Thursday, 5 June 2014

two to go, happy anniversary, and zzzz

1 Last day of training for day shift at switchboard. It's busy and she says, I'll just read a book and watch you. At first I'm nervous but as time goes on it's much much easier and soon it almost feels natural again. By the end of the shift my brain is too tired to think and she fills in for me. She laughing says, your brain is full! Two afternoon shifts next week.
2 It's Chris and Michie's fifth anniversary and time to celebrate. The gran-kidlets come to our place so they can have some 'grow up' time <Izzy calls it that!> We play in water and then sand, feed the birds, eat tortellini, have a dance party and while I clean up they watch a movie with Grampa downstairs.
3 I'm so tired I can barely speak. Bed calls, I answer.

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