Wednesday, 11 June 2014

blue, better with two, and back off birdies!

1 I'm often told and with good reason that my choice of clothing is neutral. I step out of my comfort zone and wear pale blue slacks and a blue shirt to work...I have back up clothes in the car just in case I get dirty!
2 This afternoon shift is the last of my switchboard training days. I've been doing the majority of the calls on my own but have yet to call a code and do all the back up calls etc that are needed. It would be great to have this done with a trainer first!
3 Stellar jays have found the birdseed! They're rather big, loud, and especially noisy. They chase each other from the feeder, to the water to the roof of the house. Eventually they move on and the little finches and other birds are able to feed in peace.

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