Monday, 9 March 2015

bitz and bites

1 There's excitement in the air! Mr P has outdone himself and found us a hot tub us. In record time he's bought it, picked it up, gotten a crane to put it out on the upper deck and done the bulk of electrical work. We have a few kinks to iron out, it needs a good cleaning and a new cover but soon we will be easing our work out weary bones into hot water while watching the stars.
2 Friday was a work day at the Recreation Center and Monday was at the Fire Hall. Yes, you heard it hear. I work for firemen! 
3 How lucky am I to have this to look at when I'm driving home from work. 
4 We had the grandkidlets for a sleep over Saturday night. It was a busy night and with the time change we were all a bit out of it for the morning. In the afternoon though we had fun painting, playing with a yo yo, playing dress up and basking in the sun.
5 I heard that today (Monday) it was over 20C in our neck of the woods. Oh, spring I adore you.
6 Tula is slowly getting used to all of the chaos and commotion when we have others around. Each time she comes out more and stays longer. But as with most cats, when she's had enough she finds a quiet spot to sleep. Usually that spot is my office chair and today's no exception.

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Leonora said...

Spring has swept across the continent! We are more than ready for some warm, sweet air.
Your Mr. P. has earned a soak in that hot tub with all the work to install it. : )