Tuesday, 31 March 2015

family ties, our day, and It Works

1 What a great day spent with family. I'm so grateful we moved to the interior. It's been a year of big personal growth and healing, time with family and being able to contribute to the lives of the wee ones and be a part of their lives.
2 There's time for lunch, a few Toopy and Binoo shows, then a grand time in the hot tub, bath and snacks before Kesler and Izzy both have naps. Oh, and let's not forget Daddy. He had a nap too.
3 We work on business and marketing ideas for my It Works business. thebeautifulbody.ca. My daughter in law was creative, helpful and really put it together for and with me. She created business cards, sample cards and then we made our own samples! We took straws and heated and sealed one end, filled the straw with gel and then sealed the other end. Next we punched holes in the cards and attached it with double sided tape and ribbons! Tomorrow I'll see how it goes over at Book Club. Feeling hopeful.

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