Tuesday, 12 January 2016

sleeping buddy, please be gentle, and snowy night

1 Izzy gets a sleepover mid week. She's not used to sleeping alone when she's here because usually Kes is with her. Tonight it's different and she's having a bit of trouble dropping off. I use my special Grama skills and tell her I'll move her into my bed if she goes right to sleep.. So I've gotten a it all ready for her and she'll be very surprised come morning when she's with me.
2 Kes is having surgery tomorrow to put tubes into his little ears again. It should be very routine and he'll be happy to have no more earaches and better hearing too.
3 We get another dump of snow today. I went into work this afternoon to clear skies and came out of the office to a snow covered car, shoveling when I got home and a kitty that is not impressed with cold feet.
4 I miss my camera life. I must try harder.