Tuesday, 31 March 2015

family ties, our day, and It Works

1 What a great day spent with family. I'm so grateful we moved to the interior. It's been a year of big personal growth and healing, time with family and being able to contribute to the lives of the wee ones and be a part of their lives.
2 There's time for lunch, a few Toopy and Binoo shows, then a grand time in the hot tub, bath and snacks before Kesler and Izzy both have naps. Oh, and let's not forget Daddy. He had a nap too.
3 We work on business and marketing ideas for my It Works business. thebeautifulbody.ca. My daughter in law was creative, helpful and really put it together for and with me. She created business cards, sample cards and then we made our own samples! We took straws and heated and sealed one end, filled the straw with gel and then sealed the other end. Next we punched holes in the cards and attached it with double sided tape and ribbons! Tomorrow I'll see how it goes over at Book Club. Feeling hopeful.

Monday, 30 March 2015

soup, crossed off, and try again

1 I made wonton soup yesterday and it was awesome! Loved how easy the broth was. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/wonton-soup-recipe.html
2 Lists. It's that time of year when I've got multiple lists to keep things in order. Today when the list is done, I even add a few and cross them off. I like how that feels.
3 It's not always easy to be mindful. Sometimes things just happen and get in the way. All we can do is try our best. Tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

OT, pay attention to me, and what to wear

1 An early morning call for an OT work day. It's in my newly trained department and I am supposed to work the day alone. Thankfully I'm able to work in the emergency department and get back up to speed and another coworker works in my area. It didn't take long to get back to it but honestly after not working there since December a refresher was necessary. Thanks to Julie and Kelsey.
2 Miss Tula is wanting attention at 5 am! Um, no, not gonna happen. We have a gentle chat but seeing as she's a kitty, teenage kitty no less, I suspect we may have to talk again.
3 It feels great getting out of work clothing and into yoga pants and a big loos comfy sweater. No socks.

Friday, 27 March 2015

grateful, view, Izzy, and good news

1 Some days I just have one of those moments and when I do I are so grateful for those that care, that help and that there's an amazing team behind me. 
2 Tula has a new view from her scratching post that let's her keep an eye on the outside when it's dark, cold and rainy or she's just tired. 
3 Izzy calls to tell me that she's had a great day! I love how she wants to share all the little details and her enthusiasm overflows and I can't help but smile as we talk.
3a Chris was offered full time starting April 1! So happy for him.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

going, going, gone, kisses for grama, and reach for the sky

1 After a long wet day the sun finally made an appearance just in time for sundown. It shone down on the far side of the lake and gradually moved behind the mountain and it was cool once more.
2 The grandkidlets snuggled in with me for a bit when I stopped in for a visit this afternoon. They are in the perfect place for me to kiss the tops of their heads, repeatedly.
3 Tulips are such majestic yet simple flowers. I love how proud and tall they stand withstanding the winds and rain and how they seem to stretch even higher when the sun is out.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

wake up, rain and, cat love

1 Isn't it a great feeling to wake in the morning and realize you've had just the best sleep?
2 The rain comes in waves and the trees sway in the wind. The birds are quiet today, most likely they've found a spot that's dry and warm.
3 Tula isn't fond of the rain. She ventures out a few times but keeps coming in to check on me. Eventually she gives up and snuggles in on her green blanket with her paw on top of my hand. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sam, Tula and, being prepared

1 I get to work with Sam today. It's so easy to learn from her and to know that she's willing to go out of her way to make sure that things are done right and that we are never left to be thrown under the bus or to struggle unnecessarily. 
2 Home to a quiet house and Tula. She is always happy to see me and even now is lying right beside me purring, with one paw always touching me.
3 It's early to bed tonight after a restless sleep last night. Lots of early morning noises and the anticipation of having to be up early. A hot tub, shower and being all ready for work will make it much easier to be up in the morning. I can set my clock 15 minutes later.. or should I?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

loves, life, and big smiles

1 I spent three days working at the fire hall. What a great place to work. Another learning curve, mostly data entry but technical and interesting in a  non dramatic way.
2 Izzy celebrated her 5th birthday this past week. Is it possible that time really goes this quickly? 
3 Her mommy made her the most amazing cake from scratch. She told us that it took her three days to create all of the edible decorations. Just amazing.
4 Kes is making more eye contact these days. Things are progressing and it's a joy to see. 
5 Mr P is away for a few more weeks. Last night he tells me he's packed up and ready to come home. It's a bit early but so sweet.
6 Lots of drama at work, none of it good but still we manage to make the day worthy.
7 A few conversations with friends and the world feels right again.
8 Tula is a busy girl some days.  A few of her newest activities include, climbing into dresser drawers, climbing the umbrella pole, drinking from the tap and sleeping in the bathroom sink. 
9 Does it make a difference if I soak in the hot tub in the morning, afternoon or evening? Hmm, well, morning is with coffee, afternoon is tea and in the evening definitely with a glass of wine!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

quote, perk, swimmers, can't talk now, one of my nine lives, and it's up to me

1 Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get - Forrest Gump. Yup some days are exactly like that. 
2 Up early, too early but there are perks to that too. As I watch the sun rise, the day is officially, 'started.'
3 The grandkidlets thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub. They especially liked the glowing flashing squiggly toys in the dark. 
4 Talk is cheap and short! With so much going on for both of us we managed a quick bit of chat with the promise of more time tomorrow.
5 Don't you love those moments when the phone rings, the doorbells rings and the cat trips you on the stairs! Best result is landing on your feet.
6 A couple of days to do whatever I please. So I start the day with a cup of coffee and beginning a new book.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

sigh, feed me, and he's off again

1 We are hot tub people.
2 We indulge in Vietnamese food for lunch. I have the curry soup with noodles and he has a lemongrass stir fry. We have a good chuckle over two things at the restaurant; the spoon doesn't sink in the soup bowl and the teapot doesn't leak.
3 He spends the evening getting ready for his trip tomorrow. Mr P is off to camp yet again. This last bit of time off is shorter than he's normally used to so it's not as easy to think about being apart. 
3a Coordinating our phone times gets a bit complicated when we are working shift work. We will figure it out as we go. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

star gazing, stalker, and heaviness

1 We spent a bit of time on the deck watching the stars last night. The wind was warmer that we expected and it was quiet and relaxing. I love sitting facing the city, watching the lights twinkle and cars going up and down the steep hill that leads in and out of our little municipality.
2 Miss Tula is keeping close to home this afternoon. Is it the weather, sounds or maybe she's just tuckered out from all her exploring this morning. I'm not sure what exactly she's hunting but she's really serious and still when she's in 'stalk' mode.
3 My body feels heavy and my eyelids keep closing. Each time they are closer in duration and I realize I'll be asleep on the couch if I don't get up right now and go to bed.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

march memories

1 A trip into town to look for the bits and pieces needed for the hot tub. Mr P finds a wholesale place and saves us 75%.
2 It feels great to catch up on the blogs that I follow and read about the adventures that many have undertaken. I love that most of the blogs are snippets into the lives of people that I've come to really connect with. I wonder, will we ever meet in person?
3 My feet are happy. Happy to be out of my shoes, happy to be clean and polished and happy to be up and resting.
4 Joyce is visiting and we spend the evening talking about all sorts of things. I loved hearing about her holiday to Mexico and seeing the pictures. She looks great in a tan!
5 It's about time we had a stroll on the lake shore boardwalk. It's sunny, warm and perfect for photos and chatting.

The hot tub is up and running! It's a smaller sized one that is perfect for up on a deck. We luxuriate in the warm water and lean back to relax into our own spots. Funny how we just seem to figure it out without words. 
6 Chris has a new job and everyone is relieved and happy that his search is over. He starts Monday!

Monday, 9 March 2015

bitz and bites

1 There's excitement in the air! Mr P has outdone himself and found us a hot tub us. In record time he's bought it, picked it up, gotten a crane to put it out on the upper deck and done the bulk of electrical work. We have a few kinks to iron out, it needs a good cleaning and a new cover but soon we will be easing our work out weary bones into hot water while watching the stars.
2 Friday was a work day at the Recreation Center and Monday was at the Fire Hall. Yes, you heard it hear. I work for firemen! 
3 How lucky am I to have this to look at when I'm driving home from work. 
4 We had the grandkidlets for a sleep over Saturday night. It was a busy night and with the time change we were all a bit out of it for the morning. In the afternoon though we had fun painting, playing with a yo yo, playing dress up and basking in the sun.
5 I heard that today (Monday) it was over 20C in our neck of the woods. Oh, spring I adore you.
6 Tula is slowly getting used to all of the chaos and commotion when we have others around. Each time she comes out more and stays longer. But as with most cats, when she's had enough she finds a quiet spot to sleep. Usually that spot is my office chair and today's no exception.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

a few things for sharing...hello again

1 I love, love, love the heated seats in our car. It's one of those things that you just can't live without once you've had them.
2 The time has gone by so quickly that it's unimaginable that they have left back to China already. My heart is saddened but I'm more determined to be happy and grateful for the fact that they came and that we spent quality time together. 
3 It's a quick trip to the airport in Vancouver now that we live in the central part of the province. It doesn't take long for our passengers to drift off to sleep as we travel clear roads with sunny skies.
4 Our dinner is delicious, our conversation engaging and light and soon we're fully sated. Thank you Nick and Sara for dinner! 
5 It's time to go to the airport. Mr P drives slowly and we all take in as much each other as these last minutes will let us. 
6 A few photos before they leave through to International Customs. It's become a tradition of sorts to take a group shot in front of a very large stuff bear. Usually he's got on a hat and if I recall a vest that are vintage Canadiana but tonight it's late and he's just a bear.
7 He whispers in my ear words from a favourite childhood storybook, "I'll love you forever," and we say the rest together. Our children are our best loves.
8 They wave and walk, wave and walk as do we. Each time with turn so do they and we wave some more until we can't see each other. Mr P holds my hand tightly and a few tears escape despite my attempts to the contrary.
9 While he's driving Mr P turns on his audio book and puts in ear buds; I sleep. It's a comfortable ride home with little traffic. We arrive home just after 2 am.
10 Mr P is having a well deserved nap. He's been busier than ever with driving and this morning some testing that he has to get done before he's off again to camp.
11 Yes, soon it'll be just me and Tula. It's wonderful to have another creature to come home to.
12 Book club tonight. I'm looking forward to it so much because I haven't had the opportunity to go since November. Our book read was, The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. It isn't a book that I would normally choose so it was a slog reading it. I found it redundant at times, predictable and violent. It's interesting that it was very popular in Canada. It was not a book I would read again or recommend.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

silence, tacos, and zip

I was sitting there with Sam and she told me "there's no guilt allowed when you're too busy living life to post."
~ thank you for those words. I'll let go of it, post a few and move forward.

1 An early morning ride into work with Mr P. We chat some but mostly just enjoy sitting side by side sharing the same space.
2 When I arrive home from work there's a houseful of my favourite people. Nick has requested tacos so it's a combination of soft and hard shells, and an assortment of innards,tomatoes, onions, lettuce, refried beans, cheesy rice, more cheeses and salsas!
3 The days are sunny and bright but the weather itself if cold and windy. I'm tricked by it all and end up going out without a warm enough jacket. Thankfully it was a quick run to and from the shops.