Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sunday through Tuesday

1 The family is over for Father's day and Mr P's birthday. We share a feast of bbq hamburgers, spicy chorizo sausages, salads, apple pie and chocolate cake! Everyone was stuffed!
2 The kids have a new dog. A Welsh corgi. He's rather adorable, more brown that yellow and very fluffy for a corgi. They've named him, Kuma. <It's the name, Bear in Japanese>
3 Kuma has fun chasing Izzy trying to nip at her dress hem. She squeals and runs faster, laughing and wanting him to stop yet wanting to keep going.
4 Monday is a cold dreary day. The rains have come and the clouds are settled over the mountains and into the lake valley.
5 We putter about fixing this and that. Mr P is hard wiring the office for internet so it's bits of cutting and pulling and patching and suddenly it's done and smokin' fast.
6 The winds start to howl and lying in bed it sounds spooky and with the rain louder than usual.
7 A decision needed to be made and it was made. It wasn't easy to have the conversation but in the end it's about competency, confidence, safety and vulnerabilities. I walked away from the hospital job because I wasn't prepared for a diet of steady graveyard shifts. It was a good decision.
8 A mistake by another driver means we have a dent on the right side of our car. She wasn't looking and backed right into us. Hopefully insurance will cover all the repairs. She was nice enough to apologize and say to Mr P, "Sorry for the inconvenience." We manage to get our groceries and head home without further incident.
9 I start re-orientation at the union office next week. Sure look forward to that. It's a brand new office and new staff to meet and greet. Yay!

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