Saturday, 24 August 2013

last wave, goodbye but not for long, best love and jennett

1 He texts a message that says he's doing the last wave. We can't see them anymore because of all the people in the international departure area but we wave regardless.
2 It's never easy saying goodbye. He's so far away. This time though we know it's not for long and that makes it easier.
3 Six weeks of fun with two of my favourite people. Love you guys xo
4 After we leave the airport we visit my aunt who's been on chemo for about six months now. She's finally agreed to see us. We stop by expecting a short visit but she's doing very well so I give her foot and hand massages, Mr P makes tea for us then she takes a short nap while we shop for her a bit and then we make dinner for us all. She's happy to have the company and even sends a voicemail later just to let us know she's planning more visits with us.

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Leonora said...

I like how you turned the day around from a difficult one of saying goodbyes to blessing your aunt with such a sweet visit.