Saturday, 28 June 2014

Happy Anniversary Mr P, feed the beast, and nap time

1 We spend the day together celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary with a trip to a local farmer's market and then lunch at Quail's Gate Winery. Mr P had salmon cooked perfectly with quails eggs and potatoes and I enjoyed a lovely lentil soup and spinach salad. We shared a tin of fries that were drizzled with truffle oil and sprinkled with fresh parmesan <drool> and a dessert of chocolate with banana syrup and peanut brittle <bigger drool>.
2 After a short trip of the area we headed to a little market stand and picked up some fresh cherries and an apple pie. I fed Mr P spoonfuls of the pie which made for some rather hilarious antics because we were driving!
3 Ahhh, to open the windows and feel the cross breeze while we nap. Perfect!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Monday through Thursday...Where did the week go?

1 The morning is overcast and it stays that way all day. The heat is trapped underneath so we don't work much outside.
2 Our friend arrives for a visit but also for a neurosurgeon appointment. He's a bit scattered and feeling the stress of it all so we sit on the deck after dinner and give him a chance to vent his thoughts and fears. Later he seems much calmer.
3 I like his hat. It's from the same union that Mr P belongs to but this one is a lovely shade of brown, much nicer than the red one that lives in our closet. <note to self: donate the red hat>
4 We have a leisurely breakfast of omelets turned into scrambled eggs. That's what happens when you are trying to hide the bacon instead of watching the eggs!
5 The snack wrap is perfect and really is snack sized. Mine is a wrap of lettuce, chicken, and cheese with caesar dressing.
6 His appointment goes well enough. It's about the numbers he says and little else. We respect his decision to not share. Some things are just too big for in the moment talk.
7 My first day of re-orientation at the union office is great. The new office is spectacularly beautiful and my eyes keep drifting to the large chandeliers.
8 We work through my list of questions and soon we both sit back and share our observation of the day. Our brains are full of mush!
9 After work I pop in for a quick visit with the kids and stay longer than I expected to. There's lots going on so later on my way home my head feels even fuller!
10 Day two of re-orientation and we focus mostly on assimilating the information from yesterday and getting all the software and programs up and running. IT had a busy day!
11 I love the outdoor patio that has been set aside for staff. It's very private, pretty and floral.
12 And now the day is done. Time for reading the book club book for this month. Book club is a week away and I'm only on chapter 2....what is this telling me about the book if I can't get out of the starting gate!?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

good times, what we did, and who sleeps that long?

1 BBQ chicken, garlic scapes, sauteed mushrooms and rice is the menu for our dinner tonight. Chris, the kids and Kuma (baby corgi) came for a visit and dinner. We played out on the deck and the plants are thoroughly, and I stress the word thoroughly, watered. Kes hasn't quite mastered pouring water. He usually turns the pail towards himself and then dumps it on himself!
2 Time for a motorbike ride so Mr P and I check out the Farmer's Market, take some photos while we walk, stop and watch some slow pitch and then take a back road to home. The road leads to a place called Tabletop Mountain. One section is especially steep so I hike up. No slips or slides and soon we're back on track.
3 We came home from our excursion tuckered out and napped in the middle of the day. Mr P slept for over 2 hours! Even after he woke up he was groggy but managed to give our Izzy a motorbike ride. She's so eager it's hard to say no.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

special visit, who is buying, and follow the bottleneck road

1 What to do on a sunny Saturday? Go visiting of course. Our visit was at the home of a lovely Iranian woman and her youngest son. They have an amazing home with views up and down the lake. We sipped ice water with lemon, snacked on watermelon and chatted about their travels to the middle east, life in Canada and ended up in some amazing vegetable and flower gardens. Isn't it true, gardens are where the best conversations always take place.
2 I take him out for coffee and a snack before we head home from our errands Penticton. He jokes about how I've been paying for all of our meals lately. He gets to figure out our anniversary dinner...but will he?
3 We take a side road home and follow a road with signs that say Bottleneck Drive. Along the way are many many fields of vineyards and huge homes and estates that are wineries.

Friday, 20 June 2014

oops there it went, elbows out, and oh yes he's here

1 My hair colour is perfect but he said he was trimming half inch but it ended up being two! Thankfully hair grows!
2 The hummingbirds are multiplying. I think it's that the fledglings are here now and getting bigger. They jockey for every bit of territory and are constantly chattering to each other.
3 Mr P is out riding tonight. It's late now but he should be home soon now that it's getting dark. Yup, as I type I hear his motorbike.. <insert smile here>

Thursday, 19 June 2014

gardening, spiders, and dinner

1 Our day is filled with bits and pieces once again. We put up some white boards, and putter away at the garden. Okay, it's not actually a garden just a front bed with a couple of plants and a lot of rocks, the kind of rocks you'd use in a water feature. Our plan is to use them for that purpose but just not yet. Lots of other garden/yard things to do first. So it's a holding
space for the plants until we have proper homes for them.
2 Black widow spiders are common in our area. Today Mr P finds one while he's turning the rocks in that very front bed. He doesn't tell me at first but just says, "Quick! And bring your camera!" He nudges it over with a stick and we see the tell tale red hourglass on her stomach. She is one big mama! RIP
3 Perogies with sour cream and salsa. Who knew?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

quiet, making it work, and finished

1 It's nice to have a quiet morning after such an emotional day yesterday. The birds serenade until the rain comes then it's just the little ones that brave the wet.
2 I like how we work together, side by side, each doing their own part to make it work. Today it was putting the coat rack together and  up on the wall and we also planted three lilacs in the front bed. <Mr P did the heavy digging and I did the rock picking> These plants should be much happier in their temporary homes.
3 I love the coat rack....perhaps tomorrow we'll make the shoe shelf underneath.

Sunday through Tuesday

1 The family is over for Father's day and Mr P's birthday. We share a feast of bbq hamburgers, spicy chorizo sausages, salads, apple pie and chocolate cake! Everyone was stuffed!
2 The kids have a new dog. A Welsh corgi. He's rather adorable, more brown that yellow and very fluffy for a corgi. They've named him, Kuma. <It's the name, Bear in Japanese>
3 Kuma has fun chasing Izzy trying to nip at her dress hem. She squeals and runs faster, laughing and wanting him to stop yet wanting to keep going.
4 Monday is a cold dreary day. The rains have come and the clouds are settled over the mountains and into the lake valley.
5 We putter about fixing this and that. Mr P is hard wiring the office for internet so it's bits of cutting and pulling and patching and suddenly it's done and smokin' fast.
6 The winds start to howl and lying in bed it sounds spooky and with the rain louder than usual.
7 A decision needed to be made and it was made. It wasn't easy to have the conversation but in the end it's about competency, confidence, safety and vulnerabilities. I walked away from the hospital job because I wasn't prepared for a diet of steady graveyard shifts. It was a good decision.
8 A mistake by another driver means we have a dent on the right side of our car. She wasn't looking and backed right into us. Hopefully insurance will cover all the repairs. She was nice enough to apologize and say to Mr P, "Sorry for the inconvenience." We manage to get our groceries and head home without further incident.
9 I start re-orientation at the union office next week. Sure look forward to that. It's a brand new office and new staff to meet and greet. Yay!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

floral, blues again, and what to knit?

1 Floral fantasy we saw along the side of the road while driving around, exploring the neighbourhood.

2 Skaha Lake where the sky and water are the same colour, where old men take their dogs for canoe rides and where the clouds are puffy and fluffy and perfect for gazing at and daydreaming.
3 Wool in it's original form. Giant balls of sheep's wool in giant baskets are just waiting for the right person to purchase and knit into their own creations.

Friday, 13 June 2014

home, gratefulness, and in the rain

1 It's been a long day. I'm happy to be home in front of a fire, with a cup of tea, a good hot meal and my guy.
2 It's how I'm feeling tonight. Grateful for all you have given to me and grateful that I've been able to give back. Thank you.
3 Thunderstorms in the interior are loud, booming and full of life. I love how the house shakes, lights flicker and rain pelts down. And in all of that, the hummingbirds still play, fight, chase each other and manage to get a good bit of food into their little bodies.

There's a song we used to listen to years ago, You get what you Give, by the New Radicals.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

luxuries, boy to man, and another job!

1 A day off and sleeping in just seem to go together don't they? I am lucky enough to have both today and so yes, I did indulge in the sleeping in part. that sleeping in?
2 He gives me a long hug, kisses my cheek and says the words I needed to hear. I love this boy who is now a man so much. Thank you God for blessing me with a son who is not ashamed to share his feelings with his mom, even at 28.
3 It seems that jobs are falling into my lap. Today I get a lovely email inviting me to come for orientation to the union office in our area. Way back in April I received a letter that said they didn't need anyone and it felt like a brush off. Now there's please and thank yous, and at your earliest convenience. I like it! Looks like soon I'll have an abundance of casual positions. Should be enough to make a living!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

blue, better with two, and back off birdies!

1 I'm often told and with good reason that my choice of clothing is neutral. I step out of my comfort zone and wear pale blue slacks and a blue shirt to work...I have back up clothes in the car just in case I get dirty!
2 This afternoon shift is the last of my switchboard training days. I've been doing the majority of the calls on my own but have yet to call a code and do all the back up calls etc that are needed. It would be great to have this done with a trainer first!
3 Stellar jays have found the birdseed! They're rather big, loud, and especially noisy. They chase each other from the feeder, to the water to the roof of the house. Eventually they move on and the little finches and other birds are able to feed in peace.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

too busy, take it slow, and updated!

1 There are bighorn sheep on the side of the road. They're behind a wire fence so easily visible. As the cars whiz by they continue to graze and don't take much notice of the noise and fumes of the vehicles going by. Every now and then one might raise its head to look around but for the most part they're just focused on food.
2 The road winds and bends and meanders along the lakefront. It's a faster speed along this stretch of road but many people putter along in the slow lane enjoying the views.
3 He calls while he's on the road and we catch up a bit. I like that he takes the time to just touch base and make the connection.

Monday, 9 June 2014

right, what we need, and another piece of paradise

1 I'm reminded of Goldilocks and the Three Bears sometimes when I look around our new home. It's specifically the part when she says, "It's just right!"
2 It intrigues me how people use Facebook. For some people it's social, as in let me tell you all about everything I'm doing. For others, it's liking pages and a comment now and again. Still others are big and bold and some even start arguments. But today it's about a mom and her willingness to put herself out there to ask for support for herself but mostly for support and prayers for her daughter. We all need different things at different times. I guess that's why social media can sometimes work.
3 Mr P's home from his ride and shows me the path he took. Oh did I mention many paths!? His map zig zags all over the place and he laughingly tells me how he's found his bit of motorbike paradise.
4 It's for the birds....

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cherry pit, putter on, a/c, and tradition

1 We spontaneously stop into a restaurant right beside the Buckerfields shop. It's called the Cherry Pit and when we open the door to enter we're pleasantly surprised at the casual decor and see how full of people it is. Usually that's a good sign that the food is good right? We decide we're hungry but not starving so we share a breakfast of eggs, toast, hash browns and bacon. Great decision! It's a place we'll come back to and definitely kid friendly! Plus...they did the bacon just right!
2 And the puttering continues. Mr P puts up more towel bars and toilet roll holders, mirrors and some framed photos. I water the plants and wash the deck and front entry. We both tire in the heat <not acclimatized yet) so we nap.
2a We try out the air conditioning and are shocked at how quickly it cools off!
3 Family dinner on Sunday is a tradition now. The kids come in the early afternoon and we have a chance to visit and let the kids play. Kesler always loves the water but today he's drawn like a moth to a flame to the geranium plants. He likes eating them so we spend half our time saying no and pulling it out of his mouth! Isabelle has decided she doesn't want to get wet so she climbs onto my lap and covers herself with her little fuzzy white blanket that she calls her "mimi" and looks up at me and says, "Can you hold me like a baby Grama?" We cuddle for a bit then it's Grampa's turn.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

work, play and what's next

1 We worked and played together today. First it was the work part, washing floors and mirrors, polishing tables and chairs, ironing the little jackets for the chairs, finishing baseboards and bringing in some pieces of furniture, opening the boxes and filling the hutch and, and and...
2 And then the play part started. Mr P connected and mounted outside deck speakers so we had a little dance party! Just the two of us, just for fun!
3 I really like the mirror over the fireplace mantle. Now to decide what extras to put up there or to just leave it be.
I love how both hummingbird feeders are reflected
in the glass doors on the hutch.

Friday, 6 June 2014

alternatives, fresh pickin's, and panorama

1 Fridays are supposed to be the day/night to let loose but a major headache means I get to sleep and rest instead.
2 Mr P brings me a small bowl of husked and washed freshly picked strawberries from the farmer who has a small stand up at the top of the mountain. He also brings home a small bag of freshly picked greens for a salad.Delightful is the word I used to describe the salad he created for us for dinner.
3 He went for a motorbike ride up in the hills and came home with an ear to ear grin. He tells me about his explorations and shares a beautiful panorama shot from the top of a proposed golf course that was started but never completed. It would have been a rather spectacular place for golf. I wonder if it will ever get built.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

two to go, happy anniversary, and zzzz

1 Last day of training for day shift at switchboard. It's busy and she says, I'll just read a book and watch you. At first I'm nervous but as time goes on it's much much easier and soon it almost feels natural again. By the end of the shift my brain is too tired to think and she fills in for me. She laughing says, your brain is full! Two afternoon shifts next week.
2 It's Chris and Michie's fifth anniversary and time to celebrate. The gran-kidlets come to our place so they can have some 'grow up' time <Izzy calls it that!> We play in water and then sand, feed the birds, eat tortellini, have a dance party and while I clean up they watch a movie with Grampa downstairs.
3 I'm so tired I can barely speak. Bed calls, I answer.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

work work work, love where you live, book club news

1 Switchboard was great today. Lots of hands on training and even a code to call. I didn't call it because there was a mix up on rooms/location but I'm sure I'll be thrown into it full on today! My trainer said she's bringing a book to read...ha ha Oh I hope not!
2 Erin's home is up on the hill near the winery. It's got a stunning view of a couple of bays and Rattlesnake Island. Their backyard is serene and green with large sized tables and spaces and pergolas, ivy plants climbing posts and huge hanging baskets! And inside her home it's just as spacious and decorated with such love and care that I leave inspired to create that sort of atmosphere in our home.
3 Book club as always is entertaining and lively. Our group has chose a genre for the coming year and chose Short lists. As long as the book makes the top five in any award list it's fair game for choosing for the group to read. I'm hosting in November. Any good book suggestions are most welcome! I must read it first so I guess considering my track record for reading lately, I'd better get on it.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

train me, stormy weather, my chef, and drink of the gods

1 It's a work day. I feel so lucky to be able to say that! Gotta love your work and today it was switchboard training, just what I love.
2 There's a storm out there. My drive home is along the lake shore and this means that the weather systems are often different every few kilometers. The storm comes up the middle of the lake but is sporadic. Parts rain, some is just cloud and the best part was where the clouds were so dark and the lightning came screaming straight down on either side of the road.
3 Mr P makes a yummy dinner of BBQ hamburgers and stuffed potatoes. It's much to much food for me so I've packed the other half of my burger for tomorrow's lunch.
4 I find some sugared lavender and will make Lavender Lemonade tomorrow for Book club. It smells divine.

Monday, 2 June 2014

dance party!, exercise, and eat this!

1 One more from yesterday. We had a dance party! Isabelle was a bit sad/grumpy because she had to go home so once the music started playing in the family room I started dancing. She pulled a pouty face then all of a sudden she's jumping about and dancing her heart out. Everyone else joined in and we rocked it to Dire Straits, "The Sultans of Swing!"
2 Our walk/run takes us to Beach Avenue and it lives up to it's status. The walkway is smooth and clean and the view of the lake inspires us to kick it up a notch.
3 A late lunch of leftover ham, rice, ribs and veggies with dip. The clouds have rolled in so it's the perfect temperature for eating out on the deck.Oh, I almost forgot, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

in the heat, Sundays, and red and white

1 We spend so long lingering on our deck over coffee and breakfast that it's pretty warm out by the time we are ready for some of our talked about tasks. We decide to plant the dogwood but once we're outside Mr P gets distracted and ends up on the hillside in the front cleaning up some dead branches . We try to pace ourselves but the heat is a little more than I expected and I quickly head for shade and cold water. I think we're still acclimatizing.
2 It's Sunday which means family dinner! Our lovies come earlier today so our meal is earlier than usual which is nice in the heat.  Mr P marinated some pork ribs last night and grilled them this afternoon. Ithey were done to perfection with the bits of bbq sauce crunchy and caramelized.
2a Izzy and Kes play out on the deck in the water with hoses and buckets, shovels, cars and best of all bubbles! I love how eager they are to water plants and dump water on themselves not caring that it's cold and that their clothes are wet.
3 We planted a dogwood shrub that the kids gave me for mother's day in a spot by the front door. It was a thoughtful gift and we're looking forward to seeing it grow through the seasons. It has variegated leaves in the summer and once the leaves are gone in the fall it will display its dark red branches and that should be especially lovely in winter. Red and Canadian is that?