Monday, 2 June 2014

dance party!, exercise, and eat this!

1 One more from yesterday. We had a dance party! Isabelle was a bit sad/grumpy because she had to go home so once the music started playing in the family room I started dancing. She pulled a pouty face then all of a sudden she's jumping about and dancing her heart out. Everyone else joined in and we rocked it to Dire Straits, "The Sultans of Swing!"
2 Our walk/run takes us to Beach Avenue and it lives up to it's status. The walkway is smooth and clean and the view of the lake inspires us to kick it up a notch.
3 A late lunch of leftover ham, rice, ribs and veggies with dip. The clouds have rolled in so it's the perfect temperature for eating out on the deck.Oh, I almost forgot, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

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