Friday, 6 June 2014

alternatives, fresh pickin's, and panorama

1 Fridays are supposed to be the day/night to let loose but a major headache means I get to sleep and rest instead.
2 Mr P brings me a small bowl of husked and washed freshly picked strawberries from the farmer who has a small stand up at the top of the mountain. He also brings home a small bag of freshly picked greens for a salad.Delightful is the word I used to describe the salad he created for us for dinner.
3 He went for a motorbike ride up in the hills and came home with an ear to ear grin. He tells me about his explorations and shares a beautiful panorama shot from the top of a proposed golf course that was started but never completed. It would have been a rather spectacular place for golf. I wonder if it will ever get built.

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