Monday, 28 October 2013

Friday, 4 October 2013

walkers, sweet, and read me files

1 We walk even though it's cold, windy and getting late. The neighbourhood seems deserted for a Friday night.
2 A hot cup of green tea and toast smothered in butter and honey is my new breakfast addiction. Oh sweet tooth, why do you challenge me so much?
3 Reading up on the notes from three moms that I'll be coaching twice this month. Two of the moms are new clients for me so it will be fun to stretch my coaching skills.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

outside, i can hear his smile, and slowly

1  A sunny Thursday brings with it the opportunity to get things done outside. One pear tree pruned and branches stacked, two wheelbarrows of soil moved to the composts and lots of apple picking.
2 Mr P is happy when he hears, "I paced myself this time.'
3 The bees are slowing down. There's some apples in the compost that they're feasting on, but when I move some soil near them they buzz but there isn't a frenzy like they usually do.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

greetings, at the park, and holy slime ball batman!

1 The wind and rain ease up by morning and it's a bank of low clouds that greets me.
2 The water at the river is high enough that there's no opportunity to go closer. We must stay on the path.
3 As we are headed back to our car in the parking lots a man approaches us with two small white dogs <not really white with all the mud> and a large black dog. The big black dog has a long piece of drool in his mouth. As he approaches my instinct is to step back while his is to step forward quicker and faster than me. He wins! I get slimed! Note to self: be quicker!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

uh huh, ot, and planting scheme

1 It's a working day. Seems like most days are. Now what's up with that?
2 Mother Nature is working overtime with the rain and cold weather. Leaves are quickly turning and falling although the fruit trees are still very green. Soon it will be time for raking and pruning and more cleanup.
3 I'm daydreaming about what to plant in the green house for the winter. If the geraniums and other flowers and herbs can survive in there what else might be willing to go in? Suggestions?