Saturday, 21 June 2014

special visit, who is buying, and follow the bottleneck road

1 What to do on a sunny Saturday? Go visiting of course. Our visit was at the home of a lovely Iranian woman and her youngest son. They have an amazing home with views up and down the lake. We sipped ice water with lemon, snacked on watermelon and chatted about their travels to the middle east, life in Canada and ended up in some amazing vegetable and flower gardens. Isn't it true, gardens are where the best conversations always take place.
2 I take him out for coffee and a snack before we head home from our errands Penticton. He jokes about how I've been paying for all of our meals lately. He gets to figure out our anniversary dinner...but will he?
3 We take a side road home and follow a road with signs that say Bottleneck Drive. Along the way are many many fields of vineyards and huge homes and estates that are wineries.

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