Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sunday through Wednesday...

1 A little boy and girl chase each other around the car deck on the ferry. Eventually they dissolve into giggles and head to their car to warm up.
 2 The wind blows and howls and the sky darkens to a deep grey that emulates the moods off the kids getting off of the bus. Each one is scowling except the bus driver. He seems happy to have an empty bus.
3 Watching Downton Abbey and thoroughly enjoying it!
4 The office is very quiet and that's a relief for a Monday.
5 The gardener does an excellent job of moving the dirt piles, raking, cleaning, blowing the needles and  leaving things pristine.
6 She makes a few lists, one for each of us who look after her cat. He is a very spoiled boy.
7 He's coming home today. His plane is delayed but he's on his way.
8 After the storm the light shines brightly. It is a welcome sight.
9 Stir fry for dinner with a rich red wine, and excellent company.

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