Thursday, 12 June 2014

luxuries, boy to man, and another job!

1 A day off and sleeping in just seem to go together don't they? I am lucky enough to have both today and so yes, I did indulge in the sleeping in part. that sleeping in?
2 He gives me a long hug, kisses my cheek and says the words I needed to hear. I love this boy who is now a man so much. Thank you God for blessing me with a son who is not ashamed to share his feelings with his mom, even at 28.
3 It seems that jobs are falling into my lap. Today I get a lovely email inviting me to come for orientation to the union office in our area. Way back in April I received a letter that said they didn't need anyone and it felt like a brush off. Now there's please and thank yous, and at your earliest convenience. I like it! Looks like soon I'll have an abundance of casual positions. Should be enough to make a living!

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