Wednesday, 20 March 2013

drama, closed for the day, and job change

1 What's a Wednesday without a little drama? Today's mix is well rounded and definitely well timed. 
2 The ferry isn't running today, just water taxis for foot passengers. Thankfully all of my appointments are willing to be rescheduled until Thursday. 
3 It's a new job for my guy. In the blink of an eye, he's been laid off, has his truck packed and is leaving for his next adventure. This time it's in Kitimat at the Kemano Hydro Project. He goes on a 2.5 hour barge up the river to the project and is in a camp again. The best part is he's excited and the job is exactly what he has been waiting for. The crew is only 12 men. He's now driving to his destination. Sending safe driving thoughts his way. 


Leonora said...

"In the blink of an eye" does seem to be the way things happen. Wishing your husband the very best with his new job!

theplantgardener said...

Thank you so much Leonora. I will pass your message along to him~