Thursday, 12 March 2015

march memories

1 A trip into town to look for the bits and pieces needed for the hot tub. Mr P finds a wholesale place and saves us 75%.
2 It feels great to catch up on the blogs that I follow and read about the adventures that many have undertaken. I love that most of the blogs are snippets into the lives of people that I've come to really connect with. I wonder, will we ever meet in person?
3 My feet are happy. Happy to be out of my shoes, happy to be clean and polished and happy to be up and resting.
4 Joyce is visiting and we spend the evening talking about all sorts of things. I loved hearing about her holiday to Mexico and seeing the pictures. She looks great in a tan!
5 It's about time we had a stroll on the lake shore boardwalk. It's sunny, warm and perfect for photos and chatting.

The hot tub is up and running! It's a smaller sized one that is perfect for up on a deck. We luxuriate in the warm water and lean back to relax into our own spots. Funny how we just seem to figure it out without words. 
6 Chris has a new job and everyone is relieved and happy that his search is over. He starts Monday!

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