyes and recommended not to drive home. Glad I listened to him. It was very bright out, even though it was a cloudy, rainy day.
2 The photos they took of my eyes were amazing. The colours and details were exceptionally vivid and totally enthralling.
3 He sends an email very very late in the evening saying he'd just gotten off of work. Now that's a lot of overtime. Hopefully he sleeps well and is refreshed for Friday.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

just do it, yeah!, and my friend

1 The rain pelts down, stinging my face, neck and arms. Every now and then I stop and wipe my glasses, redo my hair into a pony tail, adjust wet clothes and smile because I'm doing the run despite the rain.
2 Best running time ever 47:40 for 5 km
3 She is laughing by the time we hang up the phone. That's what we do when we are good friends. She really is the best friend I could ask for.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

the beginning, organizing, and eating

1 The phone is ringing today. Lots of neighbours and a city councilor wanting to talk to about the proposal that may or may not go through. It appears that this will be a hot topic and there is much work to be done.
2 We will need to work together on the water issue so we organize a meeting for next Monday to make a plan and develop a strategy for mobilizing the neighbours.
3 The hummingbirds old and young are eating at an amazing pace. The three feeders are filled daily so we get a large bag of sugar which may last the summer or not. It will be interesting to find out.

Monday, 27 May 2013

ugh, sigh and sip

1 Every now and then there's a call for work. It's a difficult day because even though the regular worker left me a few bits of work with details somehow the day turns sideways and there is one fire after another to put out. Eventually it's quitting time and well, what got done did and what didn't can wait. What else can you do?
2 There is talk from our village council of putting our neighbourhood onto city water. While it's understandable that there are people with difficult water situations, making everyone change from well to city and meters no less seems to be catering to a select few and making the rest us us pay for it. I'd rather move.
3 A glass of red wine after a really rotten day. Perhaps two might be a better idea.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

noises, how you look at it, and done

1 Sunday is a quiet day. After he's gone the house is still and empty. Even though the silence is soothing and grounding, I'm grateful for the noise he makes when he is here.
2 It's all about perspective. Is he gone for 20 long days or soon he's home.
3 I promised to work on a document and send it to him before I go to bed. It gets done. Not sure how much sense it makes but it got done.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

thursday through saturday

1 He makes good progress on the camper and comes inside with a very satisfied look on his fat. One might say it's the "Cheshire cat" look.
2 The receipt says someone has purchased as Mars bar. I mention it to him and he says, "Where's the evidence?", laughs and now has a guilty look on his face.
3  There's already a couple of cords of wood leftover from last year so these two new cords of wood should get us through the next winter. It's in a giant pile ready for stacking but there's no time so it gets covered in a tarp.
4 A feast of Japanese food. Dinner combo for two. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, miso soup, sunumono soup, chicken teriyaki and some ice cream. mmmm so good
5 We work together on the camper and manage to get the worst part of it done. The gluing. We must be quite the sight in our matching respirators!
6 I've started sanding and chipping away at the old paint on a stained glass window. The glass pieces are shades of faded red and yellow. He did the major sanding for me because it's difficult to do as well as difficult on my hands. I'm thankful for his willingness to procrastinate his work for mine.
7 Kale chips made from kale from our greenhouse. There's enough made for him to take with him tomorrow on his trip if he can hold back long enough.
8 A little bit of craziness in the hot tub. Ah ha! Not us, the hummingbirds. The feeder is near one corner and the birds soon forget we are near and put on an amazing performance of acrobatics and speed.
9 He has to pack up but it's nice to see him leave it to the last minute and make the most of our time together.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

remote, wilderness, feasting, sleeping in style, feasting part two, doing the route and marked

1 Our drive takes us to a small fishing town inhabited primarily by native Canadians. It is very remote. So remote there isn't any cell service. Oh first world problems!
2 Botanical Bay is on the Juan deFuca Trail. We explore and relish the sights and sounds of the  sea.
3 Dinner is spectacular and we feast. My dinner is tenderloin with gorgonzola melted on top, wilted spinach and mushrooms and caesar salad. He enjoys a pasta that is stuffed with squash and cheese, with mushrooms, spinach and a tomato based sauce.
4 We spend the night at a delightfully heritage b&b. Our room is the Lilac and it's done up in rich tones of red and brown.
5 Breakfast is a time to talk to the other patrons and owners and feel that connection of sharing something special.
6 We trace the route for the run/walk that I'll be doing on June 2. Our walking time is 57 minutes which isn't too bad for not knowing where we are going, backtracking a bit and map reading while walking.
6a He drives to a good spot for parking and favourites it into my GPS. Will be much easier to find my way with that in place.

Monday, 20 May 2013

today, unfilled, and helpers

1 Victoria Day was celebrated yesterday with activities and fireworks at the waterfront in our area. Today, we relax and he works on the camper and I have a very very slow day.
2 A few things get moved to new spots but the one spot we wanted to fill still remains open. Strangely enough, it's not so urgent any longer.
3 There is always family to help.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

and now for something completely different - a musical interlude

1 I have an old song stuck in my head and it goes something like this, "what do get when you fall in love, you only get lies and pain and sorrow, so for at least until tomorrow...I'll never fall in love again" Not sure where it came from and not sure when it'll leave but for now I'm having fun tormenting R with it.
2 Love the Dandy Warhols. Tonight's song that I'm determined to override #1with is Bohemian Like You. The music reminds me of the Rolling Stones.
3 And speaking of the Rolling Stones, I'm loving the song, "One More Shot"

Friday, 17 May 2013

regret, soreness and must do

1 He was sweet to get me a laptop when he really wanted one, so today it is my turn to give back. He really dislikes the iPhone and his android so I let him have my Samsung 3. I'm trying to be good about it but in reality I wish I still had it.
2 A back massage that relieves some of the tightness and pain.
3 So looking forward to running tomorrow. Rain or shine, I gotta get out there and burn some of this unproductive energy!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

rain or shine, arrivals, and adjustments

1 An early morning run in the misty weather is cool yet invigorating. Just as I'm heading for home the clouds dissipate and the sun shines brightly through the trees welcoming me home.
2 The airport appears to be fairly empty yet as arrival time comes closer throngs of people with expectant looks on their faces flood into the waiting area.
3 He's adjusting to home. After three long weeks in a northern BC camp he's wandering around the house and yard checking things out and acclimatizing himself. He goes through the pile of mail and packages on his desk and says, "It's Christmas!"

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

son #1, smiles, soaks, get rid of that gray please, he's on his way home, and tomorrow

1 Chris comes for a visit overnight and then a course Wednesday. So good to see his face, give him hugs and get caught up.
2 His smile is infectious and we catch each other smiling in the knowing way that a mom and son can.
3 A good long soak in the hot tub means we are up later than we'd hoped but it was totally worth it.
4 She puts in low lights this time and I love it! No red for me please...not that I don't like reds don't get me wrong, but it reminds me of my mom. That memory is bittersweet.
5 A phone call to tell me he's slowly making his way home.
6 One more sleep and the Mr is finally home. This time we have a few fun things planned. So looking forward to seeing his face, holding his hand and hugging him tightly.

Monday, 13 May 2013

all done, drying out, and two for one

1 Good news! No more bee venom injections once this vial is done. According to the doctor, statistically there should be enough antibodies for my body to respond 'normally' to a bee sting. Benadryl and an epipen are still with me but with any luck I won't be needing them.
2 The storm was just starting here at home when I left this morning, and it followed me down island. On the way back it was blue skies and little mini rainstorms. Lovely out now.
3 Isn't it great when you're buying something and the cashier says, "Oh this is buy one get one free. Would you like a free one?" Yup!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

What a blessing to have shared my life with two loving sons  So very proud of the men you have become, the joys and laughter you bring and for the love you share with me and others~ 

Happy Mother’s Day wishes to all women who share their goodness and kindness every day. 
Blessings and love to you~

Saturday, 11 May 2013

crafts, weather, and just enough

1 There's a spring craft fair today and it seems worth checking out. Home made soaps, hats, silk screened clothing, leather products, recycled tires into wallets, two sided toys, seeds, cards, you name it, it's here. I purchase two soaps from two different vendors. His is tea tree with carbon and mine is a lovely citrus blend.
2 The rain comes in little cloudbursts followed by bright sunshine.
3 He checks in and he's exhausted so we keep our call short but say what needs saying.

Friday, 10 May 2013

surprise, shortest, and open or closed?

1 What would you expect from the weatherman? Yup, sunshine on a forecasted rainy day.
2 My wait is short and soon I'm on my way.
3 The greenhouse is in full grow mode. The auto sensors on the windows make sure that the temperature is always just right.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...and now back to our regularly scheduled posts

1 It's a busy day of running around. Lots of catching up to do in the yard and  house. But first there's a cup of coffee on the patio with the kitty and birds.
2 The sky is a shade of blue that reminds me of a birds egg. Not a cloud to be seen just blue, blue, and more blue.
3 She sounds much better this phone call and has good news to share. She says it's the power of prayer that is getting her through. Best love always.
4 Our group walks through fields of flowers in shades of blues, pinks and yellows. It reminds me of waves as they roll and change and eventually disappear into the woods.

5 One woman has difficulty with the walking portion of the hike and sits to rest. The group is kind and generous with their compassion and we turn around and return to the lot. Soon she's looking much better and we're glad of that too.
6 The lab is practically empty when I arrive, so the wait is short. It's never short!
7 I miss the kids and kidlets. Our house seems very quiet in comparison.
8 I connect with a long lost family member today. She was my grandfathers niece. She lives not to far from us and we had a chance to learn about our respective families. There was a family falling out years ago and so we never knew each other until now.
9 The gardens are springing to life. The new potting soil is incorporated into some beds and pots. I love the main planting at our gate entrance. It's very Canadiana, red and whites!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Thursday through Monday

Okay now this is a lot of catching up to do so I'm going to let my photographs speak for me. It was a great holiday with the kids and kidlets. There's something so sweet about the way the wee ones hug and snuggle.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

1 Tons of giggles and silliness between us. We find ourselves falling into fits of laughter and when my son arrives home he is quickly part of the revelry.
2 The spaghetti is hot with spicy meatballs. Everyone dives right in!
3 She does her artwork and is soon covered in paint, hands, fingers, face and clothes.
4 Grama, Mommy and Izzy make sugar cookies. Lots of rolling and tasting and more tasting.
5 Daddy comes home to Mommy giving baby Kesler his first haircut. Then Daddy gets his cut and soon the two boys are admiring themselves.
6 Chris makes eggs, steak and hash browns for breakfast. How decadent for the woman who usually eats oatmeal or just toast!
7 We take a trip to the forest and she is in heaven. She thinks she's the leader and tries to give us all direction.
8 We all go to Mission Creek Park and wander along the different pathways. Everyone wants to run!
9 Snuggles and warm butterfly kisses.