Saturday, 31 August 2013

just us perhaps?, sandman calling, and feast for a feline

1 I've made my list and checked it twice, packing up the camper is happening. I've decided to get doubles of the staples and that way it doesn't need to come in and out of the camper. It's taking me a while but some days are slower than others. The bed mattress is changed to a delightfully comfortable foamy, the bed is made and ready, some of the kitchen items are packed up still a ways to go but there's time. We will go camping when everyone else is back to work, school, whatever and the beaches and hiking spots are people free!
2 The sun is hot today and before I know it I've drifted away to dreamland and have a lovely afternoon nap on the back patio.
3 The fish has freezer burn so the little cat gets a feast and a half. She's looking for more...impossible but true.

Friday, 30 August 2013

the cook, the feeders, the business, and the new homeowners!

1 Mr P makes a delicious breakfast for us this morning of poached eggs on gluten free toast and we share some toast that has almond butter, blueberry jam and hemp hearts. Luxury!
2 The hummingbird feeders are all clean and refilled and we hope to lure back the ones that have turned traitor and gone to feed elsewhere.
3 Yesterday was a landmark day. I received my first official cheque for a print and I was featured on the site where I sell my fine art photography! When I took my cheque to get cashed the clerk asks me for a card because she's looking for a photographer for herself. Work is falling into place, it's getting exciting. Making business cards tomorrow!!!

4 The kids have purchased a new home in Kelowna! So proud and happy for them. They move in November 1st! Congrats guys! xoxox

Thursday, 29 August 2013

gone, visual, and truth or fiction

1 It was time to hit the delete button, after all it had taken over everything and was making my life miserable. Perhaps  one day it won't feel so invasive, or perhaps I'll read the directions, or perhaps even I'll be more patient. For now it's goodbye to Google+
2 A run in the rain and I get to see the new home being built up the street. It's up so fast and already they are painting the outside lovely shades of brown and the front entrance are varnished wood pillars. I think the men get so much work done because of the rock music they listen to. It made me run faster too!
3 The thunder is booming, lightning overhead and yet there we are in the hot tub. He tells me the lightning is miles away and because I'm so comfortable I fall for his words and stay put.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

keep trying, outdoors, and sign here please

1 Listening to Martin Luther King's speech,  "I have a dream", I realize that while we have come a long way since the 60s there is still a very long way to go.
2 Today our walking group does a tour of the Colliery Dam Park. It's been slated for demolition by city council but there is still a fight to save it.

3 How fun it is to practice signing my own name! I'm signing the photos that I have just sold. I feel like an artist!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ring ring, what we did, and catch some zzzz's

1 A few phone calls this morning and some catching up with family and friends. Of course it all goes best with a hot steaming cup of tea.
2 We go crazy with cleaning once we get started. I work on cleaning up gardens and flower beds while he does gutters and then powerwashes the house and areas around the house.
3 Sometimes it feels good to be 'dog tired.'

Monday, 26 August 2013

fruit, ancestry, and photo submissions

1 Blackberries, and lots of them.
2 Reconnecting with Mr Ps family. I've been talking to his 74 year old cousin and she's a dream.
3 Opportunity? Do I dare?

Sunday, 25 August 2013

clean, clean, planning, and I gotta be me

1 What do you do when company leaves? Well, I clean. Mr P says I also clean when I am processing. er um, yes the house is incredibly clean now.
2 The hot tub is clean too. Cold but clean. Tomorrow we will have a good long soak.
3 We spend some time planning our next camping adventure. Looks like it might be to the interior to visit family and friends and bring home a large trailer with items from a storage locker. Time to plan this out on the whiteboard.
3a I am a whiteboard addict and proud of it!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

last wave, goodbye but not for long, best love and jennett

1 He texts a message that says he's doing the last wave. We can't see them anymore because of all the people in the international departure area but we wave regardless.
2 It's never easy saying goodbye. He's so far away. This time though we know it's not for long and that makes it easier.
3 Six weeks of fun with two of my favourite people. Love you guys xo
4 After we leave the airport we visit my aunt who's been on chemo for about six months now. She's finally agreed to see us. We stop by expecting a short visit but she's doing very well so I give her foot and hand massages, Mr P makes tea for us then she takes a short nap while we shop for her a bit and then we make dinner for us all. She's happy to have the company and even sends a voicemail later just to let us know she's planning more visits with us.

Friday, 23 August 2013

one more sleep, scale, and who's the winner

1 It's their last full day with us here in Canada and we are keeping the tears at bay until tomorrow.
2 He weighs himself then holds each of their suitcases to make sure their weight is not over. He playfully jokes that he's the one gaining weight not the bags.
3 Our game of mini golf is full of laughs and extra strokes a little rainshower and a camera with no CF card (sigh). But it's good fun and as usual Nick is on top of the leader board. Not a competitive bone in his body, haha!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

planted, back to me, packing up, and together

1 The new trees are planted and will make a great hedge once they're established. Fast growing and if properly topped will be a nice bushy privacy barrier.
2 My camera is back home where it belongs. It's cleaned and repaired. What did I learn? Do not change lenses at the beach. Get a backup waterproof camera for those shoots.
3 They're packing, weighing, repacking, weighing trying to get their suitcases packed to the exact weight required by the airlines. Saturday they leave for China once again.
4 What an amazing holiday we've had together. The majority of their time was spent here with us and for that I am so grateful. Love them both so much~

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

on track, shoppers, and changes

1 Finally a morning walk/run. Oh, how I've missed this and am happy to be back at it.
2 We spend some time this afternoon at the mall, shopping. What a great time we had together. Top shop? Why it's Winners, of course!
3 He is doing some in depth research into IBS and has decided to eliminate wheat from his diet. Hopefully he will get some relief.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Where oh where have I been?

1 Jane and Leo (Chen Tao) and Rebecca had been visiting friends in Winnipeg and are delighted at the difference in locations. The island is scenic, cooler and their hotel is right on the waterfront.
2 Mr P is the driver for part of Friday. They go to the beach, to the mall and then the waterfalls.
3 I stay home and get things ready for a BBQ for them all. Chipolte burgers, marinated salmon steaks, pancit, marinated mushrooms, salad with pistachio nuts and mango, and the grand finale of blueberry pie and ice cream.
4 Mr P entertains them with his remote control helicopter. They take turns flying and crashing until all of our batteries need recharging!
5 After dinner we move to the covered patio while Mr P gets a fire started in the small chimnea. They are thrilled with it all and best of all we manage to throw together some s'mores. Mark and Diva love roasting marshmallows and eventually we all eat at least one burnt one!
6 Saturday and we had to Campbell River for whale watching. The whales didn't appear but we were thrilled to see White Side Dolphins and drive through rapids while watching bald eagles.
7 Off to the Sandcastle competition in Parksville to check out the winners (First place went to a fellow from Nelson BC), and for some hot dogs, fries and ice cream. We decide to stay for the fireworks and it was well worth it. They moored a boat in the bay and launch the fireworks from there. We sit on a log and enjoy the show that's put to music.
8 Lost car keys on the beach are found by Chen Tao and he is suitably named the hero of the night!
9 A trip to Victoria but first stopping to show our Chinese friends a local Farmers Market. We feast on local vegetarian pizza, poutine, cupcakes and unlimited iced teas made with ginger and mint and all sorts of deliciousness.
10 Diva has a difficult time saying good bye. I give her lots of hugs and reassure her as best I can. I am touched to have made such a sweet connection with her.
11 A second weekend trip south island to visit family and I spend a few hours with my best friend G. As always she is delightful to talk to and we share as always and hug goodbye wishing our visit was longer.
12 We stop at a greenhouse that is going out of business and find trees, hydrangeas, chinese lanterns and lavender. It's difficult to reign in my desire to buy more but best to see what fits where and go back. Oooh, greenhouse road trip....yes!
13 My first payment for photography!  Imagine getting paid for doing what you love. They pay me for the photo shoot with a Costco gift card and are thrilled with the results. Now this is what it's all about. Oh and as a bonus, a friend calls today wanting to buy a photograph! Life is good.
14 With no plans for Tuesday, Sara suggests  we have a day to ourselves to do whatever we like. Luxury!
15 We are hoping the two sons will find a way to see each other before Nick flies back to China. Sending prayers up for a solution.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

parents, laughing it off, and whiteboard magic - again

1 Jane, Leo and Rebecca arrived today. Diva and Mark are very happy to see their parents and it shows! Smiling faces, lots of hugs and stories to tell. They are two wonderful families and we are thrilled to get to know them.
2 We share a chuckle that turns into a guffaw and finally belly laughter.
3 The magical whiteboard is now doing it's work. We are using it to plan our time for the month. I love how we can work together as a team and make the days flow.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Catching up...

Yikes it's hard to post when there is so much activity going on! I admit it's wonderful to have everyone here.

1 We have two 7 year old Chinese children staying with us for the week. Diva and Mark.
2 This house is usually so quiet so it's nice to hear laughter and chatter.
3 They are enrolled in Day Camp and settle in quiet nicely. They've got little booklets with them that have key phrases for survival. I especially like, " I have to pee" and "Call Nick or Sara". Sara says the most important page is our phone numbers. I think I'd have to agree on that one.
4 What a busy day! The kidlets are off for a day of activities including swimming at the wave pool. Later we take them to a small beach to play in the sand and they make a sandcastle with a giant moat, more hot tub after a dinner of chicken wings and egg/tomato soup, and finally baking and decorating cupcakes.
5 I'm ever so grateful for the editing work that has come my way. I love the instant gratification of this type of work.
6 Ah, my bed and a snuggler beside me.
7 The farmers market is so much bigger this week. There are twice as many vendors and we pick up some fresh figs.
8 The children have fun buying cookies and practicing their English. They order pizza and have fun watching it being made in front of them and then cooked in fired oven!
9 My camera is in for maintenance and I'm feeling like I'm missing a limb. Luckily for me I am intact!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

ah yes, thoughtfulnes, and what do you think?

1 Hot tubbing while star I spoiled?
2 Beautiful gifts from a new friend came in the mail today! Your thoughtful note made it even more special L! Thank you so very much... Best love to you~
3 The camper is almost packed. It has been many years since we've been camping so this is unfolding slowly. Goodness who knew we needed so much stuff. Mr P suggests paper plates, plastic utensils and cups. At first I resisted but now I'm rethinking especially given that we aren't cooking anything that requires a steak knife. Your thoughts fellow campers?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

eating out, loaded, and discovery

1 Our Tuesday is a day for running around and errands. We spend some time at the local Costco and Sara has fun with Mr P as they try all the testing stations. Yogurt, chips and salsa, dried fruit and on and on.
2 The camper gets put on the big truck and Mr P is most pleased to have this job over and done with!
3 A newspaper article and a phone call and Mr P finds out he has a family member or perhaps even a lot of family members living near us. This article is about his fraternal grandmother's younger brother, Alfred Trueman. Alf turned 102 on July 30th of this year.. We are all thrilled and looking forward to following up and meeting new family!

Monday, 5 August 2013

shhh, crab, and itinerary

1 It's BC Day and the expectation is lots of activities but our sleepy city is quiet and so are we.
2 A trip to the harbour and we see fellas pulling up crab traps. Sara is lucky enough to pick one up and not get nipped by the claws. It's too small to keep so she throws it back to the sea for the crabbers.
3 We find out that the meteor showers are best from August 10-13 with the 12th being the best time. Tonight we practice our watching and the hot tub has the best venue so far.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

hikes, posing, and stars

1 Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, Englishman River Falls and the community beach all are perfect in their own way. We all agree with like Little Qualicum Falls best because the falls themselves are so large, loud and quite spectacular.
2 She loves having pictures taken in poses.
3 It's quiet with a cool breeze so we all head to the hot tub for some star gazing. Only a few shooting stars tonight but the meteor showers are starting soon and we'll be ready.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Mr P is home, better days, e-coaching, and stellar!

1 What a feeling to wake up to a smiling face and twinkling eyes! Good morning~
2 He's  making more sales, doing more work, is organizing himself. Things are looking up.
3 E-coaching is so much fun. The client today is a lovely young lady who is teaching her 17 month old son English. His name is LuYi and he's adorable. He certainly is learning because he is surprised when I say mama to him and so he snuggles into his mother's shoulder.
3a The team leader says my coaching is 'stellar'. Great reviews from her as well. She says I rocked it, but I still like the word stellar.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

blessings and love to you

Every now and again life throws us curves and we wonder what we've done to 'deserve' this, but as they say, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. This last week was one of these times yet we survived. Enough said.

Here's a few photos in lieu of the posts.
I'm happy to be back. xo