Thursday, 7 March 2013

coaching, opportunity one and two, and ask me

1 The morning starts off with a meeting with my life coach. She's intuitive and inquisitive and non judgmental. We are making progress. The homework she has given me will be fun, rewarding and work.
2 She tells me she likes my photography and asks if I would be willing to photograph her grandchildren when they are visiting them this summer. Wow! I'm pleasantly surprised and thrilled and gladly say yes.
2a Serious Coffee Cafe usually has a variety of artists works hanging in the windows. Today it's a serious of floral watercolours. The artist just happens to be there and knows the woman I am having coffee and sweets with. She stops by and before I know it she's asking me to send her some of my photos to perhaps display in the coffee shop, and, yes there's more. She suggests that I might like to be a participant in a evening called 'Meet the Artist' in the future. Wow, is this the law of attraction at work?
3 She asks this question often; How do you show up? 

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