Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas, more Christmas and the spiritual side of the day

1 Christmas morning arrives and we see the bright lights of the tree reflected in the eyes of the little ones. Mommy had made a photo of Santa in front of their Christmas tree. Little Izzy couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was perfect.
2 Kes travels around the room eating all the bits of chocolate his sister has left behind. She loves Kinder Surprise and each time she finds a new one she abandons the rest. Soon he has chocolate cheeks.
3 It felt good to go to church after a long time. I'm not catholic but our son and his wife are so we went with them. It was enlightening and uplifting. My church doesn't do blessings just communion so this was new. I liked it.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Quesnel BC, changes, and white

Good morning everyone
It's been a while and there is no excuse except gosh I'm having a busy fun time of things lately.
After getting sick in October and part of November life has been about doing and living. I will endeavour to keep you updated more regularly. I've missed you. Cheers to all and merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes. 

1 We have just spent the past few days in the northern part of the province of BC visiting my husbands side of the family. They have been excellent hosts and have filled our bellies with deer roast, moose meat, nuts and bolts, shortbread cookies and some amazing teas and coffees. 
2 We have made a decision. It's time to live closer to our families especially the grand babies. The interior is where were are headed. Our home on the island is looking for long term tenants and we will be purchasing a home in the Okanagan. Life is very exciting when we step out of our comfort zones isn't it? A foreclosure home has caught our eyes and we have an accepted offer with the bank, now we wait for the court date, mostly likely in January and see if we are lucky enough to get this little gem. 
3 It's a winter wonderland here. I'd forgotten about living in the north and the huge amounts of snow that fall each winter. Tomorrow is the first day of winter yet the trees have drooping branches from the snowfall last night. It's rather black and white out there yet I'm compelled to gaze out the window. Perhaps that's easier seeing as I am sitting in a lovely recliner in front of a fire all toasty warm, sipping my freshly brewed coffee with decadent creamer! 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

baby it's cold outside, kids, and changes are good

And so it goes that sometimes life gets to busy that blogging takes a back seat. This is what's happened to me. Recovering from meningitis took a bit longer than I expected but it finally feels like normal. Still a bit of napping going on but overall healing nicely.

I've missed writing here and missed all of you.

1 It's a wee bit chilly out there. -13C and icy roads.
2 Izzy and Kes are having a ton of fun playing Leap Frog and their mommy is having the most fun of all.
3 We are making changes, daily. We've put in an offer on a house close to the kids and babies. If we are lucky enough to get this house through the foreclosure process we'll be living about fifteen minutes away. View of the lake and room for his shop in the double garage. Fingers crossed we get a break!