Sunday, 31 July 2011

forecast, laughter and picture

1. Sunny and warm with 100% probability of feeling great.
2. I hear the kids next door, laughing and teasing each other as they jump in their grandparents trampoline.
3. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Saturday, 30 July 2011

hugs, satisfaction and name call

1. He stops by to pick up some things and gives me a warm hug before he dashes off.
2. This yard can be a lot of work. So there is a certain satisfaction in accomplishing the bigger tasks, like the lawns.
3. The lawn chair calls my name. I answer and sit for a while reading and enjoy the warm sun on my face.

Friday, 29 July 2011

waiting, funny, tip and wow

1. All their flights are booked and paid for! First they visit on Gabriola then here. Patience where art thou? It's so exciting.
2. My sister is so funny sometimes. We are talking about our kids and how as they grow up they need us less and less and rely on each other more. She says, "Eventually mothers take a back seat." I reply, " Oh really, then why am I in the trunk?" 
3. She is engaging and pleasant, never condescending and so I gave her a generous tip. 
4. He got FIVE SALES today! Awesome, amazing...that's my son!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

south, manuals and doubles

1. Once again I am  headed to south island to visit my best friend. Today we will watch her grandson play in the baseball tournament but we will also have two of her close friends there. New persons to meet! yay
2. The data base project intrigues me and I find myself losing track of time at work. I'm developing yet another procedural manual for the health unit. My resume is looking good and I'm daydreaming of having my own business doing manuals for companies and making big money! Ah dreams.
3. Both her first and last names have a lot of double letters!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

hearts, next phase and morning drink

1. I am addicted to hemp hearts....for Leonora
2. They are gone. The house is very quiet. I hope the next phase for them is about healing and growing together.
3 Hot water with some lemon is the staple of my morning. I haven't had any caffeine in 10 days.  

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

what i hear, hearts and pathways

1. I hear the sprinklers coming on and watering the trees and grapes, a few birds chatter and the hum of the hot tub. 
2. Hemp hearts taste like shelled sunflower seeds, nutty and soft in texture. 
3. The trip to Port Alberni was long but fruitful. I've got a new project. I'm getting a few procedure manuals under my belt and onto my resume. I'm wondering if this could be a new career path.

Monday, 25 July 2011

sweet kisses, nothing dirty and swaying

1. Even though I'm a bit out of sorts because of my extreme tiredness, I'm grateful for the call and for the little girl who gave me some sweet kisses earlier.
2. My clothes are all clean and pressed. I have no laundry at all to do. Now that's amazing.
3. Week two of the diet and I'm feeling pretty good. I think today I even swayed my hips all little when I was on my walk.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Victoria, amazing friends and the game

1. Victoria is a lovely city. As I drive into the city limits the traffic gets heavier and heavier and I wonder where all these people are going to in such a hurry. If I lived there would I be in a hurry too?
2. They are amazing friends. We remain close in our hearts even though we live far apart. Seeing them was heartwarming and we all end up crying together. 
3. The all star game I watched was great. I love how the boys are so amazing in their pitching, catching, throwing and hitting! Just like the pros! 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

bed, clean and home

1. The bed feels firm on my sore bones. I've been working hard at the gardens and feel my age tonight.
2. I like a clean house, so I take the time to put things in their homes. It makes life so much easier.
3. The lilacs are looking much better already. One was here already and the other was one we brought with us when we moved. It was a tiny cutting from mom and dad's house that I took before the house was sold.

Friday, 22 July 2011

tutorial, gardens, bark and bay leaves

1. I like doing things on the computer but sometimes it's nice to have someone step in to do it quicker and easier. Still, I like learning and will have to find a tutorial to figure it out.
2. The gardens called me today. It was a pleasure to stake the honeysuckle on a trellis, weed and dig out some purple campanulas that were taking over. I've planted a lilac and some phlox in its place.
3. The wood stacking went rather well today. I like the smell of cedar and fir. I'm not sure I like the thickness of the bark on some of the pieces but I'm assured that in a hot stove it will keep up toasty and work out just fine.
4. At the post office a woman runs in and gives some homegrown bay leaves to the clerk who is very appreciative. As I am leaving the clerk offers me some of hers. Pay it forward. I'm going to cut some of my rosemary plant for her. That will be a nice surprise for the nice clerk.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

birds, room and weather

1. The birds are missing their feed but still they are singing sweetly for me in the morning. I shall replenish the feeder.
2. My room is quiet and cool, clean and my sanctuary both when I am alone or if there are others here. It's peaceful and welcomes me.
3. The weather was changing all day and each time I found myself appreciating what was.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

a bit better, orange and working

1. The headache and nausea have subsided. What a horrific time that was. So glad it's passing.
2. The flowers are vibrant and scented. I haven't been a big fan of lilies but these are lovely.
3. My brain is bruised but working. Something to be grateful for.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

cooking, dynamite and give away

1. He made steak and scallops for us for dinner, even though he worked a long shift. mmm wonderful 
2. Some of the others were laid off or fired. He's a good worker and was given extra hours as a bonus for working so well. That coupled with some great $$ for commissions makes for a nice sized paycheque. So proud of him. He's a dynamite salesman!
3. I saw some clothing in my closet that is outdated. So it has landed in a box marked 'Goodwill'. Others will find it their good fortune and I am happy enough to give it away.

Monday, 18 July 2011

coming home, geek and double

1. He messages me to say she got her visa. They are coming home for a month! I get to see my son after having him away in China for almost 3 years. And we will meet the lovely TingTing. 
2. I formatted the documents, created some new ones and dissected my own handwriting for the minutes. Then best of all, I get to do research for the steering committee to find a software program for room bookings that will work between 3 ministries and is also compatible with Outlook. Fun geeky stuff.
3. She is on her way to the island to attend all star baseball with her grandson. He's a dynamite player. I'm looking forward to seeing him in action, and to spend time with my best friend. Double win.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

gardens. stacking and kids cart

1. There is quiet in the gardens. A smile touches my lips as I realize how much I love being outside.
2. Stacking wood can create a sweat like no other. Each piece needs to find a home on a row that is straight, not leaning to either direction otherwise the entire row could collapse.
3. The shopping cart is designed for children. It is a bright green with two steering wheels. She can reach the grate with her feet, and tries to put the other seat belt together. The pieces of bread mostly reach her mouth, but some get tossed to the floor.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

massage, quiet and Disney magic

1. The touch of hands is welcome. I appreciate the massage and her willingness to help me feel some relief.
2. The house is quiet for a bit except for the rain which is coming down in buckets. It falls on the skylights and the noise is like popping corn.
3. We spent some time alone tonight. Mom and Dad went to see the Harry Potter movie in 3D, so we watched Tangled one more time. It's losing its' appeal for her. We must find a new Disney feature to share.

Friday, 15 July 2011

fighting bedtime, mossy and a call

1. They try gently singing to her so she sleeps but she fights it all the way. Tonight she is trying her best to stay awake! She needs some cuddling so she can settle herself and have sweet dreams. I hear loving in his voice that helps her to stop crying. He loves her dearly.
2. The living wreath she made is full of moss, ivy, jasmine and some clematis. It will need some time to resettle the roots but within a short time will be spectacular.
3. He calls and although he had a rough day and is feeling grumpy, he calls to hear my voice. He will sleep better now.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

happy, happy and happy

1. Training was thorough and diverse. I like learning and it was interesting to see where I fit in to the training program. I heard that there was someone coming up from Victoria to spend a day with me. I'll be happy to get that.
2. She talked to me a lot yesterday, telling me things about her life and about some challenges she's faced. We don't know each other very well but I suppose she finds me trusting so she shared with me. Perhaps I am becoming a good listener. I'll be happy to be that person.
3. We set a date and time to have coffee together even though we are a thousand miles apart. I'm happy about that.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

sleepy, phones, love and my guy

1. Today she is sleepy. She lies on her back with her arm over her head just like her great grandma did.
2. The android is very sleek and the iphone has been preloaded for me. I like second hand things that come ready to go.
3. We had a belated anniversary lunch at the Saigon Kitchen. Spring rolls, seafood today. Lots of tomfoolery and some sweet moments. We managed to get some awesome chopsticks for free. 
4. He's my best friend, lover, husband, father of our sons, grandfather and a man who makes things fun. I don't have the words to say how much I've enjoyed having him home.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

neither, kale and silly people

1. And the winner is....neither wood nor water. The winner today was the Diesel truck which needed a muffler replacement. I loved watching him work in his shop with the truck over the pit. He's wanted a sop of his own for so long and now that he has it, he is having the time of his life!  Hooray for grease, diesel and dirt.
2. He smiles when we bring him kale chips. She shares with him and he shares back bringing bigger smiles than expected.
3. We talk conspiratorially and laugh at our silliness.

Monday, 11 July 2011

farm fresh, cat, woodpile and the choice

1. The farm gave us fresh food tonight. Kale, white and red onions, cilantro and duck and chicken eggs. The eggs were so big the cartons wouldn't close. For a special breakfast I'll make omelets with goat cheese.
2. He feeds the cat and gently strokes his back. 
3. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the woodpile. Two more cords! We will be toasty warm next winter. Hmm, I like stacking wood and propping up the ones for splitting. I'd say there is work for tomorrow. 
4. If we don't do the wood tomorrow perhaps we will head to the west side of the island and visit Long Beach. Stay tuned for the conclusion of "Wood or Water"

Sunday, 10 July 2011

wood, go and asleep

1. The woodshed is quickly filling up. We thought it would fit four cords but most likely it'll be three. They work together and split and stack the wood. Izzy comes out to help and navigates the woodpile with skill, stepping sideways and missing all the big pieces. 
2. She loves it outside so much. She totally understands me now when I say, 'let's go outside' She's starting to say go too.
3. Grandpa is outside with the power washer, so we head outside to investigate. She's curious and not afraid but doesn't want to be put down. She hangs onto my neck with her arms and puts her head on my shoulder. I hold her close and sway and hum as we watch him work. My back gets sore so we sit on the steps and she is on my lap facing him and holding my hands. He smiles at us and nods telling me she's fallen asleep. 

Saturday, 9 July 2011

family, sync and cats

1. We were all together for a bit tonight. We talked on video chat with Nick and Sara. We had learned what's going on in China, laughter, some serious holiday planning and he had a chance to see a niece he hasn't met yet. 
2. He smiles at me with that sparkle in his eyes and smile on his lips that means he and I are in sync.
3. The two cats are reunited at our home for now. Surprisingly they are coexisting rather well. The big cat is taking the lead from the little one. She just tolerates him. 

Friday, 8 July 2011

lawns, pineapple and pondering and prayers

1. The lawns definitely needed a mowing.I thought it might be a battle that the weeds could potentially win, but in the end the lawnmower and I won the battle over the grass and weeds and the lawns look beautiful.
2. The meatloaf was sweet. She put pineapple on top with crumbs. Yummy!
3. I'm pondering things that used to be so confusing but now I've managed to find clarity in my illogical brain. It's not that I am particularly logical, perhaps it's something that comes with age. 
4. Prayers for those I love.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

just right x 3

1. They're going to live with us for a while. Their house needs to be sold and it's too expensive to go back and forth. They created a little nest in the guest room that fits them just right.
2. I'd forgotten how wonderful it feels to have my husband spoon me while we sleep. At first because I'm used to sleeping alone it feels like too much, now it's just right.
3. She likes her grandpa. I heard from her mom that she spent the day flirting and being picked up by him. They fit just right.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

we helped, up high and the rub

1. We spent the day helping them get the house and property ready for sale. It looks good and the couple/family coming has seen the house before. Prayers full of hope for a sale.
2. The big white truck is amazing. I like being up so high when driving. I feel bigger than I am.
3. She created her own rub for the drumsticks which was amazing. The house smelled deliciously exotic and each bite was consumed with mmms and ahhhs.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

handyman, mac and cheese and thankful

1. He cleaned the plug and air filter and now the lawn mower is back in service! I think men are handy. He certainly is. 
2. Talking to him, he says he missing mac and cheese. He's homesick and really looking forward to coming for a visit. We hope she gets a tourist visa so then can come home in August.
3. He thanks me for dinner which is warmed up pizza, some melted cheese and tomato sandwiches and lemonade. He cooks so often for himself that it's a treat to have someone else do it.

Monday, 4 July 2011

my brother, best friend, soon and home

1. My brother is challenged, so sometimes he has struggles. He's making progress but it's a slow process. We talked tonight on the phone and he says, 'I wish you'd move back home'. We miss each other. I'll call more often.

2. She tells me stories to share her life with me. I think I am so lucky to have such a best friend.

3. The walk was brisk but satisfying. I walked along the boardwalk by the beach at lunch. The ocean was calling me to come play, but I kept walking and ended up back at the office. Soon we will play, soon.

4. He is home tomorrow morning after a very very long 21 days. Home to me.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

KD, equation and Hi

1. Kraft dinner. OMG! The ultimate adventure back into childhood. Cheesy cheese!

2. Red truck with dead battery + jumper cables + running car + inexperienced but determined person  not mechanically inclined  = successful battery charge and happy person.

3. She says 'Hi' in her little high pitched voice. I look over and she's peeking at me with a big grin on her face. I say 'Hi' back and smile and we have a mini love fest.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

moving, cost and blessed

1. Sometimes it is two steps forward and on step back. The point is to keep moving forward.

2. The corn on the cob cost 6 for $1.98 but tasted like a million bucks. It had a rich golden colour and smothered in butter its sweetness exploded in our mouths.

3. Kindness isn't always that easy to give. Understanding and supporting  even more so. So I am lucky to have all three things given to me today. I am blessed.

Friday, 1 July 2011

joy, my vision and kindness

1. She loves being outside. Today was Canada Day so we went to Newcastle Park and her enjoying of the slides was amazing. Pure joy!

2. The gardens are full and lush. I think whomever designed them was thoughtful and insightful because they are lovely. I hope to find a way to make my mark in the gardens too. It feels a little bit like an outsider looking in. So I'd better get creative.

3. Sometimes they talk lovely and gently to each other.