Thursday, 21 March 2013

challenge me, dinner out much?, and incredible journey

1 Thursday brings its own challenges. Coaching rescheduled, went to the wrong place to pick up a friend but eventually found the right sea plane pickup, had a sailing wait because of the accident at the ferry yesterday, and then hail on the ferry, followed by snow tonight. So lovely to put my feet up and sip my cuppa tea.
2 The chef remembers my name and what I ordered the last time I was there. Goodness, does this mean I'm eating out too often? Hmmm, don't think so!
3 Russ made his way from Rocanville, Saskatchewan to Quesnel, BC (1868km) in just over 24 hours. He left camp last night and started driving thinking he'd just got part way and either grab a hotel or sleep in his cozy truck.  Turns out he hardly stopped at all and said he drank green tea and kept his carbohydrate intake low which helped him to stay awake.  The extra amazing thing is that he was driving in a blizzard on all season tires. Thank God he's safe and sleeping now. 

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