Wednesday, 2 March 2016

bitz and pieces of my world

1 Izzy, Kes and Grampa are all finally healed and well. So I guess it's my turn to experience this particularly nasty cold. Here's hoping vitamin C and Greens will make it either disappear or be short lived.
2 Mr P is home and gets an extra 5 days because of a Stand Down order at the site. This is good bad news. Bad because it means there were some unsafe work issues, but good because they will be addressed before he's gone back. And a double good for extra days off.
3 We've been seeing someone for a variety of issues but today is particularly difficult. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. And sometimes you don't want to.
4 She says, "You can either be right or you can be part of a relationship". Those were pretty heavy words with a big impact. I wasn't surprised but I felt the sting of her words regardless.
5 Izzy has been doing wonderfully at school. A few times this year she's been the Student of the Week. She got to go to the front of the gym and accept an award for good behaviour.
6 We share the duties for the day. I make dinner, he does dishes. I really like this arrangement because dishes just aren't my favourite thing unless I'm needing some "cleaning therapy time" 
7 We play a word association game today. Some find it difficult at first to associate a word and a letter but because we do the harder one first the second is much easier. Soon we are zipping along and laughing and finding commonalities and humour. 
8 I have neglected to plant any spring bulbs. There isn't much coming up in my small front garden. No buds on the lilacs or rhodos yet either. I'm thinking I'll have to get big of colour this spring to fill the gaps. I'll miss having my own but I do know we'll be working on the yard this year and hopefully the gardens will be part of my world again.
9 Kesler is starting to enter the world with words. It's amazing how different our relationship looks like and feels with a new type of communication. I'm happy to look into his eyes and see him, really see him. And then he smiles back.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

busy, zoe, brr

1 Busy, busy, busy. That is what my world seems to look like these days. Work, my It Works business and the kidlets and a visit now and then from Mr P. Yup, that's  my life.
2 Zoe has a new hobby. Darned if the little imp has taken to attacking lampshades. I haven't been able to snap a picture of her yet but I will!!!
3 Huge snow storm here tonight. Oh February how harsh you are!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

sleeping buddy, please be gentle, and snowy night

1 Izzy gets a sleepover mid week. She's not used to sleeping alone when she's here because usually Kes is with her. Tonight it's different and she's having a bit of trouble dropping off. I use my special Grama skills and tell her I'll move her into my bed if she goes right to sleep.. So I've gotten a it all ready for her and she'll be very surprised come morning when she's with me.
2 Kes is having surgery tomorrow to put tubes into his little ears again. It should be very routine and he'll be happy to have no more earaches and better hearing too.
3 We get another dump of snow today. I went into work this afternoon to clear skies and came out of the office to a snow covered car, shoveling when I got home and a kitty that is not impressed with cold feet.
4 I miss my camera life. I must try harder.