Thursday, 26 June 2014

Monday through Thursday...Where did the week go?

1 The morning is overcast and it stays that way all day. The heat is trapped underneath so we don't work much outside.
2 Our friend arrives for a visit but also for a neurosurgeon appointment. He's a bit scattered and feeling the stress of it all so we sit on the deck after dinner and give him a chance to vent his thoughts and fears. Later he seems much calmer.
3 I like his hat. It's from the same union that Mr P belongs to but this one is a lovely shade of brown, much nicer than the red one that lives in our closet. <note to self: donate the red hat>
4 We have a leisurely breakfast of omelets turned into scrambled eggs. That's what happens when you are trying to hide the bacon instead of watching the eggs!
5 The snack wrap is perfect and really is snack sized. Mine is a wrap of lettuce, chicken, and cheese with caesar dressing.
6 His appointment goes well enough. It's about the numbers he says and little else. We respect his decision to not share. Some things are just too big for in the moment talk.
7 My first day of re-orientation at the union office is great. The new office is spectacularly beautiful and my eyes keep drifting to the large chandeliers.
8 We work through my list of questions and soon we both sit back and share our observation of the day. Our brains are full of mush!
9 After work I pop in for a quick visit with the kids and stay longer than I expected to. There's lots going on so later on my way home my head feels even fuller!
10 Day two of re-orientation and we focus mostly on assimilating the information from yesterday and getting all the software and programs up and running. IT had a busy day!
11 I love the outdoor patio that has been set aside for staff. It's very private, pretty and floral.
12 And now the day is done. Time for reading the book club book for this month. Book club is a week away and I'm only on chapter 2....what is this telling me about the book if I can't get out of the starting gate!?

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