Sunday, 31 March 2013

alarm, double trouble, and "I heart you"

1 The birds wake me this morning with a lovely chatter. Is it possible that they have that much to say?
2 An amazing brunch with G and B then a walk along a lovely beach. The tide is low so we are able to walk for ages. We see sunbathers, kite flyers, fireworks and a lovely young lady is sitting on a big log eating a chocolate Easter egg while the sun radiates on her face and the wind whips her hair in every direction.
3 Just a reminder to him that I'm with him even when we're apart. Best love to my guy today.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

walk about, caught, and arrived

1 The weather is perfect for another walk and a small group of us head out to first to the river then to an abandoned mine. The river is already dry in spots which is unusual for this time of year but the mine area is lush with greenery and mossy spots. At the end of the trail is the river again this time flowing fast and freely. It appears that the dry riverbed we found was where the river was diverted.
2 The lilies catch my eye and my lens. 
3 Every once in a while something or someone is at the right place and the right time and tonight it's just that. G has come for a visit and it's perfect. 

Friday, 29 March 2013

gardens, lounging, and Maslow

1 The gardener gets the trees moved and replanted, soil moved, and the drive cleaned up and he does it in record time of 3 hours. Can't be that!
2 A nap on the back patio is just what was needed this afternoon. I curled up on the lounge and let the sun permeate my body while kitty purred loudly beside me.
3 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I've heard of it but never really investigated it until today. Things to think on.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

step by step, change it up, and cat up high

1 They say the lessons we need to learn the most are not the easiest. I'd have to agree with that. Today's coaching session was enlightening but also very powerful and challenging. Moving forward, one step at a time, followed by a giant leap and then more steps. 
2 You know it's spring when  you change from flannel sheets to soft slippery cotton ones and a lighter blanket. 
3 The cat finds the windowsill in the office and paces back and forth intrigued by the view. 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

walk on wednesday group, planted, and gamers

1 Our walking group is small today, just five of us. We head to the ocean and an old camp for children that's being demolished after years of neglect. The property is being turned into a walking park with walking trails and lots of protected vegetation.
2 The neighbour gives me a couple of plants and they are already planted. It's really  quite amazing what I manage to get done when there's sun to inspire me.
3 The frog is back in the space where the hot tub motor is. I hear him jumping about under there and so does the cat. It's an unusual game of cat and frog. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

good call, noisy boy, and greening up

1 He calls to tell me a bit about his day and what it's like up in the wilderness of northern British Columbia. Let's just say for starters his orientation package includes training on dealing with grizzly bears. They say to just let the grizzly go about their business and leave them be, but also to carry bear spray. 
2 The raccoon makes a racket out back trying to get into the bird feeder. Kosha darts inside when I crack the door and the raccoon takes a hike after I toss a piece of kindling at him. Boy is he ever huge!
3 The plants are thriving in the green house. This winter I'll be sure to overwinter the geraniums. They look great already.

Monday, 25 March 2013

training, time to grow, care package, and from the children

1 I've started training for a Goddess Run in Victoria happening this June. I'm doing the 5k and am really excited about it. Victoria Goddess Run
2 What a glorious day it was today. The sun just made everything that much better. I picked up some seeds, bedding plants for the greenhouse and a couple of larger plants for the back area. A bayberry and a forsythia.
3 Sara tells me that the children at their school were thrilled with the goodies I sent to them. They didn't get to see it all yet because Nick and Sara are planning Easter festivities with them and they want to surprise the children. They did share the tattoos and I'm extra happy I sent lots! 
4 The children from the tutoring classes send me a voice message that says, "Thank you Nick's Mom." 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

ear love, decent, and so much for technology

1 It's a later than usual start for walking or running and it's spitting rain for most of it but my ears stay warm and cozy beneath the red toque he's brought home from camp. 
2 5km is a decent walk. We head to the paved trail and do pretty good considering we're walking not running.
3 It's amazing that we can talk while he's driving. He gets me to check his location on Google Latitude and we notice he's either gotten to his location before he actually is, or he's gone by it and Latitude says he's not there yet. hmmmm

Saturday, 23 March 2013

family, asleep at the wheel, and he needs some tlc

1 A morning ferry ride today to finish up at the rental house. The new tenant arrives with her 3 daughters, mom, dad and their friends to go through the house and pick up paperwork and keys. What a delightful family!
2 Thankfully she wakes me as I am practically asleep sitting in my parked car in the ferry line up. All the cars in front of me have already moved to board the ship, so I give her a quick thank you and am soon on the ferry too.
3 He fell hard and bopped his head and wouldn't wake up right away so they took him to emergency. Thankfully he's back to normal. Poor little one.

Friday, 22 March 2013

quietly, playfully, and it's in the tone

1 It's a very quiet day in the house today. Good for doing some reorganizing and paperwork.
2 The sun plays peek a boo for most of the morning before finally deciding to stay out for good.
3 She tells me she is doing much better and from the sound of her voice she's made a good start.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

challenge me, dinner out much?, and incredible journey

1 Thursday brings its own challenges. Coaching rescheduled, went to the wrong place to pick up a friend but eventually found the right sea plane pickup, had a sailing wait because of the accident at the ferry yesterday, and then hail on the ferry, followed by snow tonight. So lovely to put my feet up and sip my cuppa tea.
2 The chef remembers my name and what I ordered the last time I was there. Goodness, does this mean I'm eating out too often? Hmmm, don't think so!
3 Russ made his way from Rocanville, Saskatchewan to Quesnel, BC (1868km) in just over 24 hours. He left camp last night and started driving thinking he'd just got part way and either grab a hotel or sleep in his cozy truck.  Turns out he hardly stopped at all and said he drank green tea and kept his carbohydrate intake low which helped him to stay awake.  The extra amazing thing is that he was driving in a blizzard on all season tires. Thank God he's safe and sleeping now. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

drama, closed for the day, and job change

1 What's a Wednesday without a little drama? Today's mix is well rounded and definitely well timed. 
2 The ferry isn't running today, just water taxis for foot passengers. Thankfully all of my appointments are willing to be rescheduled until Thursday. 
3 It's a new job for my guy. In the blink of an eye, he's been laid off, has his truck packed and is leaving for his next adventure. This time it's in Kitimat at the Kemano Hydro Project. He goes on a 2.5 hour barge up the river to the project and is in a camp again. The best part is he's excited and the job is exactly what he has been waiting for. The crew is only 12 men. He's now driving to his destination. Sending safe driving thoughts his way. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

one through six

1 A quiet day of running errands and getting things done.
2 How wonderful to open the sunroof and put on sunglasses!
3 The burgers are freshly made and full of goodness like onion, chipolte and local organic meats.
4 There's a big wind storm happening tonight and the lights have just flickered. Three flickers and the power goes out. So far so good.
5 The woodstove is working overtime and I'm so very grateful for the warmth.
6 It's almost done. With a little luck we'll have a new tenant for the rental. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

visiting with family..march 14-17

1 We fly today. Our first flight is delayed and we have just 10 minutes to deplane and make our way to the connecting flight. We do and even our luggage makes the quick transition.
2 There is a group of men chattering away in Spanish behind us. They appear to be very happy to be heading to new jobs. Seasonal workers perhaps.
3 He picks us up at the airport and we are excited to see the babies. They are sleeping in their car seats and look very very sweet.
4 Lots of things are going on in their world and some of it is not so pleasant. We try our best to support Michie and show her how much we care and want things to work out in her current volunteer situation. She's taking the high road and it will all work out, it always does.
5 Grandpa and Izzy go shopping together and come home with healthy treats of fruit and vegetables. Izzy is happy to get bananas and Kes, well Kes is just an eating machine.
6 Chris and I spend a couple of hours together. We shop for a bit but mostly we have fun being together, talking and sharing.
7 It's Izzy's birthday and we have a pizza party where we make homemade individual pizzas and have ice cream cake and best of all presents for little girls. 
8 She especially likes the remote control car for her new 'my little pony.'
9 Her brother helps her to chase it all over the house. He wants to eat it more than play with it!
10 The day before Grandpa and Izzy have an mountain climbing adventure. She was a real trooper but kept telling Grandpa that the forest was scary. He reassures her and shows her the many lovely things as part of nature. At the top they call me to share their fun.
10a Mountain adventure part one with Grandpa, Izzy and Grandma.  Part way up the steep slope we start to see lightning and hear thunder. Thinking it's most likely going to pass over us, we continue, but then decide to head down. At the bottom we see hail, and boy does it ever come down. Grandpa makes a cave over top of Izzy with his jacket and I shelter the lower bits. Soon we're rescued by a good samaritan and are driven home safely. Little did we know that Daddy was there to save Izzy but we never saw him. Still, he's the hero!
11 Another trip up the mountain, part two. It's a beautiful sunny day for walking and Izzy wants another adventure. She turns to Grandpa and says in the sweetest voice, 'We're in the forest. It's beautiful.'
12 We arrive home and our luggage is missing. I text Chris and he says in a joking reply, 'It's probably in Zimbabwe'. I mention it to the clerk who isn't sure about that as a joke but we laugh. A few hours later it's delivered to our door. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sunday through Wednesday...

1 A little boy and girl chase each other around the car deck on the ferry. Eventually they dissolve into giggles and head to their car to warm up.
 2 The wind blows and howls and the sky darkens to a deep grey that emulates the moods off the kids getting off of the bus. Each one is scowling except the bus driver. He seems happy to have an empty bus.
3 Watching Downton Abbey and thoroughly enjoying it!
4 The office is very quiet and that's a relief for a Monday.
5 The gardener does an excellent job of moving the dirt piles, raking, cleaning, blowing the needles and  leaving things pristine.
6 She makes a few lists, one for each of us who look after her cat. He is a very spoiled boy.
7 He's coming home today. His plane is delayed but he's on his way.
8 After the storm the light shines brightly. It is a welcome sight.
9 Stir fry for dinner with a rich red wine, and excellent company.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

extra, leveled out, and gardening help

1 Saturday brings an early morning and it's difficult to get moving, so it's back to bed for an extra hour of sleep before starting the day.
2 He has a lot to say. Initially the conversation is at a very high level of energy but as he talks and I listen it eases itself until there is a calmness that can be heard over the line. 
3 The greenhouse needs some love and attention as does the entire yard. Time for the gardener to come visit and give me a hand. The to do list is  made and ready for him to get to it.

Friday, 8 March 2013

here comes the sun, work to be done, and two lovely ladies

1 Sun, glorious sunshine. It feels like forever and a day since we've had some sun. You know, the kind that makes a big smile spread across your face, that makes your lips pucker just a little bit as you turn your face to the sun.
2 There is work to be done and it appears to be a bit overwhelming at first. I slowly chip away at it, it's doesn't seem that bad after all. Still, it makes sense though to have some help and we'll arrange that too.
3 The girls spend some time here after their week of searching, hoping and feeling a myriad of feelings. It is a blessing to be able to spend time with these two lovelies. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

coaching, opportunity one and two, and ask me

1 The morning starts off with a meeting with my life coach. She's intuitive and inquisitive and non judgmental. We are making progress. The homework she has given me will be fun, rewarding and work.
2 She tells me she likes my photography and asks if I would be willing to photograph her grandchildren when they are visiting them this summer. Wow! I'm pleasantly surprised and thrilled and gladly say yes.
2a Serious Coffee Cafe usually has a variety of artists works hanging in the windows. Today it's a serious of floral watercolours. The artist just happens to be there and knows the woman I am having coffee and sweets with. She stops by and before I know it she's asking me to send her some of my photos to perhaps display in the coffee shop, and, yes there's more. She suggests that I might like to be a participant in a evening called 'Meet the Artist' in the future. Wow, is this the law of attraction at work?
3 She asks this question often; How do you show up? 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

navigation, the car, and talk

1 Our Wednesday walking group headed up Mt Benson this morning. We walked 2.85 km but it felt a lot longer mostly because it was twisty, winding and had a lot of mucky puddles to navigate through. 
2 A surprise in the middle of nowhere. How on earth could this vehicle end up here where there are no houses or roads, and who would have shot it up with bullets and shot gun shells? 
3 We talk a lot tonight. He uses a blue tooth device that's hidden in his ear. It begins while he's in his room, then down the hall, outside, on the bus, bus ride, off the bus and into the locker room area, and finally to the safety room where they have their daily meetings before work. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

down and up, surprised, and inspiration

1 So grateful knowing that things will 'finally settle down' with the rental home. Now it's just cleaning up, sprucing up and getting new tenants.
2 A surprise card with lotion from G. So very grateful to have her in my life. Wish we lived closer, I sure miss our time together.
3 S tells me she is inspired by my photography and brings along her camera to play with while we walk. 

Monday, 4 March 2013

gone for good, B, and with them

1 Finally, the tenant has moved out. The keys were returned and her belongings are removed from the house. No more battles, just peace in this home now.
2 B is hilarious! She brings a clipboard and her stern face and totally throws them off guard. They ask me if she is a realtor and I say yes. Funny thing is, she is, retired now.
3 The time we spent together was wonderful, delightful, magical and we all felt softer inside.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

walking in the sun, seedy sunday, and hypnotized

1 My friend and I power walk around Westwood Lake again today, big difference in the day was sunshine! I wish I had the right words to tell you how it felt to finally, finally, feel sun on my face and the warmth from it. We have had a lot of rain this winter, so this is more than welcome. Can you tell?
2 Seedy Sunday. Every year some of the local farmers and growers meet for an afternoon of selling their seeds, plants, balms and treats, and workshops at a local hall. Today, sunchokes were the find for me. Apparently they grow similar to potatoes, but have a slightly different taste, and the tops of the plants look like sunflowers. My purchase came with a warning. Plant them where you don't mind it they spread because apparently they will do just that. Ours will be planted in pots or planters.
3 The popping of wood and flickering of flames is hypnotizing me. The house was still cold even with the sunshine outside, so I built a fire in the wood stove. Bit by bit it's warming each room. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

you know who you are, food, and opportunity might be knocking

1 After witnessing the 'tenant from hell' that the kids are dealing with, it is with deep love and gratitude for my own family and friends that resonates with me tonight.
2 There was no time to eat today and by the time I am back from the island it's late. The bento box from the sushi place was perfect.
3 N and S are talking about holidays this summer here with us. Some of their students parents are wanting to come to Canada for holiday. Sounds like a good opportunity.

Friday, 1 March 2013

the big one, pause in the weather, and hands

1 The birds are taking turns staking their territory and protecting the black oil sunflower seeds. Today there is an enormous male robin asserting his dominance, or so he thinks. It looks like he is running in circles as he tries to chase off all the little chickadees and nuthatches. Eventually a couple of birds close to his size arrive and they split his attention. He chases one, so the other eats and looks for seeds and worms. 
2 The deluge of rain lets up long enough for us to get a 3km walk done in the morning. 
3 I hear someone has stepped in to lend her a hand. It sounds like she has a new ally and friend who is helping her not with a hand out but hopefully a hand up.