Saturday, 27 September 2014

move on, sleepover, and i love it

1 There comes a point when you have to move on. Despite the fact that it's what you imagine it might be, the reality of what actually is has to get acknowledged and accepted. At some point you have to just live your life, just live.
2 The grandkidlets are here for a sleepover. It's story time and they're eager to get into their bed in their room. She stirs for a bit and after I sing the song a couple of times she's sleeping. He is still awake when I leave the room but comfy and ready for sleep too. I check on them after a few minutes and they're both asleep, back to back. I bet by morning they'll be foot to foot or side by side again.
3 My hair is perfect! I went back to get a few more foils and it's exactly what I wanted and he says he knew it too! My hairdresser is amazing and I'm more than pleased that he finished the colours at no charge!

Friday, 26 September 2014

wednesday, thursday, friday

1 The days have changed from warm and balmy to cool and rainy; the leaves are changing colour and sadly the hummingbirds have gone south. Fall has arrived.
2 Only a few flower pots are left but their colours are still vibrant and welcome.
3 Note to self: use a chair when hanging up sharp twirly gigs! No stitches.
4 Mr P has been doing lots of after work things to make his time in camp bearable. He going to a coach and is encouraged by their conversation and even has some homework.
5 After not working the switchboard for a couple of weeks it's nice to get back to it. A few brain glitches and it's all good.
6 My hairdresser decides it's time to darken my hair. It's too dark but Saturday he'll add more lighter pieces and hopefully it'll be what we both like.
7 A successful shopping trip and I have a few new fall sweaters and yoga pants for work. I like looking stylish yet feel comfortable at work. It's a challenge to sit that long in tight pants!
8 I'm so grateful for my husband. We have created a home space that just work so well for us.
9 She's invited me to participate in two craft fairs this fall. One in November and one in December. I'll be framing some photographs and perhaps creating a few postcards/greeting cards. Exciting!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

dry, Chris, and night

1 I had a walk at the lakefront before the clouds shrouded the sun and sent buckets of rain down.
2 Chris visited for a bit today. He's lost weight and is looking great. So nice to just see his face and give him a hug or two or more!
3 It's cold and damp out now but the fireplace is on and I've got a glass of red wine, my feet are up and the day is done.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunday and Monday's notes

1 The grandkidlets and I spend the afternoon together. First it's a trip to Costco, followed by a visit to the hospital to visit some of the girls I work with, then home to play and read and finally to snuggle and sleep.
2 He loves mac and cheese and she's hooked on fish (she thinks it's tuna and there's no convincing her otherwise!)
3 She comes this close to a melt down, then pulls it together and manages to settle herself.
4 It's a wet and cool day so what better way to play than to get out the big blue and white umbrella and make a tent!
5 She loves that umbrella and the fact that she's able to walk around the deck and stay dry! She must have gone back and forth at least 15 times!
6 I picked up a shift at the switchboard and it feels great being back to it after a few weeks at another job.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

I am grateful

1 Before we know it a week has gone by and it feels like he's barely had time to unpack and now he's packed and gone.
2 The grandkidlets have a busy afternoon playing in the mud! Mud pie soup was on the menu.
3 He has a rough night with a snuggly nose and by morning both grandkidlets are in bed with me.
4 They love being outside so we spend the morning on the deck making tents to lie about in, read books in and picnic in.
5 A trip to the park and it's swinging, playing with little girls and racing to get to the slide first.
6 They are good helpers. She sits in the front of the cart and piles each grocery item neatly in front of her; he holds the mini crisp bag and tries desperately to open it.
7 At bedtime they snuggle for stories then she shifts to a spot of her own. He's at the top of the bed and she's reverse at the bottom. Feet to feet! I remember doing the very same thing with my sister but with more angst!
8 It's time for baking and my helpers are the very best at pouring things, putting the cupcake holders into the tin, filling those tins and best of all eating the batter off of their spoons.
9 When it's time to decorate the cupcakes they put some candies on the cupcakes and more in their mouths. I give them each the choice of an iced and candied cupcake or plain. Surprisingly (or maybe not), they choose plain.
10 After work I go to Winners, just to look around, I tell myself. The bag is full of pjs, socks, underwear and a book or two.
11 Three days of work and I'm finished this particular rotation for a while. Everyone's holidays are over and the first temp gets priority for workload coverage.
12 A part time job posting has come up at the hospital switchboard. I apply and now it's the waiting game. It would be lovely to have a set schedule instead of being always on call.
13 Sometimes we need support, The kind of support that mom's give.
14 Sunrise
15 Feeling grateful for the day and the quiet.
16 What a joy to sit in the shade on the deck and just read.
17 Legos, doll houses, tea sets and umbrellas are fun to put away, for now.
18 He's strong and he can do this.
19 Winds blow the umbrella right out of its stand. I fiddle with it for a while and eventually it is snug and secure.
20 A sunny and warm weekend so far. The skies were blue and cloudless.
21 He likes what he hears and says he felt validated hearing it.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

odds and ends, read this, and fun with water

1 A day of puttering around the house and yard with Mr P. He installs another camera in the lower back of the house, mows the lawn, we moved the fountain into the rock garden and cleaned up all the front driveway area.
2 It's funny to hear a man say, "We could read the instructions!"
3 The grandkidlets play around in the bucket of soapy water. First they wash the toys, and then they wash the car. Well, actually Izzy washed the car and Kesler wanted to eat the cloth!

Friday, 12 September 2014

late but not late, stew, and it fits

1 No one remembered that I was in class Friday mornings and the office was in a bit of chaos. Still, they managed to muddle through and once I arrived (just like the cavalry, okay maybe that's a wee bit of an exaggeration?) things were soon put to right.
2 He makes a lamb stew with lamb chops, beets, some fancy cabbage thingy, carrots and a salad dressing marinade. I was skeptical but it turned out rather yummy.
3 Skinny jeans sometimes really do make you look thinner. These ones are dark blue and sit higher on the hips. Mr P like them.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

one day, one moment at a time

It's been a while and I haven't been posting or reading anyone else's posts. Things are a little hectic here and I was finding it impossible to focus on the blog. I took a bit of a break. Thanks for sticking with me.

1 The sun shines delicately through the sheer curtains and lands exactly on my eye.
2 I hear their laughter and wonder at the inner workings of the brain of a little child.
3 There are chalk drawings and hop scotch patterns all over the concrete driveway.
4 The wind rhythmically blows the tree top back and forth in perfect timing.
5 The hug is tight and consuming and I pray that there is compassion felt from it.
6 In the cycle of life, we often are challenged with change. It's not an easy thing for some especially when it's unexpected, unwanted and out of our control.
7 The stroller holds two. But wow, those two are getting big and they feel even heavier coming uphill than going downhill.
8 One night he goes to sleep easily and then the other she finds it difficult. One just wants to wiggle around until sleep, the other wants a back rub and some tenderness.
9 I long for normal, natural and real.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

thank you, big rains, and new target

1 I'm so thankful to my dear friend G, who is always, always there for me. Today she takes extra time to listen to me while she's making dinner.
2 All of a sudden I hear a loud noise outside. It's unfamiliar and hasn't been heard for ages. It's a downpour that's got the full force of Mother Nature behind it.
3 I think this It Works, Skinny Wrap is actually working! Yes, two inches gone and a flat tummy. Hmm, I'm definitely trying this on another problem area. I'm documenting it all.

Monday, 1 September 2014

labour, beach ave, and pets

1 Labour Day in Canada is usually marked with days off for employees and with celebrating the union movement. From the people who brought us the weekend.. thanks!
2 Beach Avenue is my go to spot lately. I love walking and running down there. It's flat and paved and has the most amazing views. I can't seem to get enough...Maybe we'll have to move closer to the beach?!
3 Pet Playmates