Saturday, 21 March 2015

loves, life, and big smiles

1 I spent three days working at the fire hall. What a great place to work. Another learning curve, mostly data entry but technical and interesting in a  non dramatic way.
2 Izzy celebrated her 5th birthday this past week. Is it possible that time really goes this quickly? 
3 Her mommy made her the most amazing cake from scratch. She told us that it took her three days to create all of the edible decorations. Just amazing.
4 Kes is making more eye contact these days. Things are progressing and it's a joy to see. 
5 Mr P is away for a few more weeks. Last night he tells me he's packed up and ready to come home. It's a bit early but so sweet.
6 Lots of drama at work, none of it good but still we manage to make the day worthy.
7 A few conversations with friends and the world feels right again.
8 Tula is a busy girl some days.  A few of her newest activities include, climbing into dresser drawers, climbing the umbrella pole, drinking from the tap and sleeping in the bathroom sink. 
9 Does it make a difference if I soak in the hot tub in the morning, afternoon or evening? Hmm, well, morning is with coffee, afternoon is tea and in the evening definitely with a glass of wine!

1 comment:

Leonora said...

"Amazing" is an understatement! Her cake is a work of art!
Happy Birthday to Izzy : )