Saturday, 31 August 2013

just us perhaps?, sandman calling, and feast for a feline

1 I've made my list and checked it twice, packing up the camper is happening. I've decided to get doubles of the staples and that way it doesn't need to come in and out of the camper. It's taking me a while but some days are slower than others. The bed mattress is changed to a delightfully comfortable foamy, the bed is made and ready, some of the kitchen items are packed up still a ways to go but there's time. We will go camping when everyone else is back to work, school, whatever and the beaches and hiking spots are people free!
2 The sun is hot today and before I know it I've drifted away to dreamland and have a lovely afternoon nap on the back patio.
3 The fish has freezer burn so the little cat gets a feast and a half. She's looking for more...impossible but true.

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