Friday, 16 August 2019

quote, impromptu, and feeling thankful

1 She says, "It's the perfect temp out there!"

2 The kids are getting construction done in their neighborhood which left them with no water services yesterday. They spent the day in the hot tub and playing at our house, then returned later for dinner together. Only one game of UNO and Daddy-Doo won!

3 And the rain comes. Sweet smelling and welcome. Thank you Mother Earth. 

Thursday, 8 August 2019

time together, prepped, and more visiting

1 Nick and I spent some time together this week. We hit the gym, went for Mexican food, then to his house to putter and sort out a few things before his house inspection. End result, all excellent! Plus we had more than a few laughs and uh huh moments.

2 We get him ready for the coming work week by making pre-made frozen dinners. 7 ribs, 4 chicken and a couple of batches of gravy, 9 dozen cookies and a double batch of granola. I sure hope this holds him for a few days at least.

3 A visit from dear friends, visit with my cousin and aunt who's here for medical reasons, and a quick ride at the gym with Nick.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

I did it, window washer, and yellow bit

1 When you have 2 days off and a lovely woman from your FB garden group offers you FREE irises!! What would any proper gardener do? You called it...I made a new garden bed. 20 x 3 ft !! I dug out the sod myself, and planted a few other lovelies besides irises.
Having a flower bed in the backyard started a few years ago. We had an extremely steep backyard and Mr P brought in 100 hydraulic dump trailers of fill, then a few more of topsoil. This dirt had one blub and 3 rocks!! The rest was beautiful black rich soil to which I added 3 bags of garden soil for good measure. Fingers crossed this garden likes it new space and fills in quickly.

2 When you polish the windows and can see outside. Oh it's not smokey after all. 

3 A lovely new echinacea that I recently planted. I think the yellow is rather striking. I can't wait for more buds to open.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

snuggles, plants, and meal planning

1 When you have an early start to the day and your sweet cat comes and snuggles you.

2 The gardens need some new plants. What are your favourites?

3 Mr P has found permanent accommodation where he is working. That sure makes life easier for him. Time for me to make some frozen meals!!

Thursday, 4 July 2019

sleeping, grumpy, and paint job

1 We finally purchased a new mattress. Yes, finally, a good night's sleep.

2 I felt a bit grumpy so headed to bed early. My guy cautiously opened the door asking are you okay? Do you need anything? I said I'm not really, just tired. Tea would be nice. So my sweet guy brings tea. But he's chewing something and I smell the sweetness of cake! So he brings me a little slice of red velvet cake in bed.

3 Finding satisfaction prepping and starting to paint the main bathroom. Pictures to follow.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

hot, flowers galore, and we love the magic

1 When your guy says to you, "You're always hot!" You smile right back and say, "Yes, you're right." And then you both smile.

2 Flowers, flowers and more flowers. There are never too many flowers. I am making a plan for a new garden. Well, it's part of the existing back flower bed but I'm thinking of putting it around the corner and then down the side in front of our steep bank. Below and on the bank are pine trees and grass/weeds. We plan to put lilacs on the slope of the bank just high enough so that it gets watered. I'm thinking of just expanding what I already have. More feverfew, lavender, roses, daisies and peonies, oh and hostas if there's shade, astillbe and ladys' mantle. The deer don't like these plants much so here's crossing my fingers that this is a good idea after all. OOOOh, maybe you have ideas on plants the deer won't eat? Let me know in the comments please.  

3 The magic whiteboard is back. We love how we get motivated once we have things written down.  Goals get tasks, tasks get assigned and boom! Getting things done! Gotta love it.

Friday, 31 May 2019

coffee, littles and Fran

1 Morning coffee on the deck.

2 The littles are coming the a visit this afternoon. I've missed them so much. Looks like it's a swimming & pizza kind of day. 

3 I've got an online friend I've never net. We have been friends for over 10 years. It's interesting how much we have in common, how we can support each other, and find the good in being friends. Fran, you're a DOLL!!